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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  June 15, 2011

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Team Vegan Leafleters

Jeni Haines
Team Vegan member Jeni Haines finds this Berkeley “student” hungry for compassion.

This week, we’d like to highlight those Team Vegan members who haven’t been profiled elsewhere and, in addition to raising funds to print and distribute more booklets, volunteer to leaflet as well:

Joel Badeaux, Katie Cantrell, Laura Carver, Joe Espinosa, Dmitry Farber, David Garvin, Joe Hernandez, Tamara Hubbard, Zubair Hussaini, Tom Lazar, Yvonne LeGrice, Leslie Patterson, Lisa Shapiro, & Team South Florida.

These amazing folks are out there, day after day, creating real and necessary grassroots change!!

You can support their work by making a tax-deductible contribution to any of these members (or the people in the feedback section below, or via the Team Vegan general donations page).

And now until June 30, your donation will be doubled, dollar for dollar!

So please, take just a minute and click over to, support a team member, and help take the animals’ message to more people!

Thanks so much!

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Activist Profile: Yvonne LeGrice

Yvonne LeGrice

Continuing our series of activist profiles, today we meet the top volunteer leafleter during this record-setting semester, Yvonne LeGrice! This term alone, Yvonne has reached an amazing 30,000+ students!

Here’s an excerpt:

What was your most positive leafleting experience and why?

Every time I leaflet I can tell I’ve made a difference for the animals. Just today at Cerritos College I gave a leaflet to a woman who returned 10 minutes later to ask for a starter kit. She had been thinking about going veg and this is going to help her do it. I’ve had people say they are never eating chicken again after looking at the information, and others have thanked me for being there and asked how they can get involved. So I know that this kind of outreach really works!

What would you say to individuals hesitant about leafleting?

Go with a friend your first time or two. Set an easy goal, like handing out 25 leaflets. Don’t be attached to the end result – just know that you are doing your part to educate people on the horrors of factory farming. I know it can seem scary at first to approach total strangers and offer the leaflets. But most people are polite, even if they decline a leaflet. I’ve never had a bad experience leafleting – the most obnoxious comment I get is “I like meat.” And like everything in life, the more you get out there, the easier it gets. I used to be nervous handing out my first leaflet of the day – now I just jump right in! I know this is the best way that I can get the information out about animal suffering, and am happy I have the opportunity to do this work.

You can read the full interview here and support Yvonne’s work here!


From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs


Products of the Week

Scatter Vegan Sweets

Yvonne: “Scatter Vegan Sweets by Wendy Gabbe Day is full of gluten-free, low-fat, low-sugar treats that are fantastic! You have to try the Raw Berry Buckwheat Smoothie – have this for breakfast and you’ll be able to leaflet all day! And David’s Pure Vegetarian Kitchen by David Gabbe (Wendy’s father) is my other favorite. This cookbook uses simple whole foods to create savory dinners, lunches, and snacks. I’ve served the tasty Lima Lasagna to many non-vegetarians and they’ve been unable to guess that the secret ingredient in the “cheese” is pureed lima beans. This family has amazing cooking skills!”

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

Even a Stormtrooper (not a Team Vegan member… yet) can make Compassionate Choices; intergalactic photo by Team Vegan member Kelsey Mosher.

On Monday, Yvonne, Rory, and I reached 3,600 students at Pasadena Community College. Whoa! And tons of great conversations!
     Today, Yvonne and I enlightened 1,645 at Cal State San Bernardino. Saw lots of light bulbs go off with these leaflets, along with the “Yeah…what the?” response.
     Have I bragged on Yvonne lately? Well today, for instance, I look over and see an eruption of students swarming her. With no time for me to run to her aid, I stood firm to leaflet the ones heading my way that she couldn’t get. As they approached me, I noticed they all had leaflets! All of them!
—Team Vegan member Nikki Benoit, 4/13/11

Yesterday, Foothill College was awesome. Lots of inquisitive students and plenty of veggie-minded folk. It was great to get help from Jaclyn, a new vegan. Also had really high acceptance rate at Stanford.
     Today, I was lucky to be joined by Lori and Daniel at De Anza College and West Valley College; we reached 1,669 students. Far too many conversations to recount, as usual. Lots of gears turning and lots of people genuinely interested in the material.
—Team Vegan member Brian Grupe, 4/6/11

Eitan Fischer
Eitan Fischer helps expand the circle at the Capital Pride Parade.

