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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  October 2, 2002


Happy World Farm Animals Day!!

More from Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People:

The Secret of Socrates

In talking with people, don't begin by discussing the things on which you differ. Begin by emphasizing – and keep on emphasizing – the things on which you agree. Keep emphasizing – if possible – that you are both striving for the same end, and your only difference is one of method, and not of purpose.

Get the other person saying, "Yes, yes," at the outset. Keep them, if possible, from saying, "No."

"A 'No' response is a most difficult handicap to overcome. When a person has said 'No,' all their pride demands that they remain consistent. They may later feel that the 'No' was ill-advised; nevertheless, their precious pride must be maintained! Once having said something, they must stick to it. Hence it is of the very greatest importance that we start a person in the affirmative direction."

So rule number five in how to win people to your way of thinking is:
Get the other person saying "Yes, Yes" immediately.


New Program!

Everyone who ordered materials for World Farm Animals Day from FARM will have received copies of Why Vegan, specially printed for WFAD. Action for Animals in Seattle has also printed a co-branded version of Why Vegan for their activities, and Peta sponsored the first printing of Por Qué Vegano. Several other groups, including Farm Sanctuary, will be doing printings for their group later this year.

We are currently in the process of developing the next version of Why Vegan? and hope to go to press by the end of the month. If your organization would like to have a version of Why Vegan? or Vegetarian Living with your group’s name and logo on the back cover, please email us. This could be a tremendous opportunity for your group to have increased visibility, and reach many more people with the most powerful documented literature available today!


Requests and News

Keep Us Updated!

Please send us a report of your event (Leaflet Your Local School; World Farm Animals Day, etc.), and any pictures you take. You can contact us over email, or send to:

Vegan Outreach
211 Indian Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15238



The Vegetarian Resource Group to Award $10,000 in College Scholarships

The Vegetarian Resource Group each year will award $10,000 in college scholarship money to graduating U.S. high school students who have promoted vegetarianism in their schools and/or communities. Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish, or fowl. Two awards of $5,000 each will be given. The first awards will be given for the school year beginning in September 2003. Applications may only be sent by students graduating high school in spring 2003. Deadline is February 20, 2003.


Farming Without the Factory

"When many suburban or urban dwellers hear the word 'farm,' they still think of idyllic scenes of cows munching on grass ... these scenes couldn't be further from the truth.

"Today, most animals, including hogs, cattle and poultry, are raised in confinement operations in which they live in small pens their entire lives. They may never taste a fresh blade of grass; grain is hauled in for them to eat and their waste is hauled out, the manure stored in liquid form in vast stinking lagoons that often leak and contaminate groundwater and rivers with potentially harmful nitrogen."


Update on Egg Farm in Ohio (audio report)

"Neighbors of an egg farm in Ohio demand owners radically cut down on the millions of flies it attracts. But the farm's effort to control the pests and pollution meets resistance from state officials." RealAudio report on NPR.


Battery Egg Fight Splits RSPCA in Austrailia


Animal Activist Helps Prison Worker

"A Faulkner County Detention Center employee was injured Sunday by an inmate who is now facing additional charges. An animal-rights activist from New York has been credited with helping to save the officer.

"Officer Monteen Goss was punched in the face and kicked several times by RegisEvans before trusty Bryan Pease stepped between Goss and Evans, according to the report. Pease was also hit several times before more help could arrive. Pease is from New York, serving days in jail for his role in a protest at the Conway office of Stephens Inc. earlier this year."


Nutrition Breakthrough!


A report on our September activities thus far. On Tuesday, September 3, we handed out 464 copies of Why Vegan at the train station exit downtown (Michigan and Randolph). Friday September 13, 400 copies at the train station exit. Monday September 16, 300 copies at University of Illinois, Champaign. The train station has been a real hotspot as so many people arrive downtown for work all in a pretty short amount of time, 7:00-8:30am.
M&J, Chicago, IL, 9/17/02



On September 17, Vegan Outreach, Viva!, and Animal Rights International co-sponsored a national day of leafleting at high schools (some activists chose to leaflet at colleges instead of high schools). This was the largest event ever sponsored by Vegan Outreach. There were 160 events total, in 36 states and 12 Canadian cities. Almost 30,000 pamphlets were given to activists to hand out to students. Thus, on one single day, we reached thousands of high school students with hard-hitting literature! This event surely led to countless discussions of the issues, creating new pockets of change among young people throughout the country. Thanks to everyone who helped out! Please consider a donation to Vegan Outreach so that we may organize more events such as this.

Leafleting at High Schools a Success in D.C.

by Paul Shapiro, Compassion Over Killing

For those of us interested in reducing the world's violence and suffering, we have to ask ourselves, What is the most effective use of my time and resources? How can I best make the world a better place for my having lived here?

Considering the amount of misery endured by animals on factory farms and in slaughterhouses–both because of the intensity of their abuse and their sheer numbers–many people are realizing that becoming vegan and encouraging others to do the same are two of the most powerful ways we can make positive contributions to the world.

As a movement, we don't have advertising budgets in the same league as those of the industries that abuse animals, so we have to find cheap ways to get the animals' message to the public. Most of us became vegan after personal interactions with someone who was already vegan, and we can create similar circumstances that will help bring others along as well. Likewise, handing out literature and talking with people one-on-one is an inexpensive and highly effective way to increase people's interest in becoming vegan.

