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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  March 26, 2008


Notes from Vegan Outreach

Adopt a College Wants YOU!

As of April 1, booklet distribution for 2008 has topped 570,000 -- more than a third ahead of 2007's pace. More than half that number (293,323) have been handed directly to students at 370 schools already this spring term!

Anuj Shaw leaflets at the University of Houston; photo by Jon Camp.

As the weather warms up across the country, we have more opportunities to reach more students. Be sure to get involved today!


Product of the Week

Leah: Gardenburger BBQ Riblets -- we use them at least once per week and enjoy them on their own as well as in our favorite recipes. The sauce on them is awesome!

Send your nominees for Product of the Week to info (at) veganoutreach (dot) org; previous products can be found here.


Notes from All Over

Slaughterhouse Updates

Slaughterhouse worker pleads guilty, gets 180 days in jail. The Des Moines Register points out: "The undercover videos were bad enough: packing-plant workers abusing sick or disabled cattle and dragging at least one of the cows to be slaughtered, a violation of federal food-safety standards. But consumer advocates say what's also disturbing is what happened within days of that video being shot at a California slaughterhouse. Independent inspectors from two auditing firms visited the Westland/Hallmark Meat Co. plant and gave it glowing marks."


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Lightning Round


Notes from Our Members

At Cosumnes River College, one student took a brochure and came back to me and Eric later looking pretty down. He said he was totally ignorant about what was going on and felt really bad. I told him that I was in the same boat not all that long ago, that I slowly changed my diet, and that helping animals is not an all-or-nothing proposition. I gave him a GCFE and he seemed a little more hopeful. A man told me he had been vegetarian for a little over a year after receiving an Even If You Like Meat on campus. After reading through a brochure, one woman said to a friend, “Ah! I’m a vegetarian now."
     I also heard from the women in Reno who I made the agreement with about going vegan in exchange for me reading the Book of John. They say: "This experience has been eye opening; I will definitely make changes in my diet;" "Veganism is going well, everyone says Kari has lost weight. I have been thinking a lot about what I will do when the month is up."
-Brian Grupe (at right; photo by Jenna Calabrese), 3/30/08

At Boston College last year, I received a copy of Why Vegan. This little brochure has transformed my life! Why on earth did I blindly support the horrors of the meat and dairy industries for so long? I am so grateful to Vegan Outreach for shining the light of truth and compassion into my heart.
-KG, Foxboro, MA, 3/28/08

At SUNY Stony Brook, there were several campus tours and what appeared to be a few field trips, so I leafleted many high school-age students throughout the day. The first student I leafleted stopped and said, "But we have to eat, you know?" I responded, "We don't have to eat animals." He was under the impression that if you don't eat meat, you will be so skinny and malnourished you will blow away in the wind. Luckily, I was there to explain veganism and provide a living example that vegans don't disappear into thin air!
     While I was talking to two students interested in going vegan, another student stopped by who received a leaflet in the morning, and asked several questions about whether veganism was healthy, etc., and what he could eat if he decided to become a vegetarian. He left saying that he's going to try going veg! Another student said: "I read what you gave me this morning -- thank you so much for sharing the information -- this is really important. I'm 21, and I've eaten meat my whole life, and this makes me want to stop."
-Eileen Botti (at right, photo by Jenna Calabrese), 3/27/08

I wanted to thank you for reaching out to Hartnell College. The flyers and booklets are making a difference! Our cafeteria manager has responded with more vegetarian choices and we at student government haven't served meat at an event the entire semester.
-GR, 3/26/08

At the University of Houston today, I met one girl who had gotten a pamphlet from Casey [Constable] earlier in the day, and she had a lot of questions for me. She said that she had no idea this type of stuff was going on, and that she will now definitely try going vegetarian. I also met a guy who looked at the cover and then said, "Don't you think being a vegan is extreme?" I replied, "No. The way they treat the animals is extreme." He ended up agreeing with me and taking a GCFE in addition to the Why Vegan.
-Eugene Khutoryansky, 3/27/08

Seven-year-old vegan-from-birth Spencer Sherman leaflets at Tampa Bay's Bark in the Park; photo by Dean Stanford.

Your brochures are so beautiful. They are the clearest and most convincing I've ever seen. I'm proud to hand them out!
-NS, Oregon, 3/25/08


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865