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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  October 4, 2006


Notes from Vegan Outreach

Link of the Week: Why Adopt a College?

excerpt: Don't dwell on the people you know who won't change. Instead, go out and leaflet, or sponsor a leafleter, at a college!

By convincing just a few people every semester, you will be preventing the suffering of thousands of animals over their lifetimes. You will be creating a pocket of change that will likely extend out from those people. As the numbers grow, people who have given up eating animals will be much more likely to be sympathetic towards other animal issues, and this will increase political pressure in favor of animal liberation.

At right, Ellen Green spends her day off leafleting the Pitt Panthers; photo by Matt Ball.


Products of the Week

Christy LaRose enthuses: "Sweet and Sara, Mexican Chocolate Marshmallows! I tried them at AR2006 and they are incredible! The perfect sweet, chocolaty snack after dinner."

Beth Brettell nominates Fantastic Foods World Soups: "While they are all delicious, my favorite, hands down, is the Vegetarian Chicken Noodle. It tastes just like how my Mom would make her chicken soup when I was a kid. And its vegan and super yummy! I brought some of their soups when I went camping this summer and even my meat-eater friends liked them."

Send your nominees for Product of the Week to info (at); previous products can be found here.


Notes from All Over

Andy Rooney Sees the Future

On 60 Minutes, Andy Rooney had this to say:

"I often pass a farm with cows grazing in the field and I think to myself how terrible it is that human beings grow other animals just to kill them and eat them. Most of us think of vegetarians as nuts and I'm not a vegetarian but I wouldn't be surprised if we came to a time in 50 or 100 years when civilized people everywhere refused to eat animals. I could be one of them. Of course, I'd be pretty old by then."

Watch the video here, or read the transcript here.


Pork Industry Condemned / Ben & Jerry's Promise Change

Both via

The Saturday, September 23, New York Times editorial (the paper's official editorial opinion) headed "The Ultimate Agricultural Efficiency" opens: "Any American history of pork -- the meat, that is -- shows a steady concentration of more and more hogs in the hands of fewer and fewer producers. That is what modern agricultural “efficiency” looks like. It’s good for the bottom line of the big industrial players, but bad for farmers, hogs, the environment and, ultimately, consumers. That history took another step in the wrong direction when Smithfield Foods -- the biggest pork packer -- agreed to buy the second biggest pork packer, Premium Standard Farms."

Also, Ben & Jerry's has committed itself to abandoning its current egg supplier and phasing in the use of eggs that come from hens housed under higher welfare standards. For more, see here.


Notes from Our Members

I received an Even If You Like Meat at the Now and Zen concert in San Francisco. It made me physically ill and I would really like to stop eating meat. I realized that it is quite easy to stop.
-LW, Oakland, CA, 9/22/06

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I were in Boston, when a protest rally for vegans came through and handed me one of your pamphlets. It made me cry, and since then, I haven't touched meat, and also convinced 3 other people to follow with me.
-AG, 10/2/06

DeAnza College is one of my favorite schools to leaflet, and Randy Sandberg and I handed out 1210 EIs and 5 GCFEs today. I had several good conversations with students. The best part of the day was when one girl came up to me to ask some questions about the booklet. She said she was horrified by what she'd read, and she didn't see how she could continue to eat meat. I gave her a GCFE and told her about how I went vegetarian/vegan, and suggested that she take it at her own pace, that what was really important was making a lasting change to help animals. She said she was going to check out the VO website and read more on the topic. I also met another student who said that she'd like to join me in leafleting DeAnza. We exchanged email addresses, and hopefully we'll get another new leafleter out of the day!
-Suzanne Haws, 9/27/06

At right, Heather Leughmyer leaflets at Ball State; photo by Joe Espinosa.

The best part of my two-school day occurred at Johnson and Wales, when a campus maintenance employee happened to pick up a discarded EI before I had a chance to get it myself. She glanced at the cover, decided not to throw it into her trash barrel, and paused to read it. As another maintenance employee approached, she beckoned her over and the two of them pored over the booklet together. They were both loudly discussing the brochure, and the first maintenance employee ended up taking it with her instead of throwing it away.
    My favorite exchange of the week, though, was yesterday at the University of Rhode Island:
    Jenna: Brochure against animal cruelty?
    Student A: Sure.
    Student B: No, thanks. I'm already against animal cruelty.
    Jenna: Are you vegetarian?
    Student B: (sheepishly) Um ... no....
    Student A: (laughing) You should probably take one, dude. Maybe you'll learn something.
    Student B: (takes a brochure, both students walk away reading their EI)
-Jenna Calabrese, 9/26/06

Over the course of the summer farmers market season, VeganMania Bakery distributed your Why Vegan? pamphlets to great success. The worst responses I'd get were people opening it up to the middle and seeing the gruesome pictures and wanting to put the pamphlet down, but I'd just say, "I know it's awful to look at, but it does have a happy ending when you choose to eat some vegan food instead!" Most people were happy to have the information and it certainly sparked a lot of good conversations. So, thanks for producing that little gem.
-CT, Vancouver, 9/25/06

At Cal State Los Angeles today, a lady told me that she and her daughter are now vegan after reading EI last semester.
-Stewart Solomon, 9/25/06


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865