Is All Leafleting Equal?

Not everyone is equally likely to become vegetarian or vegan. So, it makes sense to focus greater effort on those we feel may be more receptive. Typically, college and high school students seem to be the most open-minded to the message of compassion. As well, younger people tend to be much less set in their ways and more willing to question societal norms, such as the idea that animals exist to serve humans. And, because younger people have an entire lifetime of eating meat, eggs, and dairy products ahead of them, it's even more critical to expose them to the cruelty suffered by farmed animals.

The National Day of High School Leafleting

Recognizing this, animal advocacy groups from across the country participated in the National Day of High School Leafleting co-sponsored by Viva! and Vegan Outreach. Compassion Over Killing activists eagerly took part in the nation's capital. About half a dozen advocates distributed pro-vegan literature at subway station entrances frequented by high school students at Georgetown Day School and Wilson High. The result was phenomenal.

Not only did we pass out more than 1,000 brochures to the students, many were eager to talk with us about the reasons people choose to become vegan as well as what practical steps they can take to move closer to cruelty-free eating. The feeling each of the leafleters got after the rush of students had ended was not just one of personal satisfaction, but also of renewed dedication to promoting a vegan diet as a way to help end animal cruelty.

Prioritize Vegan Advocacy

As you consider the ways you can best help animals, make sure to keep vegan leafleting high on your list. Don't get frustrated if the people you talk with don't immediately pledge to become vegan. Just by convincing enough people to eat less meat, dairy products, and eggs each week, we are making a dramatic impact on the industry. Never underestimate the effect you can have.

The One-Hour-a-Week Pledge

If you find a busy enough area, you could easily pass out 400 brochures in an hour. Imagine if you leafleted for just one hour a week (a small sacrifice to make): You will have exposed nearly 21,000 people to the message of veganism in just one year. Even if only 1 out of 500 people who take and read the literature actually becomes vegan, that's still more than 40 new vegans each year, thanks to your one-hour effort each week! It's hard to imagine a better use of our time.

How many hours do you spend each week watching television, going to the movies, or shopping? Why not take just one of those hours and commit to a weekly leafleting endeavor? Find a friend to join you, and, before you know it, you'll have a small group of people out every week, helping your community transition to becoming vegan.

Please don't wait to get started…the animals need your help now more than ever!



After receiving your Vegan Starter Pack, I gave away all the meat I had to my neighbors, because I can't eat it. My five-year-old daughter asked why I wasn't eating meat, and after I told her, she said she wasn't going to eat meat either.
AB, Chicago, IL 9/28/02

In reading the latest issue of Vegan Spam, I find that, as always, you are the voice of reason and logic. I have been so impressed with your words, which have helped me immensely when dealing with the mockery and challenges I get from meat-eaters.
By the way, your daughter is so lucky to have been born into a family where the parents are vegan!
SP, 9/27/02

Thanks so much for your compassionate & informative news letter. It opened my eyes to a world of facts I did not know & philosophies that I did not think. Your emails have served as motivating reminders for why I am striving to walk this challenging & sometimes, lonely path. I sincerely appreciate your time & effort. The wonderful work you do does not go unnoticed. May you truly be blessed.
RW, 9/27/02

My friend recently went vegan (overnight!) after reading Why Vegan. After seeing her copy of Why Vegan that was hanging on the fridge, her aunt and 3 young cousins all went vegan, too! They will be the first of many people in her life to embrace veganism, because she is so passionate about it. Amazing!!
ST, 9/26/02

I'm just coming across your Why Vegan pamphlet, and thought I'd drop a line to congratulate you guys on coming up with that. It's just about the perfect blend of opinion and fact and is without a doubt the BEST and most convincing piece of propaganda I've seen in some time. Whoever authored the text did a phenomenal job and once again I just want to thank your organization for publishing it.
VE, Jacksonville, FL, 9/25/02

I was handed one of your pamphlets as I was standing outside of Fifth Ave. Place. I read and learned something that I will never forget. In fact, what I read has and will continue to change my life. Your hard work is turning heads in my house, within my group of friends, family, and co-workers. I plan to eventually become vegan and hope that I can lead and teach others to do the same. So once again: Thanks for taking a stand, and thanks for telling me.
SS, New York, NY, 9/24/02

Reading the "Activism" section of your website has made me a more practical and less theoretical vegan. I really like your results-oriented approach. "In your face" activism doesn't seem to work.
JV, Berkeley, CA, 9/24/02

Last night I came across a letter you sent out after 9-11; my daughter had it saved it in her animal rights file. It is so beautifully written. I am amazed at how nice and down-to-earth you and a lot of the other top animal rights activists are, especially as busy as you are.
BC, 9/23/02

Por Que Vegano went over great at our info booths at the San Diego Gay Pride Festival July 27-28, and the Chula Vista Lemon Festival on August18. There were lots of Spanish-speaking people at both, and it was great to finally have this to give them. Our bilingual volunteers were the most successful at telling who needed the Spanish version, and at getting them in people's hands. Thank you so much for making it possible for us to reach the large Spanish-speaking population in San Diego with the vegan message!
JZ, Cardiff, CA, 9/20/02

Your pamphlet Why Vegan? changed my life and caused me to become a vegetarian.
JH, Seattle, WA, 9/17/02


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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

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