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reducing the suffering of farmed animals
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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  August 25, 2004


News from Vegan Outreach

Health Blog Updated

"Optimum Vegetarian Nutrition" now streaming!


Adopt a College Season Again!


Note on

-Jack Norris

I have received a number of emails over the years saying that I should not link to in my articles History of Cooking and Thoughts on Raw Foodism and Vitamin B12: Are You Getting It? I continue to link to this site because it contains some of the best articles on raw foods diets and related issues.

Furthermore, I do not want to shelter people from the information or perspectives presented on Rather, vegetarians should be as educated as possible, and they should also read any nutrition article with a healthy dose of skepticism.

For the reader's information, Tom Billings, one of the site owners of, is a longtime vegetarian and personal friend. He has provided considerable research assistance to me while aware that my goal is to promote a vegan diet. We may disagree on some points, but we both share a concern for going beyond dietary dogma and presenting factual information.


Only Four Months Until Christmas!

Shop online and help the animals! :-)


Notes from All Over

Eat Your Soy, Boy!

"Yes, it's true that your wife, girlfriend or significant other has been eating a lot of soy lately, mainly to boost her female hormones. That doesn't mean it's bad for you, fella. Instead of pushing aside that soy milk, go ahead and pour some on your morning cereal. Dig into the soy burgers at the office cafeteria and the tofu that appears in your takeout stir-fry.

"It turns out that soy, at least in the doses most people will consume it in food, may be good for guys, too. A growing number of studies suggest that soy has plenty of health benefits for men -- from lowering cholesterol levels to protecting against prostate cancer -- and few downsides."


Hitler: Goose Stepper and Goose Eater

A review of Rynn Berry's Hitler: Neither Vegetarian Nor Animal Lover.


New Vegan Job at PETA


Connecticut Town Sues AR Activist Over Chickens (via

"A Connecticut animal rights activist is being sued by her town for keeping rescued chickens in her fenced-in yard. It's sad that local governments don't take comparable interest in seeing that factory farms comply with obscure zoning requirements."


From Our Members

Hello. I am a 14-year-old male in need of support on my new decision to become vegetarian, or rather, vegan. I don't have a lot of support. I can't really find any stores with organic produce around, and so I thought you might be able to help.
-NS, Pembroke, IL

Thanks for contacting us and congratulations on your decision to go veg!
     I didn't know any other vegetarians when I first started out around 10 years ago. But I realized that I was reducing animal suffering because of this decision, and decided to stick with it. Now I know many vegetarians -- and even a few of those who didn't understand my decision at first have since gone veg.
     Regarding organic produce, this is not a requirement of being vegetarian/vegan. If you cannot afford this, don't worry. Many vegans don't purchase organic produce. To me, veganism is simply about doing what one can do to reduce animal suffering, and by avoiding meat, milk, and eggs you are performing a great service to animals. Don't worry about being perfect; just do what you can.
     You'll find helpful information in our free Vegan Starter Pack, which can be ordered on-line. Also, you might consider visiting message boards, where you can communicate with other teenage vegetarians.
     I hope this information helps and hang in there!!!
-Jon Camp (who has distributed over 1,000 booklets at Iowa colleges and universities this week alone)

Thank you for sending so many Why Vegan booklets to Action for Animals! This past summer we have been able to leaflet with Why Vegans at 7 Warped Tour concerts, and at about 30 Dave Matthews concerts -- reaching tens of thousands of people! We also keep over two dozen stores and restaurants in the Seattle area stocked with Why Vegan, as well as several other restaurants in California. We are also happy to report that we have been putting Why Vegan in with over 1,000 vegan info packs we send out every month! Without Vegan Outreach sending us all these Why Vegan booklets we would not be able to be nearly as effective for animals! Thank you!
-Dave Bemel, Seattle, WA

Thank you to the outreach workers who passed out flyers at the Chill festival at the YMCA in Chicago. Reading the flyer made me cry so bad and renewed my commitment to be kind to animals. I am eager to start eating a vegetarian diet. It really hurt to read the pamphlet -- I was crying on the train -- but I'm glad I did.
AN, Chicago, IL, 8/23/04


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865