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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  May 18, 2005


Notes from Vegan Outreach

Adopt a College Humiliates Past Records!

Over 110,000 booklets this semester alone!

At right, Meg Rudne leaflets at Yale; photo by Jon Camp.

Last Day for Free Book!

If you donate $50 or more to Vegan Outreach or sign up for a recurring donation before midnight tonite (May 18), you will receive an autographed, hard-cover, limited advanced edition copy of Erik Marcus' latest book, Meat Market: Animals, Ethics and Money. You can sign up for recurring donations via (the recurring option is on the second page). (For those itemizing deductions, $22 of this donation will not be deductible.)


Question of the Week: Good Farms

Q: "Rather than asking people to eat less meat, why don't you encourage everyone to eat 'free-range' from good farms?"

A: The main problem with this is being able to determine what constitutes a truly "good farm," and what is just a dishonest marketing ploy. No real standards exist that are actively enforced and available to most people. "Free-range" is almost all marketing (for more, see "What about free-range?" and the links therein).

Unless an individual is able to visit a farm, there is really no way to tell if the animals are treated any differently than on standard factory farms. It's also hard to know how animals are slaughtered, especially when no outsiders are looking. It seems unlikely that anyone but a relative handful of people have the time to do this.

Our experience is that people are inclined to eat meat when it is inconvenient to be vegetarian -- that is, when they have no control over the situation. They wouldn't be able to get "better" meat in situations like that (at a friend's house, at a restaurant). If they are in control -- say, shopping at a grocery store or co-op, there are many faux-meat and other products available for them to try / purchase.

Finally, our booklets are never meant to be the end-all of anyone's diet. Once they start making a change, most people's diets evolve. Our booklets are intended to get them started on a change, one that hopefully leads to a cruelty-free diet!

Product of the Week: Gardenburger Chik'n

Joe Espinosa writes: "I spied Gardenburger's BBQ Chik'n next to their BBQ Riblets at the Jewel grocery store in Crete, IL (not the most sophisticated store in the world). My whole life I thought that I did not like BBQ. When someone would use BBQ sauce I would have to leave the room because I did not like the smell. However, I was pushed into trying the Gardenburger Riblet and discovered that my fear of the sauce was unfounded. I love the BBQ Chik'n even more -- so much so that I had to go back and buy it again the very next day."

Editor's note: Gardenburger's Buffalo Chik'n Wings are easily the spiciest mass-market "fake meat" product I've ever had.

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Notes from All Over


AR2005 is in Los Angeles this July! Jon Camp, Joe Espinosa, Anne Green, Jack Norris, and Matt Ball will all be there, and VO representatives may be giving several talks (a program can be seen here; if you would like to recommend a specific speaker, you can e-mail the organizers).


More Summer Events

Also this summer:
Taking Action for Animals
in Washington, DC
The American Vegan Society's Annual Meeting (in NJ) and Summer Conference (in TN)


45 Days in 50 States

COK has launched a new campaign to air their latest documentary, 45 Days: The Life and Death of a Broiler Chicken, on public access stations across the U.S. Click here to help.


BBC: Spring Vegan Recipes


Notes from Our Members

I was in the Bay Area this weekend to look for an apartment. I stopped by San Jose State University and quickly handed out 202 Why Vegans (all I had room for in my suitcase).
      I'm so glad I met Joe Espinosa at last year's AR2004 conference. I dropped by the Vegan Outreach table to say hi, and mentioned that I wanted to get the local university group to get more involved in leafleting or some such thing. Joe simply stated, "You could always just do it by yourself." I hemmed and 'haw'ed and made some lame excuse, I'm sure, mostly because I thought that leafleting by myself sounded too scary or hard. But afterwards, I thought about what he said and realized that it didn't make much sense to try to talk someone else into leafleting for 15 minutes once a month, when I could just spend that time actually leafleting.
      What a difference that's made! Thanks, Joe!
-Suzanne Haws, now of Mt. View, CA, 4/19/05, above, handing out one of her

I read your [Try Vegetarian!] pamphlet in October of 2004, and the day after I read it, I decided to go vegetarian.... I am very happy as a vegetarian and I would love to thank you for publishing such a well-informed piece of reading material.
-NA, 5/9/05

It was very exciting leafleting with Amanda Nichols at Merced College, as students who saw others reading the pamphlets would come to us asking if they could get one too. Afterward, we saw students all around the campus looking through and discussing the booklets together. A friend of mine who was attending a class that evening, saw at least one fellow student diligently studying the Why Vegan during class instead of listening to the lecture. Twice, we were lucky enough to have individuals stop and ask detailed questions about veganism, animal cruelty, and nutrition, one of whom took a Vegan Starter Pack, and both of these students pledged to give veganism a try!
-Russell Stahl, Atwater, CA, 5/5/05


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865