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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  July 29, 2009

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Link of the Week: Team Vegan – The Cutting Edge!

Lisa, Kathy, Alex, and Henry
Lisa, Kathy, Alex, and Henry before the race.

By Anne Green & Matt Ball; excerpt: It has been thrilling to be a part of Team Vegan! The runners, donors, sponsors, and volunteers have been like double shots of espresso.

You stuck it out and dropped the hammer, blowing through your fundraising goals and continuing on to new records! As Alex wrote: “We hoped to raise $75,000. Insane! An impossible goal! But the team raised $93,211! With John and Fany’s match, that is $168,211 to help animals and create a kinder, saner, vegetarian world.”

How can we express just how much good this money will do? As always, we wish we could show pictures of the animals saved, or tell specific stories of the individuals rescued.

Mark and Kristie
Mark and Kristie after the race.

But if we stop and think about the world we all want, we know that it will have to be rooted in one simple realization: our fellows aren’t food. To create this world will require opening hearts and minds, one at a time, which is what Vegan Outreach activists are doing, many times over, each and every day.

Of course, none of these activists’ efforts would be possible without John and Fany, as well as the other donors who stepped up for the animals. As Jack summarized, “Know that because of what you’ve done, Vegan Outreach leafleters will be out there in full force, taking another step in this marathon towards eventual animal liberation.”

It is no exaggeration to say that each of you, who made Team Vegan 2009 such a success, are truly the cutting edge, making the necessary change happen, every single day.

Read full article.


Uva fuels up
Uva fuels up for the race.

Companies of the Week

In addition to the companies that made the SF Vegan Prom a success, we also have to thank Team Vegan’s sponsors: Clif Bar, Turtle Island Foods, and Wildwood Organics. And, of course, prize providers Millennium Restaurant, Greens Restaurant, Pangea, The Vegetarian Site, Vegan Essentials, and Trader Joe’s.

Send your product of the week to info (at) veganoutreach (dot) org; previous entries here.


Notes from All Over

Covering Big Food

An interview with the director of Food, Inc.; excerpt: “One example was that we were dealing with chicken farmers who were involved with Tyson and Purdue, who I think are very big in the Southeast. And one chicken farmer said that she was giving arsenic to her chickens, and Purdue said, well, we’ve stopped that practice. But they had defended the practice of giving arsenic to chickens a few weeks prior to our filming with the chicken farmer. I ended up taking that out of the film, but the fact is they were like defending that just a mere few weeks before. But I felt, you know, we’ll, we’ll take it out.” Full transcript, w/ audio.


Lightning Round

Michelle with Team Vegan shirt
Michelle with Team Vegan shirt.


Notes from Our Members

At Northwestern, one man stopped and told me we should worry about human suffering first. I said we can prevent terrible suffering simply by choosing vegan foods. After talking a bit, he said it seemed like the right thing to do and that he would give it a try. Another student held up his hands as he was walking by and said, “You already won me over!”
—Leslie Patterson, 7/17/09

Drew, Jeff, and Vijay
Pre-race Pastafarians Drew, Jeff, and Vijay.

I was handed one of your brochures today. I’ve been vegetarian in the past, but stopped because it was too difficult. Thank you for the graphic reminder that each decision I make in the supermarket is an important one. I think this kind of literature, showing people what they’re eating, is the way to go, especially when so many people are beginning to take note of the food industry’s horrendous practices as they are coming into more light in the media. Keep fighting for a safer world please.
—EL, 7/21/09

Leafleting Food, Inc. again, a high school age guy said, “I LOVE meat.” When I asked, “But do you like to make animals suffer?” his girlfriend replied, “We don’t kill them.” She and I talked about supply and demand, that animals wouldn’t be killed if no one paid the butchers to do it, etc. She wondered how in the world one could be vegan and, “Don’t you miss cheeseburgers?” I told her I still eat cheeseburgers, tacos, pizza, etc., just the cruelty-free versions. She said her mom buys her Boca burgers and she likes those. She ended up taking a Compassionate Choices and Guide. Leafleting on the Pearl Street Mall later, a young woman came up to us and said she’d gotten literature at the theater last week, and it caused her and her boyfriend to go vegan.
—Barbara Bear, 7/10/09

I turned vegan from reading your pamphlet. It took me a year to make the transition because my family was against it, but I made changes gradually until I made it permanent. I lost 80 pounds. I have not gotten sick since starting my diet, not even a cold.
—MM, 7/22/09

Vijay and Jagu with Sprocket
Prom King and Queen Vijay and Jagu, with Sprocket.

Dan Miller and I found a very receptive crowd at the Concord (CA) farmers’ market. Several school field trips were visiting the market, and one teacher told all his students to make sure they each took the educational information from me. He thanked me for being there.
—Jen Kaden, 7/15/09

My sisters Lubica and Petra are visiting me [from Slovakia] for the summer. Right after their arrival, I put them to work tabling the Michigan Peace Fest. The best part was that we were able to speak to the crowd from the stage a few times throughout the Fest. The speeches always drew new people to our table, and we had very positive reactions overall.
—Darina Smith, 7/15/09

At the Ani DiFranco concert, I gave a woman a Compassionate Choices, and she showed it to her husband. He looked at the cover image and said, “It’s a chick!” in dismissive way. A little while later, the couple walked past me and the man pointed to the open booklet in his other hand. He said, “This is very compelling.”
—Julie Rothman, 7/12/09

It was tough leafleting at the Slightly Stoopid/Snoop Dog Concert, until I started holding the Even If You Like Meat booklets at eye level. This worked. They only took it if they wanted it or were otherwise interested in it and wanted to keep it and read it. You can’t help but get it, even if you like meat. I took great satisfaction in watching their silly smiles turn into serious sad frowns, and seeing their blank faces turn into forced nervous smiles and teary eyes.
—Stewart Solomon, 7/12/09

Jack Norris
Runnin’ Jack Flash.

At Oakton College, one student came back to happily tell me he doesn’t eat meat anymore, only chicken. I told him chickens actually suffer the worst and in greatest number. I opened one of the leaflets to show him the pictures and give him a bit more info. He was surprised to hear that. I asked him to consider at least cutting back on his consumption of chicken, and he said he’d give it a try.
—Chris Capozziello, 7/15/09

I am so impressed with A Meaningful Life. I’ve written a lot of brochures and pamphlets in my time (I’ve been doing full-time activist work for 25 years), and I’ve got to tell you, yours wins out over all others for clarity, brevity, inspiration, and friendliness. Congrats on that masterpiece.
—BD, 7/22/09

I’m looking forward to reading your book. I am really moved by your writing. It’s very inclusive and nonjudgmental. You’re building bridges instead of barriers. I believe that alone will make a huge impact on how vegans are seen and the impact on animals.
—LR, 7/23/09


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865