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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  May 19, 2004


Try Vegetarian!

New Version Shipping

The new printing of Try Vegetarian! is now shipping (view a pdf), with the new Why Vegan? to follow soon. Thanks to everyone who made this possible with their donation!


New Item in Catalog

Thanks to Jean Bettanny, Vegan Outreach has 30 copies of Dr. Michael Greger's Maximum Nutrition in VHS format, in addition to DVD. You can order this, and other items, from our catalog.


More on Super Size Me

Just got back from seeing Super Size Me, and leafleting as it let out. I stood in the lobby of the theater, expecting to be kicked out and had no problem leafleting every single person who saw that screening. I said, “Did you see Super Size Me?” as I held up the Why Vegan?

It was a FANTASTIC leafleting session! I think the movie opens the doors to veganism for people -- at least enough for our message to really get in. The audience was incredibly receptive, and it was an amazing leafleting experience with people asking for multiple copies of Why Vegan? I am going to hit as many screenings as I can now, until it is out of theaters.

I wanted to share this with those of you who are running out of colleges in session and just leafleting at random on streets. I think this provides a perfect opportunity to hit an audience with the vegan message, when they are as ready as they've ever been.

-Danielle Marino, Protecting Animals, USA

View PAUSA's TV ad. (modified from Mercy for Animals)


More Reason to Speak for the Animals

Meat industry analysts are predicting 2005 to be another year of record consumption in America. Beef and pork consumption will likely drop, but this will be more than offset by increased eating of chicken and turkey. Link via


Postmortem on the Health Argument

Vegan Outreach has always argued that advocates should directly speak for the animals. Many years ago, Vegan Outreach wrote:

Diets based on health claims are subject to further change based on new, low-fat animal products and fad diets (The Zone, Eat Right for Your Type, etc.).

The May 10, 2004 Time Magazine article on Low-Carb Nation states:

Not even December's mad-cow scare has put a dent in beef consumption. Pork bellies, which give us bacon, are trading at record high prices. Egg prices have hit a 20-year high. The stock price of Cal-Maine Foods, a leading fresh-egg producer, has soared nearly sevenfold in 12 months. Some economists go so far as to credit the low-carb culture as the chief force in revitalizing our farm-belt economy.

In “A Meaningful Life,” we wrote:

In general, people can sense insincerity. They don’t respect the tactic of bait and switch, and few people believe that veg advocates are truly concerned about everyone else’s health.

This prompted a reader to ask why the public doubts our sincerity, with the rest of their letter implying that vegans were often misanthropes. While possibly true in a few cases, it is more troubling that vegan advocates often don't seem interested in the truth. We've received numerous inquiries as to "how to debunk Atkins" (and have seen a number of articles attempting just this), but no one has written to ask what the research actually says about Atkins.

We also wrote:

Promoting a "plant-based" diet for health reasons feeds our society's focus on selfishness by implying that animal suffering is not worthy of people's concern. It delays the time when we, as a society, will come to terms with our treatment of animals.

Jack Norris leaflets at Syracuse U.

This isn't to imply that no one has gone vegetarian because of the health argument. But, in addition to leading to more failed vegetarians, the millions of dollars spent and millions of hours worked have often tended to simply reinforce the fad-diet nature of our society. As a movement, we have extremely limited resources; choosing to pursue or fund one tactic means choosing not to support another. At Vegan Outreach, we believe that, if all the efforts spent trying to appeal to people's selfishness had instead been focused on exposing the reality of factory farms and industrial slaughterhouses, the animals would be better off.

Even if honesty weren't the best policy, the low-carb tsunami shows the deadly fallacy of trying to trick people. It is our opinion that as advocates for animals, we should advocate for the animals!


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

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