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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  August 19, 2009

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Adopt a College Shoots Out the Gate!

AAC activists have been watching the calendar and heading over to schools as they open for the term. Already in August, 24 schools have been leafleted, with 6,988 students learning the hidden realities of modern agribusiness, along with detailed information on pursuing a cruelty-free diet! Follow their progress at!


Summer Outreach a Huge Success!

Nick Cooney

Leafleters across the continent have handed out 282,783 booklets so far this summer at concerts, festivals, and other venues. Many of these were given to attendees of the Warped Tour. As The Humane League summarized: “After five weeks and 15,000 miles traveling, we reached a whopping total of 163,200 young people with detailed information on factory farming and reasons to go veg in 24 cities across the U.S. and Canada. Thank you very much to the core volunteers who traveled around the country – Nick Cooney (right), Vic Sjodin, Aaron Ross, Kate St. John, and Kansas James – and to the many local volunteers who helped. Also, thank you very much to all the donors whose generosity allowed this great, life-saving work for animals to be accomplished!”


Product of the Week


Jan: “At Kroger’s, I found delicious vegan products by Gardein; even carnivores would find them very tasty! The ‘chicken’ product comes as Chick’n Filets, Tuscan Breasts, BBQ Pulled Shreds, and other varieties. The product, quite rich in protein, comes in packages with spiced sauce and needs only to be warmed up.”

Send your product of the week to info (at) veganoutreach (dot) org; previous entries here.


Notes from All Over

Messaging for Change, Not Ego

“It’s simply idiocy to think that you can more effectively address this issue with absolutism. Trying to get to the end point by flat refusal to consider anything but your own absolutist position (however morally right) is simply not going to open the necessary ‘mind doors’ to begin to alter values.” Full article.


Meat-Free Mondays

Excellent CNN video.


Lightning Round


Notes from Our Members

Leslie Patterson

Thanks for writing your book with Bruce. I really enjoyed it and only wish I could have read it years ago. Thanks also for the booklets. An enthusiastic college student told us she went vegan after reading one, and that she shared it with 30 friends.
—Karen Marcus, 8/12/09

Lots of teens and twenty-somethings out on Michigan Avenue in Chicago last night. Joe, Mikael, and I were joined by Claire, an activist from the UK who found us online so she could do some vegan outreach while on her trip across the US. A highlight of the night: a man stopped to tell me he has not eaten meat since receiving a Compassionate Choices a month ago. He said, “I am now a vegetarian. I just can’t eat meat anymore after reading about how chickens are treated.” He took more information. Another highlight was a group of five teenage boys who have recently gone vegetarian and had some questions about going vegan.
—Leslie Patterson (right), 8/12/09

From a new Adopt a College leafleter:
I am a 19-year-old vegan who would like to get more involved in Vegan Outreach. I became vegan after picking up a Vegan Outreach booklet about two years ago.
—LN, 7/29/09

At the farmers’ market, I had a really great conversation with a guy about how we are treating animals and the immense suffering it causes, the fallout on so many fronts of this totally unsustainable way of living. We also talked about our kids (he has a boy, I have a little girl) and agreed that we should leave a much better planet for them. When he first walked up I actually had him pegged as a guy that wouldn’t even bother taking a leaflet, but ended up being the best encounter of the day.
—Mikael Nielsen, 8/16/09

Lana Smithson
Lana Smithson tables at the fifth annual vegetarian food festival in Portland, Maine.

We had a great night leafleting, showing Meet Your Meat on our computer, and sampling out Tofurky Italian sausages with sautéed peppers and onions along with vegan hot dogs mixed with baked beans (paid for by VegFund, which will also pay for Vegan Outreach literature to accompany vegan food giveaways). One guy actually knelt down in front of the computer screen so he could hear the MYM video better. When a friend passed by, he called him over to see the footage and said, “If you ever eat real hot dogs again, I’ll kill you.” Not exactly a compassionate comment, but I’m glad he took the video to heart.
—Barbara Bear, 8/6/09

This is not a book that proselytizes radical activism. It is, rather, a supportive and comforting book for all of us who love animals and want to help them. Includes chapters on The Joy of a Meaningful Life, Choosing Meaningful Action, Effective Advocacy for Animals, and is chock-full of information on animal issues without being the least bit preachy – it is inspirational and practical. I love this book and added it to recommendations on my own site, and have bought it as gifts. Bravo to the authors.
—Teresa Wagner, posted here


Prevent suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865