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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  February 23, 2011

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Adopt a College Powers Ahead!

New veggie at UC Irvine
Another new vegetarian because of receiving a booklet – this time at the University of California, Irvine.

Record snow and cold? Pshaw!

Adopt a College activists have already reached 170,075 students at 270 schools in 2011 – even before the end of February!

Thanks so much to all the activists who have been doing this amazing and important work for the animals!


From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!”


Yves Meatless Ground

Product of the Week

Jack: “I like Yves Meatless Ground burger crumbles a lot – put them in spaghetti sauce. And they are fairly cheap at Trader Joe’s.”

Please submit your product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

SMC student
A student at Santa Monica College is engrossed in learning the truth.

Yuri and I reached nearly 2,000 students today at the North and Kendall campuses of Miami Dade College. We each had a number of great conversations. A very nice young woman talked with me for quite a while about how terribly upsetting the information is, giving her a sense of urgency to change the world. She seemed close to tears. I gave her a copy of A Meaningful Life and she sat down and read it right away. She came back to thank me, saying the AML was very helpful to deal with her sudden emotional upheaval and that it will help her think about what to do. She gave me a hug and said she was so glad we met. I could sense that her life will never be the same.
—Lana Smithson, 2/17/11

Last week, while Queenie and I were leafleting at a fundraising run, we met a local MMA fighter, Aaron Simpson. The guy is in great shape, and said he and his family are vegetarian! He thanked us for being out there. That evening, I found one quote of his: “I have a really tough time with killing animals, that’s my worst thing.” Today, I ran into him again, and he said it was the images of what happens to animals that got him and his wife to stop eating them.
—Jeff Boghosian, 2/18/11

Today I was joined by Jill at Cornell College. Jill got a flier from me last time I was at this school and started an animal rights club on campus. She got in touch with me to help leaflet and was excited to help spread the word at her school. We found several new people for the group while we were leafleting. The group is also making a vegan guide to the dining hall.
—Fred Tyler, 11/17/10

Jovan Jimenez
Jovan Jimenez helps spread compassion at Northeastern Illinois University.

So cold last week at the University of North Carolina that most students were scared to take their hands out of their pockets. Still, I reached 700 new people. I also spoke with students who received a leaflet last year and are now vegan, and picked up an email of a student who wants to leaflet.
     Today at Shaw University, one student said it cost too much to be vegan. After talking to him, I gave more information (Guide) about being vegan and he decided to go vegan!
—Rob Gilbride, 1/12/11

It was a great day of outreach at the University of North Texas, despite it being very cold and windy. Rachel and I reached 1,350 students, despite the fact they were reluctant to expose their hands to the cold. We heard from vegetarians and vegans, got a high five, and were thanked for being out there spreading awareness. A few students asked us how they can volunteer to leaflet.
—Julie Rothman, 1/20/11

At East Tennessee State, we reached 1,908 students, and a woman got a stack of 50 booklets from Brian to hand out on her own. Met seven vegetarians this time, as opposed to two last time.
—Vic Sjodin, 11/17/10

Despite the cold weather, Alan, Melanie, Rochelle, and I found people very receptive at Herald Square on Tuesday. One woman took a Compassionate Choices brochure and then came back about a half hour later to tell me she was definitely going to go vegan after reading it. Another person was so moved by the brochure that she came back for more to hand out to her friends.
     Today in Brooklyn, booklets were practically flying out of our hands! One woman told me about how much she loves her dogs and that she had recently started thinking about how pigs and other animals are a lot like dogs; this thought has made her increasingly uncomfortable with eating meat. I gave her tips and recipes and she was extremely happy. Another guy stopped and talked to me for a few minutes and we had a very positive conversation. About a half hour later he came back and showed me all of the Tofurky deli meats he had just purchased at Trader Joe’s. He was very eager to try them out.
—Matt Rice, 1/6/11

Shannon Maraghy
Shannon Maraghy takes the animals’ message to the students of UCLA.

Marguerite, Colette, and I reached 1,758 students at St John’s University, with almost a 99% take rate and many positive comments! A family taking a tour stopped to talk. The mother appeared upset, but she told me her nieces recently organized protests in Ohio about factory farming and that she was thinking of going vegetarian herself. She took a Guide. Also ran into two students at the same time who had never met before, but wanted to start an animal rights club, so I gave them some advice and everyone exchanged email addresses. Heard from several people who were thinking of going vegetarian, including one who said that after reading the leaflet in her class that morning, she was going to definitely go vegetarian and possibly vegan.
—Eileen Botti, 11/22/10

Reached 1,700 today at the University of Houston. I had one person who, at the start of the conversation, told me that he doesn’t care because we can always make more cows, along with “For every animal you don’t kill, I’ll kill three.” However, after I answered all his many questions, and he heard all my points, he took a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating and said that he will eventually go vegan.
—Eugene Khutoryansky, 11/22/10

Snow and so cold at Illinois State that my drink froze before I could get to it, but I met dozens of vegetarians and vegans during my time there. Towards the end of the day, several students commented about me having been there all day in the cold. I pointed out that so much preventable suffering and death hangs in the balance, trying to stop it is the least I can do.
—Joe Espinosa, 1/11/11

Eric Griffith

It was awesome to have Scout’s help again today and it was so cool of Eric (Griffith, right) to drive down to Atlanta to meet us for leafleting. We reached a total of 2,450 students at Georgia Tech and Georgia State. Question of the day at Tech:
     Student: “What is the likelihood that cutting my meat consumption will give me psychic powers?”
     Me: “Two percent chance.”
     Student: “Well, that’s better than what I’m currently dealing with.”
     That night, I did a 30-minute radio interview on Second Opinion Radio, which broadcasts all the way to the Alabama border. The calls kept coming from listeners asking practical questions about transitioning to vegan eating. It was good to know so many people were listening.
—Jon Camp, 11/17/10

Amazing day at Cal State Long Beach, where I was joined by new vegan Julie Dais and CEASE (the student group). Together, we reached over 2,200 students! Within the first 20 minutes of leafleting, I noticed a young man sitting reading his leaflet. Moments later he approached me saying he’s now going veg. Seriously? YES! On the spot. Then a young lady brought her leaflet back to ask questions. She claimed she wasn’t veg, but is not only gonna be by day’s end, but took info to help the locals. BOOYAH!
—Nikki Benoit, 11/17/10


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865

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