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Vegan Outreach: Working to End Cruelty to Animals
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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3)
nonprofit organization dedicated to
reducing the suffering of farmed animals
by promoting informed, ethical eating.

Donations to VO are fully tax-deductible.
VO’s tax identification no. is #86-0736818.

Vegan Outreach
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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  December 30, 2009


Here is my end-of-year donation. I really appreciate what you guys do: your reasonable, straightforward, non-fanatical approach. I agree it’s the best way to engage open minds. Thanks for being out there. Thanks for making a difference. There is no worthier cause, nor one dearer to my heart.
—MB, 12/18/09

Together, We’ve Accomplished So Much!

There are only hours left to make a special end-of-year donation to Vegan Outreach!

Every day, the majority of focused, grassroots efforts to have maximum impact for the animals are fueled in some way by VO: either our members leafleting, or other groups using our detailed, documented booklets.

Every day, these person-to-person efforts lead directly to more people going vegetarian, creating real, fundamental change!

These advances – the steps necessary to bring about the world we all desire – are the result of the efforts of thousands of dedicated individuals across the continent. To honor and thank everyone for their efforts, we’ve put together a brief slideshow highlighting just some of what we’ve accomplished together during the past year:

Watch the Slideshow!

Together, we can continue to take concrete action and make meaningful progress.

Please invest in maximum impact via growing vegetarianism – please make a secure, tax-deductible donation online at, or send a check or money order to:

VO Booklets Save Animals: Donate Today!

Vegan Outreach | POB 30865 | Tucson, AZ 85751

We will continue to make sure your donation effectively promotes vegetarianism!

–Anne, Jack, Jon, & Matt

P.S. We know times are tough for everyone, but these efforts can only continue with your support.

If you want your money to go to focused, effective activism dedicated to the biggest bang for the buck, please make a special contribution today.

Thanks so much!

We are pleased to be part of such a great organization. Year after year, it’s been one of our great joys to know we help you do so much for the animals. Looking forward to more years!
M&C, 12/13/09

Super day leafleting with Brandon (Becker) at NC A&T. One woman said, “This booklet will probably cause me to make changes in what I eat.” A few minutes later, she said, “There is nobody raising awareness about these issues on our campus. Thank you for coming here to pass out this information.” Then two people walked past me talking about vegetarianism. They had booklets they had received from Brandon. Immediately behind this couple were two more also talking about vegetarianism. The young woman said hi to me and then we began a conversation that lasted several minutes. After I gave them both a Guide, the woman said she would look over the information and would make some changes. The young man that was with her said that he thought he would do the same.
Loren Hart, 12/4/09


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865

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