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Vegan Outreach: Working to End Cruelty to Animals
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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3)
nonprofit organization dedicated to
reducing the suffering of farmed animals
by promoting informed, ethical eating.

Donations to VO are fully tax-deductible.
VO’s tax identification no. is 86-0736818.

Vegan Outreach
POB 1916, Davis, CA 95617-1916
CSUN leafleting team

Adopt a College Fall 2014: 628,000+ Students Reached!

This semester’s AAC activists have already handed out 628,072 booklets at 575 schools!

Above (from left): Mu Jin Han, Dane Charbeneau, Vic Sjodin, Leron Rabinowiz, and David Hastings handed out a whopping 8,760 booklets at Cal State Northridge on 8/25/14 – a new all-time record for the most students ever reached at one school in a single day!
Pomona Warped Tour crew

Warped Tour 2014: A Record 377,000+ Concertgoers Reached!

A record 198 activists handed VO booklets to a record 377,251 people! Read more here.

Above (from left): Ethan Dussault, Stephanie Frankle, Missy Freeland, Becki Markle, Jonathon Smith, Olivia Price, Sarah Gilland, Vic Sjodin, Sarah Von Alt, Kassy Ortega, Chris Guinn, Mu Jin Han and two other amazing activists set a new all-time record, handing out 14,390 Warped Tour booklets at the Pomona stop!
Animal Rights Hall of Fame ceremony

Jon Camp Honored at AR2014

On the heels of becoming the first person to hand out one million booklets on behalf of animals, Jon Camp, VO’s Executive Vice President, was inducted into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame.

Above (from left) are Jack Norris, Jeff Boghosian, Josie Moody, Karen Oberg, Vic Sjodin, Jon Camp, John Oberg, Chelsea Collins, Kassy Ortega, and Chris Guinn at the award ceremony (photo courtesy of FARM).
Mahsa and Zara at Capilano University

Spring Semester 2014: 842,000+ Students Reached!

Adopt a College activists handed booklets to 842,470 students at 927 schools!

Above: Mahsa and Zara receive Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating booklets after being moved by reading Your Choice. Brittany Staton snapped this pic at Capilano University in North Vancouver, BC, where she and Steve Erlsten reached 600 students in April – a new one-day record for the campus!
Martin Stofko at NOVA

Adopt a College’s Most Successful Semester Ever!

Last fall, AAC’s amazing activists handed out a record 996,290 booklets at 897 schools!

Above: Martin Stofko hands out Your Choice booklets at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, where he, Debbie Berlin, and Kassy Ortega reached 1,400 students last semester!
Finrymple Bunch at OU

Total Students Reached via Adopt a College: 11,900,000+

To date, AAC leafleters have handed booklets to over 11.9 million students at 2,620 schools!

Above (from left): Deke Dalrymple, Alissa Finley, Fin Dalrymple, Merritt Ernsberger, Anna Dalrymple, Sen Dalrymple, and Elsa Dalrymple reached more than 600 students during the 8/17/14 freshman orientation event at the University of Oklahoma!
Rosie Falconi and Mukang Pederson at Atlanta Comic Con

Total Adopt a College: 17,300,000+

Since the launch of Vegan Outreach’s AAC program, activists have handed out more than 17.3 million booklets at schools, concerts, festivals, walkathons, and other venues!

Above: Rosie Falconi and Mukang Pederson dressed up as Wonder Woman and Olivia the Pig to leaflet Atlanta Comic Con 2014 – along with fellow activists, they got booklets into the hands of 750 people!
DC crew at One Direction concert

Vegan Outreach Reaches 24,000,000-Booklet Milestone!

We have now sent out more than 24.1 million advocacy booklets! Thank you to all the amazing and thoughtful donors and distributors who’ve made this possible.

Above: Nicole Feuerstein snapped this pic of Sarah De Munck, Jon Camp, and Dave Mosick leafleting One Direction fans in Washington, DC on 8/11/14. Along with fellow activists, they reached 2,520 concertgoers!

VO: Changing Lives Every Day

Vegan Outreach’s Adopt a College program creates new vegetarians every day,
sparing thousands and thousands of farmed animals from a life of suffering

Thank you for supporting this life-saving work!