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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  January 19, 2011

Notes from Vegan Outreach

2010 Rocked – Here’s to an Even Better 2011!

VO Booklets Handed to Students via AAC

In the fall semester, Adopt a College activists handed booklets directly to 656,289 students at a record 842 different schools!

The total number of students reached in 2010 was 1.2 million – up nearly 200,000 over 2009!

Despite the crazy weather, activists are out there, every day, providing the animals a voice.

Thanks to everyone whose contributions and hard work make this possible!



Twila Hoyle and Angus Young

Continuing our series of activist profiles, we turn today to our New Orleans activist, Twila Hoyle (here with Angus Young). Since we started keeping track, Twila has reached well over 34,000 individuals with VO booklets!

Here’s an excerpt:

Why do you leaflet?

I am a Vegan Outreach volunteer because I believe that leafleting is the most efficient and effective way of getting this information out there. I leaflet because I wish someone had leafleted me years ago.

What would you say to individuals hesitant about leafleting?

I understand being hesitant about leafleting. What I have learned to do is ask myself, “What is the worst thing that could possibly happen? What am I worrying about here?” Someone might make a rude comment, someone might rip up a leaflet. It’s OK – anger is better than apathy and I promise you, you will live through it. And know that you are making a difference; most of the time the person who reacts with the most negativity is the person you needed to reach that day.

Read the full interview.


Product of the Week

Mr. Barky’s

Twila: “Angus Young wants to recommend Nature’s Recipe Vegetarian Dog Food and Mr. Barky’s Vegetarian Dog Biscuits.”

Please submit your product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from All Over

Lightning Round


Notes from Our Members

SMCC student
At Santa Monica Community College, this student told Nikki, “You guys made me quit eating meat.…”

Was berated by an angry student at Tennessee Technological University. Another young lady who had been watching this exchange approached me and commented on how well I’d maintained my composure. I told her that to help end the animals’ suffering, I can endure a little myself. She happily took a brochure.
—Josh James, 1/16/11

Yvonne, Shannon, Kevin, and I reached 3,450 students at UCLA. It was an amazing day; even at moments when reception went down, everyone kept their poise and smile, winning hearts and minds!
—Nikki Benoit, 1/13/11

Fantastic leafleting at the Obama Rally, where I was able to offer booklets to thousands of mostly young people lined up. Met so many vegetarians I ran out of Guides. It was great to be joined by Vic and Brian, too!
—Darina Smith, 10/30/10

Compared to last time, Brian and I had much better reception at uber-liberal Oberlin University. Lots of talks, and ran out of Guides. The last person we offered a leaflet said she went vegan after getting a Vegan Outreach booklet when she was 14. We win!
—Vic Sjodin, 11/1/10

Loads of interest at Texas State, San Marcos, where I reached over 1,800 students. One student told me she was going to make the switch; later, two friends told me the same thing. Should have brought more Guides!
—Casey Constable, 11/1/10

Marissa and I had a wintery day at the Pratt Institute. One of the first students stopped and immediately asked, “Are you vegan?” After I said yes, he then told me he saw Food, Inc. the day before. He stood near us for about 15 minutes, reading through nearly every page of the Why Vegan? and Guide, and then left thanking us and saying he’d really try going vegan now.
—Eileen Botti, 11/1/10

Jeff Boghosian
Jeff Boghosian takes advantage of the sunshine to help the animals at Arizona State.

Aleta and I met a number of vegans and vegetarians at Southern Connecticut State. Two different guys passed me multiple times before they agreed (separately) to take a booklet; each promised to read it. Met a few students who received pamphlets from us in the past few months and greatly reduced their animal consumption as a result. One student came out to see me because she is vegan and wanted to know who was handing out all the literature. She said everyone was talking about it.
—Karen James, 11/2/10

The attitude at Ohlone College has changed so much over the last two years. In my two hours, people mentioned Food, Inc., being veg, class projects, vegan friends, and meatless Thanksgivings. I used to come here and meet almost no interested people. Gotta love the momentum.
—Brian Grupe, 11/2/10

Lourdes Rodriguez
Lourdes Rodriguez promotes compassionate living at Cal State Northridge.

Reached over 1,300 students at Louisiana State University, despite the rain. I saw many, many individuals reading the booklet and I had good conversations. One guy said that he respectfully disagreed with the booklet. I asked him what he disagreed with. He said that he thought meat was good. I jokingly let him know that nowhere in the booklet did we say that he didn’t think that meat was good. In fact, I used to think that meat was good as well, but came to realize that I didn’t want to contribute to the unnecessary suffering that it entailed.
—Jon Camp, 11/1/10

Really nice outreach at Spokane Community College, Spokane Falls Community College (where I was joined by Brigette), and Gonzaga University. At SCC, a girl walked up to me, holding back tears. She said, “Thank you,” as she gave me a hug. You could hear the sadness in her voice.
     Also had a guy take a leaflet and antagonistically comment as he was walking away, “Tasty critters aren’t they?” To which I responded, “Yes. Taste isn’t why I stopped eating them.” Caught him off guard. He then came back after his class and said he loved the approach I was using with the Even If You Like Meat booklet, that it wasn’t all or nothing. He said he was going to try to eat vegetarian more often.
     This interaction is something that happens pretty frequently.
—Phil Letten, 11/2/10


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
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