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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  June 3, 2001


In my opinion, the Why Vegan? pamphlets are by far the most effective piece of animal rights literature available. I have, on various occasions, seen them perform what I would have previously thought to be a miracle: convincing someone to become a vegetarian in just a few minutes, often among people who seem to be the least likely to change.

There is one case in particular that I would like to mention. One of my coworkers once told me that he values his right to eat meat so highly that he would be willing to go to war and die to defend it. Nevertheless, he took a Why Vegan? pamphlet and showed it to his family. As a result, his wife and daughter have decided to become vegetarians.

I have long believed that the human race would one day come to the realization that it is immoral to kill animals for food, just as it earlier came to the realization regarding the immorality of slavery, segregation, and gladiatorial combat. Prior to coming across the literature from Vegan Outreach, I feared that this date was probably hundreds or thousands of years away. However, having seen the effectiveness of the Why Vegan? booklets at changing people's deeply ingrained habits and daily behavior, I now believe that this date may realistically come within our own lifetimes.

EK, Rockford, IL, 5/29/01


News and Links

Vitamin B12: Sublingual Companies

In the May 13, 2001 issue of Vegan Spam, we listed Twinlab sublingual (vitamin) B12 Dots as vegan. They do not list any animal products in their ingredients on the bottle. However, someone wrote them and asked for more information on their ingredients and received this response:

"Our B-12 Dots contain gelatin derived from beef and pork, which would not make them suitable for vegetarians."

That means the only vegan sublingual vitamin B12 of which we are aware is made by Solgar (vitamin B12 nuggets)

(You must click on the individual product to see that they are vegan.)

As we mentioned in that version of Spam, sublingual B12 (versus regular B12 tablets, a multivitamin, or fortified foods) is only necessary if you have been neglecting your B12 intake for a few months or more.

2 companies that make a vegan multivitamin with B12 are:


Veg Guide to Great Britain

Lantern Books has recently published Vegetarian Visitor: Where to Stay and Eat in Britain. It is 104 pages and costs only $5.00.


Have a CD burner? has taken the Peta video Meet Your Meat and put it on cd for people to play on their computers. She has 100 copies and would like to distribute them to people who also have cd burners and are willing to make 4 or more copies to give to people they know. If you would like to do this, contact her at the above address.

You can also watch Meet Your Meat (bottom of page) on the web, courtesy of Peta.


The Vegan Who Came to Dinner by Vance Lehmkuhl


Working Assets Nominations

It is time to nominate your favorite nonprofit to receive funding from Working Assets in 2002. Nominations must be received by June 30. Send to:

Working Assets
Donations Manager
101 Market St
Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94105


The Best Veggie Burger?

PeTA is taking a best veggie burgers survey.


Workers' Safety at Slaughterhouses


More on Crohn's / Milk


Other Veggie News

Agence France Presse
May 17, 2001
Lech Walesa turns vegetarian over meat disease fears
WARSAW, May 17

Former Polish president Lech Walesa said Thursday in a radio interview he had become a vegetarian in response to fears over the safety of meat because of mad cow and foot and mouth disease.

"Now, I am a vegetarian. People are afraid of many things (from meat), but vegetables pose no risks anywhere in the world," he said on Polish Radio 3.

The former leader of the Solidarity democracy movement, Walesa, 58, was known to enjoy traditional Polish cooking which favors pork.


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

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