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Leafleting Job Description

January 24, 2007

Please don't forward this to any other lists.

Vegan Outreach has been given a grant to hire another leafleter. This leafleter could start as soon as feasible.

Duties would include:

  • Leaflet colleges in the local area as well as tours in the region.
  • Leaflet concerts, especially over the summer.
  • Organizing other people to leaflet concerts over the summer.

Ideally, we would be able to hire someone who can leaflet for modest means. For example, we merely pay Victor's traveling expenses which includes a small amount for him to live on above gas and tolls (the government allows you to pay for 44.5 cents per mile). Victor wanted to see the country anyway and having him leaflet for us while he did this worked out perfectly for all involved and didn't cost us much. Victor has no other responsibilities than leafleting and entertaining us with his alarming wit.

On the other hand, if the person were to be a full-fledged employee making a typical animal rights entry-level salary ($20,000s depending on location, plus health insurance and mileage), then they would have some other duties when not leafleting, such as answering correspondence and various other computer-related work. This position would require that the person be available over the Internet on a daily basis when at home and have good writing and editing skills.

Either position requires having a car, looking mainstream when on college campuses, and having excellent people skills.

We are looking for someone who lives in or can move to the San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, or Dallas (our donor may be able to provide significantly lower cost of living in Dallas and it is centrally located to areas we do not often reach, although Atlanta and SF are in regions of greater population density).

We would be looking at a one year commitment, which could possibly turn into longer if both parties decide to continue.

Prior leafleting experience for Vegan Outreach is an immense plus!

Let me know if you're interested.