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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  May 10, 2006


You don't change the world by hiding in the woods, wearing a hair shirt, or buying indulgences in the form of save the earth bumper stickers. You do it by articulating a vision for the future and pursuing it with all the ingenuity humanity can muster.
-The Next Green Revolution

Notes from Vegan Outreach

New Record!

The Adopt a College leafleters have broken the semester distribution record:

  • Previous semester record (from Fall of 2006): 175,377
  • New record (as of May 8): 176,525 -- and counting!

The top 5 leafleters have done an incredible job this semester: Jon, Stewart, Joe, Suzanne, and Victor have combined for a whopping 100,653; the top 24 entries are all in four-figures! Joe Espinosa has now handed out over 55,000 pamphlets at colleges over the course of his lifetime.

Above, Kayla McAlister leaflets at CA State University at Sacramento; photo by Jack Norris.

Thanks so much to everyone for your hard work and support!


Note from Jon Camp

Last week's leafleting constituted another five days of inroads created for the animals. With the help of volunteers, 3,266 Even If You Like Meat booklets were individually handed to students of U of WI Parkside, U of WI Milwaukee, Marquette U, U of WI Madison, College of Lake County, and University of WI Whitewater.

There were many highlights from the week. For Tuesday and Wednesday, Charlie Talbert (at right) took off work to go to Milwaukee and Madison with me to leaflet for the animals. On our first day leafleting together, I asked a young man at Marquette if he would like a booklet and he said, "I got it earlier, read it, and am convinced."

Charlie, nearly three decades my elder, gave credence to my suspicion that age is not a determining factor with the success of leafleting. His acceptance rate from students was equal to mine, further proving that if one is polite, friendly, and sincere, students will most likely take a booklet. At the U of WI in Madison, I was approached by a woman who let me know that she received an EIYLM booklet last fall and has been vegetarian since -- kudos to Joe Espinosa for his past work there!

A personal highlight of the week came from leafleting the College of Lake County, a community college in Grayslake, IL. Eleven years back I took an ethics course there and learned of the animals' plight, rendering me a vegetarian and animal rights activist in a matter of an hour. Through my ethics class, I witnessed firsthand the results that came from reaching out to college students. I'm grateful to be one of the many activists now reaching out to today's youth with a vision of a more compassionate and just world for the animals.


Link of the Week: Advocacy in an Imperfect World



Notes from All Over

Hen Activist Says the War on Cages Will Go On

Excerpt: "Last week, as Mr. Durand was about to go on trial, the group Animal Rights International said it tried to place a $13,000 full-page advertisement in The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. It included a photo of a decomposed hen still in its cage with several live hens, with the headline, 'Did Your Wegmans Egg Share a Cage With a Corpse?' The paper's publisher, Michael G. Kane, said it asked the group to remove the picture and to delay publication, considering that the Wegmans family patriarch, Robert Wegman, had recently died. 'It was a disgusting photo,' Mr. Kane said. The group declined, and the ad never ran."

Note cage-free hens don't have higher mortality rates, as claimed in the article.

New Book Review / Interview with Peter Singer

Excerpt: "For Peter Singer, the unexamined meal is not worth eating. Over the past three decades, the Australian philosopher has challenged the idea that eating is simply a matter of convenience or enjoyment, making a case that it is a profound ethical choice.... [The] contrast between the radicalism of Singer's core philosophy and the nuanced way he puts it into practice is The Way We Eat's biggest surprise. Singer is not a knee-jerk foe of the food industry, nor does he give the organic and local food movement a free ride. ... Singer is critical of the notion that local farming is a cure-all for the abuses of industrial farming, and is quick to point out it may come with its own negative impacts. For instance, what's more fuel efficient -- driving an hour to buy apples at a nearby farm or driving to the local supermarket to do a week's worth of grocery shopping?"


Meat-Eaters Aiding Global Warming?

Excerpt: "Your personal impact on global warming may be influenced as much by what you eat as by what you drive. 'It is comparable to the difference between driving an SUV and driving a reasonable sedan.'"


Notes from Our Members

I recently participated in an all-night rally/sleep-in to protest the use of child solders in Africa. In the morning as people left, I spent about 30 minutes leafleting with Why Vegan and was able to distribute over 300! I find that peace, anti-war, human rights and other similar events offer a great venue for leafleting and an opportunity to encourage people to extend their own compassion by embracing veganism.
-Dave Bemel, Seattle WA, 5/2/06

As I was about to end my leafleting so that I could go attend the vegan meetup, I decided to follow a strange gut feeling that I needed to stay for just a few minutes more. Then, a large bus pulled besides my leafleting spot, completely filled with high school students on a field trip from another part of the state (i.e. high school students who I will never again have the opportunity to give a pamphlet to). As they existed the bus, they all took a Why Vegan from me.
-Eugene Khutoryansky, Stafford, TX, 5/7/06

At Indiana-Purdue University in Fort Wayne, I gave out 267 copies of EI, and gave an additional 30 to a student who wanted to distribute them herself. She also got a copy of the GCFE, as did another student. Heard from many students who had gotten the booklet from me back in November. Also heard several enthusiastic receptions to my offer for the little booklet; "Hell yeah!" "Absolutely!" "That's what I am talking about!" "Yes!"
-Joe Espinosa, 4/26/06


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865