I stopped by Oregon State on my way home from class. A middle-aged woman accepted a booklet and continued walking. A couple of minutes later she came back. Here is a shortened version of our conversation:
     “I want to thank you for doing this. This is terrible.”
     “Yes, it’s hideous,” I agreed.
     “Yes it is hideous. Thank you so much for spreading the word about this.”
—Team Vegan member Nettie Schwager, 4/12/11

Reached 436 students at the University of Wisconsin, Platteville. One guy said, “I already read it, and I agree with it all.” One girl turned down a leaflet saying she couldn’t look at the pictures. I said I knew it wasn’t easy to look at, but that it was an important issue. She said, “I know. Most people don’t take into consideration how those animals are treated.” She happily accepted a Guide. Another girl walked by reading a leaflet and said, “This is the saddest thing ever. It’s horrible.” She said, “I’ll probably stop eating food in general.” I gave her a Guide so she would have some food options that would prevent her from starving.
—Team Vegan member Fred Tyler, 4/4/11

It rained the whole time I was at Utah State, but luckily students were still pretty receptive and I was even told that I was doing a good job with putting up with the weather. A number of good conversations, including someone who told me that his T.A. brought one of the booklets to his bioethics class and they had a class discussion about it.
—Amanda Schemkes, 4/18/11

Amphitheater employee
Not so worried about traffic now: Team Vegan member Brian Grupe sends this pic of an employee at Shoreline Amphitheater.

We had a spectacular leafleting trip, reaching 8,289 students at James Madison University, Virginia Tech, and Radford University. Every semester we are meeting more and more students who say they have gone veg because of Vegan Outreach’s literature, and we met more on this trip. Too many great experiences and conversations to write, but here are a couple:
     One student at JMU read a Compassionate Choices and came back to us and said she has received pamphlets on vegetarianism from other groups in the past, but it was the non-offensive way that VO’s literature is written that she responded to. She said it was well written and she did not feel like she was being attacked. She said she now wanted to go vegetarian! Another JMU student told us that she went vegetarian last semester from reading a leaflet!
     A Virginia Tech student said she is going to stop eating eggs after reading an Even If You Like Meat booklet. Another student was ecstatic to see us being active for animals and said he wanted to get more active himself and asked for a stack to pass out on his own.
     At Radford University, one student was flipping through a CC immediately after I handed it to her and said, “I should really just be vegetarian, I don’t think about this stuff.” She said she would order a Guide!
—Kate and Aaron, The Humane League, 4/21/11

Reached 760 students at Emerson College and 250 at Suffolk University. I was a resident assistant at Emerson last year and I saw two of my former residents that have gone vegetarian, and another is trying vegan; I will be sending recipes. Keep up the good work! This really works!
—David Coman-Hidy, The Humane League, 4/12/11

Emily Weisiger
Emily Weisiger helps promote Boulder justice.

Amazing day at UC Boulder! Emily, A.J., Kristin and I met a receptive crowd at the Food and Environmental Justice Fair. We, along with Matt, had many, many conversations with people who were trying to become vegetarian or were transitioning from vegetarian to vegan. This was just an awesome and uplifting day of outreach.
—Barbara Bear, 4/13/11

Last week, Chip, Cassie, and I reached 1,350 students at Missouri State. I had just met Cassie the previous night, and this was her first leafleting. She has already sent me a message saying this was the launching of her advocacy!
     I reached 900 students at Western Kentucky University today, where I met a surprising number of individuals coming up to say that they were veg, vegan, and that they really appreciated me being out there. It was super-heartening!
—Team Vegan member Jon Camp, 4/18/11

It was great to be joined by Lindsay, Casey, Dana, and Matt at Marywood University today! This is my alma mater and where I became an activist, so this was a very special leafleting for me.
     As far as the veg-friendly factor goes, Scranton has done a 180 since I attended college there in 2001–2005! There is essentially a vegan mini-mall downtown: an amazing vegan cafe; a vegan, fair-trade, cruelty-free shop; another shop with environmentally-friendly and recycled products – all right next to each other. And the new group that has formed at Marywood had at least 14 members in attendance for my talk at their final club meeting of the semester! Way bigger than our group back in the day – totally amazing.
—Team Vegan member Eileen Botti, 4/19/11


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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

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