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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  April 8, 2009

Notes from Vegan Outreach

And They're Off! Team Vegan Website Launched

Fourteen-year-old lifelong vegan Ellen running varsity track.

Team Vegan 2009 is now open for registration here.

By being a part of Team Vegan, you can spread veganism and get in great shape! You can take part in the weekly training sessions in San Francisco (starting April 26) or take part remotely, either by yourself or with friends.

Even if you aren't a runner, you can take part by supporting one or more of the runners!

Last year, Team Vegan raised over $85,000 of critical funding for Vegan Outreach's programs! This generous support has helped activists across the continent to give booklets directly to more than 975,000 students during the 08-09 school year so far.

Please be a part of Team Vegan today. Thank you!

Products of the Week

Check out the jewelry at McFarland Designs, longtime Vegan Outreach supporters.

B Wolf: Cooking is easy and healthy with Bob's Red Mill TVP (textured vegetable protein). It's got twelve grams of protein per serving and a whopping four grams of dietary fiber. I enjoy using mine in spaghetti, chili, sloppy joes, and even "meat" loaf.

Bonus recipe from Tonya: My husband made Bob Barker's Vegan Enchilada Bake -- it was SO good! And leftovers are even better. It makes a large amount so it is also good for a party. [Editor’s note: could use TVP for the crumbles!]

Send your product of the week to info (at) veganoutreach (dot) org; previous entries here.


Notes from All Over

Vegan for the Health of It?

Important post by long-time vegan Virginia Messina, MPH, RD. Excerpt: “The take home message [of this study], according to many of the articles I read, was ‘Eat less red meat and more chicken and fish.’ [E.g., ‘In contrast, routine consumption of fish, chicken, turkey and other poultry decreased the risk of death by a small amount.’] It’s the same message we've been hearing for decades, ever since people started talking about cholesterol and heart disease. And it’s a message that really sticks. Most health conscious people don’t eat less meat; they eat different meat.” Full article.

Lightning Round


Notes from Our Members

Rachel Boonin (above) and Scout Kilbourne (below) reach UNC Wilmington skateboarders.

Great day yesterday at Pasadena City College. Lots of high school students visiting; as always, they were clambering for leaflets. Met many veg*ns, including one fellow who just went veg. As he told me he was on his way to the library to find a book on nutrition, I handed him a Guide, which he was extremely glad to receive -- all the info he wanted! A high school teacher said she had given up eating the meat from cows and pigs and was now ready to cut out chickens as well. I gave her a Guide. I heard two separate people say to their friends, "This is why I don't eat meat."
     Today at Cerritos College was also great, leafleting with Michelle Myra. Students were receptive, and some asked when we'd be coming back. A professor asked how he could order leaflets for his classroom, and a student walked by saying, "I read it. I'm going vegetarian."
-Brianne Donaldson, 3/24/09

Leafleting today at Northern Illinois U was most rewarding -- I had some very encouraging discussions. I spent most of my time at a busy street corner on campus, and had six or seven different cars actually roll down their window and ask for a pamphlet! A kind woman who teaches agricultural law talked to me for several minutes about how people just don't know what really goes on in modern animal agriculture. She took a pamphlet and said she was going to show it to her class; I said, "Here, take 10!"
-Jon Brockman, 3/30/09

I had a near 100% acceptance rate all day at Fairfield University, with lots of good feedback, questions, and people asking for more information. At one point, I overheard a student talking loudly about how much she enjoyed eating chickens at Wendy's. I ignored her, as more students that I had not yet leafleted were coming my way. Each one of them took leaflets. Lesson is -- always better to set an example of staying polite so that new people may consider the message, rather than disregard your message because you're busy arguing with someone else.
-Eileen Botti, 3/24/09

Right away at St. Petersburg College, I met a young lady within a pod of friends. After receiving a Compassionate Choices, she exclaimed, "That's it! I'm done -- I'm going vegan right here and right now. I can't do this anymore. I can't live this lie. I love animals, I'm done." Later, her friend said to me with a smile, "She'll probably have me switched in no time."
-Nikki Benoit, 3/24/09


Jessica Almy (above) and Will Fisher (below) make sure the students at NYU know the reality behind their food choices.

Congratulations on the 10 millionth booklet!! What an achievement. Think of all those animals spared all that misery. I help distribute the Australian version of Why Vegan, and we have started going to university campuses here in Melbourne. Keep up the great work. I hope that eventually we can reach the same goal here in Australia.
-Liz Dealey, 4/1/09

At Tails-A-Wagging Doggie Day Care, I always had animal-related info for our clients, but only recently did I realize I should spread my knowledge of animal cruelty in food choices. Having your brochures here for all my clients is an easy way to let them know we are vegan, and it opens the discussion about cruelty to animals in food production.
-Angi, 4/3/09

Really solid day at Chico State. I had two incredibly productive discussions with two meat eaters. They both left with Guides, telling me earnestly that they would read them carefully. I met Mcrae Molatore towards the end of the day and she ended up leafleting with me for almost an hour. She ran into one of her professors who told her he admired her for handing out information for something she believed in so strongly.
-Brian Grupe, 3/23/09

The first faculty member I offered a booklet to at Indiana U at South Bend let me know that she was the advisor to the newly formed vegetarian student group. Twenty minutes later, a student came by and let me know that it was getting an Even If You Like Meat booklet from me in the past that had moved him to become vegetarian. I was filmed in action and interviewed by a student from a nearby Michigan school for her class project. Heard from seven vegetarians and two vegans.
-Joe Espinosa, 3/25/09

No negativity at all at Lamar U in Beaumont, TX. As usual, I overheard or was told by some students that they would be going veg. I am sure more were influenced, as many were reading over the booklets.
-Casey Constable, 3/23/09

At the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, the second person I offered a booklet to said, "I don't eat meat because of that." She was glad to get a Guide. A man walked away with a leaflet then stopped when he realized what it was and came back to say, "Sir, i want to thank you for what you are doing. I recently saw a video on the internet of what they do to pigs. It is horrible."
-Fred Tyler, 3/25/09

At Mutt March, a man told me he had installed phone lines at a poultry farm and he saw the birds. He described the conditions as horrible and said the birds looked sick. He added that no animal should be treated that way.
     At Eckerd College, a woman looked at the pamphlet and informed me that she had previously worked on a pig farm in Minnesota. She pointed to one of the photos and exclaimed, "That's how it was!" She proceeded to tell me about all the horrible things she saw. She described the awful gestation crates and the way pigs went crazy in them. Sick pigs were left to die with no care. She tried to help one but was warned by a co-worker that she could get fired for wasting time. She said the pigs were very smart.
     When they were being loaded onto trucks to go to slaughter, electric prods were used, and sadistic workers "always looked forward to using the prods." She even said new workers were deliberately shown cruelty just to see how they would react (if they could last on the job without getting upset). She described a particularly disturbing event; I'll spare you the details.
-Lana Smithson, 3/27/09


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

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