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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3)
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reducing the suffering of farmed animals
by promoting informed, ethical eating.

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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  October 14, 2002



Students Honor Humane Farming

Carrie Freeman, a graduate student in journalism and mass communications, said being vegan is not about sacrifice, it's about inflicting less suffering on animals....

Sarah Schindler, a third-year law student, said awareness is growing.

"I have a lot of friends who said if it were more convenient, they would become vegan," she said. "It's definitely becoming more popular."

The concept of veganism is about striving to live without contributing to animal suffering, Schindler said.

Schindler said becoming a vegetarian is a fairly simple choice: "If no animal has to suffer for me to live, why not do it?"


Speaking of Convenience....

Pizza Hut Serving Up Heart-Healthy Pizza With Galaxy Nutritional Foods'(R) Veggie (Soy) Mozzarella


Why Support Vegan Outreach?

One of the greatest challenges in supporting / performing educational outreach is the difficulty of quantifying the effects of our efforts. Other campaigns and groups may work to help individual animals and can provide detailed accounts of specific cases of abuse; Vegan Outreach has only the abstract idea that as long as people consume animals, animals will continue to suffer.

Last week, Paul Shapiro of Compassion Over Killing offered his perspective on the efficacy of one-on-one outreach through leafleting. Of course, there are an endless number of variables (see postscript) we can't quantify (and won't ever be able to, unless we were to follow thousands of people over the rest of their lives).

Suppose, however, we create a model of Vegan Outreach advocacy, based on approximations and simplifying assumptions. Although each number in the model can be questioned, unless one believes they are off by orders of magnitude, we can see the possible effect of distributing Why Vegan and Vegetarian Living. The conclusions may be shocking at first, but remember that every average person in the United States eats dozens of animals each year, leading to thousands of animals consumed per person over their lifetime.

Using estimates, approximations, and conservative assumptions (e.g., that only 1 person in 100 goes vegan; four times more people go vegetarian; etc. – see below), distribution of 100 copies of Why Vegan / Vegetarian Living can keep thousands of animals from horrible suffering in factory farms, at a cost of a tiny fraction of a cent per animal saved.

Even assuming that only 1 person in 500 who receives a booklet becomes vegan, nearly 5,000 animals are spared by handing out 100 booklets, at less than half a penny per animal!

Of course, the model is based entirely on simplifications and assumptions.

As a supporter of Vegan Outreach, the one certainty you do have is knowing your donation goes to distributing more copies of Why Vegan and Vegetarian Living – preventing the abuse of thousands of animals!

We hope you find these estimates inspiring and trust that your donation to Vegan Outreach is well worth it.



10,000,000,000 – land animals factory farmed per year in U.S.
280,000,000 – people in U.S.

35.7 – factory-farmed land animals eaten per person per year in U.S.
2,714 – land animals eaten per person during their lifetime
1,786 – land animals still to be eaten by a 26-year-old

Model Variables
1 – percentage (%) of people who go vegan from Why Vegan / Vegetarian Living
4 – % of people who go vegetarian
16 – % of people who eat 50% fewer land animals

23,214 – animals not factory farmed per 100 Why Vegan or Vegetarian Living booklets
20 – cost of 100 booklets ($)
0.086 – cost per animal saved (¢)

232 – average animals saved per Why Vegan / Vegetarian Living

150,000 – approximate current annual budget of Vegan Outreach ($)
174,107,142 – animals saved annually

To have a copy of the spreadsheet emailed to you, drop us a line!


  • Only dealing with U.S. factory-farmed land animals, divided equally amongst the current population, independent of age.
  • No accounting for imports, exports, immigration, future changes in consumption patterns, prices, market fluctuations, etc.
  • Average age of person affected by VO literature distribution is 26; lifespan 76.
  • Number of animals spared by the adoption of veganism same as saved by vegetarianism.
  • Four times more people go vegetarian than vegan; four times more people cut down on animals eaten than go vegetarian.
  • No reversion to prior diet ("failed vegetarians").
  • Seventy-nine out of 100 people who receive Why Vegan / Vegetarian Living make no dietary change at all, and don't pass along the booklet.
  • No influence on others; no children raised vegetarian.



I found a stack of Why Vegans at a local business, and have been handing them out ever since. My mom has gone vegan; my secretary and best friend have gone vegan, too. Please send more!
WA, Akron, OH, 10/10/02

I was ever so impressed with my Vegan Starter Pack. What I liked so much were the photos of people being nice to animals. It's a "monkey see, monkey do" world. People see others being nice to animals in these photos; I think it's going to win over some more positive influence.
WH, 10/9/02

Your Why Vegan is absolutely breathtaking. As sad and harsh as these facts may be, they are still the facts of our lives and choices. We would love to get copies of both Why Vegan and Vegetarian Living to distribute. Bless you for all the work you do to save the Earth and all her beautiful creatures. It is our duty to do all that we can to help.
MA & SS, Ft. Collins, CO 10/8/02

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have available here on the web. Your articles keep me grounded in my reasons for being vegan. Vegan Outreach is so helpful and inspiring!
ES, 10/6/02

I went to a PETA demo and met 3 students from Norwood High School who said they became vegan from your Vegan Outreach literature. They skipped school to go to the protest. They said that there was at least one other vegan at the school. (I just wanted to tell you about this, because I doubt the kids will write you about your influence.)
SH, Cincinnati, OH, 10/6/02

I am an Airman First Class in the U.S.A.F. Although I had been convinced of the necessity of veganism, when I joined the military, I abandoned my convictions. A few months ago, though, I stumbled across your website and was very impressed. Your approach to information is polite but direct, passionate without being zealous.
MM, Monterey, CA, 10/4/02

It was because of Why Vegan that I decided to go meat-free back in February, and why I am slowly but surely making my way towards veganism. It opened my eyes to something I had felt all my life, but never had words for.
     It also helped me to see that not all vegans and veggies were militant, scary people. Through the facts and intelligent arguments presented on your site, I have been able to share my beliefs and reasons with several, and through example, my fiance decided to go vegetarian about three months ago! We now agree we will raise our children vegan, as we want them to experience the peace of mind and calmness of soul we've had since going meatless from their very first days. You've had a huge impact on my life – I wanted to say thanks.
CG, Atoka, TN, 10/3/02

I'll never forget when I got my box of Why Vegans. Away I went, so everyone could see the truth. Thank God for Vegan Outreach! I promise: I will keep reaching out to people.
MN, Hayward, CA, 10/1/02

I play in a band that distributes your info at our shows and outside the clubs we play. I must say that the graphic content alone has been enough to make people think twice about consuming animal products. Every day, you give me hope for the liberation of innocent animal lives.
MA, Carolina, RI, 9/30/02

Thanks for all your writings. You are an excellent and very inspirational voice for the animals!
BW, Torrington, CT, 9/29/02


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865