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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  March 14, 2012

Notes from Vegan Outreach

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Meat Industry off a Cliff


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Product of the Week

Boca Chik’n Nuggets

Ellen: “My best friend stopped eating animals for Lent, and was blown away by Boca’s Chik’n Nuggets!”

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Notes from Our Members

WestConn students
Karen reports from Western Connecticut State: “Kylee, the student in the black shirt, went vegetarian 9/22/07, after receiving a Vegan Outreach booklet. She is now working on vegan. The other three students said they were going to cut their consumption of animal products in half.”

Wendy, Susan, and I set a new record at Southern Connecticut State – 1,498! We met about 30 – that’s right 30 – vegetarians, and about a dozen vegans! I had a professor tell me that she was so glad we were there. She said some students were arriving at her class and putting the booklets to the side, saying they were not going to read them. She asked them, “Why are you here, if not to learn?” and got them to read the pamphlets! Later, a student took a Compassionate Choices from me, then came back and asked for 30 for her dorm!
—Karen James, 3/12/12

Today was my day off from work so I headed down to Purdue to represent the animals. It was a cold day, in the 20s, but I had long underwear, three sweatshirts, snowpants, coat, boots, etc., basically looked like a Russian nesting doll but it worked to keep me going for 5 hours. Great reception from the polite, friendly students. This is a heavily agricultural school, but still I heard from many veggies, including recent converts, and noted many vegan options in the union.
—Leslie Patterson, 1/18/12

Yesterday was the best day of the semester! Denise, Virginia, Jyoti, and I reached over 3,100 students at the University of Central Florida. Dozens of great conversations. For example, one girl came back to Denise, said she was going veg, and got a Guide. One dude mentioned, “I never thought about it that way.”
     Today was another phenomenal day at Florida International University and University of Miami. Several came back to say they were going veg. Two others that they were going from veg to vegan. Another girl after class said, “good pamphlet,” with enthusiasm. Another student came back to ask for more leaflets to show friends and family.
—Vic Sjodin, 12/1/11

New vegan at UNM
Vic snapped this pic of another new vegan at the University of New Mexico.

Many conversations at George Fox University. Near the end, a young woman who had been reading the booklet approached me and asked, “Are you saying that God didn’t intend for us to eat the animals?” I said, “In many cases it’s hard to tell what God intends. I look at a lot of things in this world, and I don’t know why God made them the way they are. I just keep trying to reduce suffering. My view is that when I see suffering, I want to stop the suffering.” She said politely, “It’s interesting to hear other people’s views on these things.”
—Cobie deLespinasse, 1/23/12

Reached over 1,000 students at University of Missouri, St. Louis. I heard from about 25 vegetarians and 5 vegans today; plus one student who after visiting said that she was going vegan! She was also interested in helping out leafleting. One student said that he went vegetarian because he received an Even If You Like Meat from me a year ago. He too said that he was interested in helping leaflet. Another student said that he is a hunter and asked me about hunting. I said that I am often able to make allies with hunters to oppose factory farming. A great day of outreach!
—Rick Hershey, 1/18/12

Logan Narcomey
Logan Narcomey spreads compassion at the University of Oklahoma.

Dang, we crushed it today! New record for College of San Mateo; day total of 1,938 for Diane, Jessica, and me. A ton of vegetarians and vegans at Canada; I can’t believe how far this school has come. So many little stories including an athletic guy who has been wanting to try vegan and a young lady who enthusiastically showed me the “Love animals, don’t eat them” pin on her backpack. So awesome!
     Jessica noted a few guys walking along holding Compassionate Choices, and one said, “I could never do that myself – killing animals and all that – it’d be hella gross.” There was something about that – the first glimmer of thinking: wait a minute – real people are actually killing all these animals.
—Brian Grupe, 1/18/12

Record day at University of South Florida. After getting a leaflet, a girl happily said, “This is great information. Go, you!” A student remembered me from when I leafleted a movie screening of The Cove a couple years ago! He said, “Good to see you’re still doing this. Keep up the good work.”
—Lana Smithson, 1/23/12

At Valencia College, we talked to a woman who is determined to go vegan but was having a stumbling block with bread, so we recommended that she go vegan in every other aspect of her diet and address the bread issue later. She loved the idea and left saying that she and her family are on the road to veganism! Also talked to an African-American student who wants us to do a presentation at his church. He also said his goal was to go vegan. Also talked to a Hispanic student who was super psyched to get info on vegetarian eating.
—Jeff Boghosian, 1/19/12

Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson takes action for the animals at Cerritos College.

From a recent batch of Guide requests:

At my community college, Oxnard, a young woman asked my friend and me if we loved animals. We said yes and she handed us Compassionate Choices. Her question made the difference, I wouldn’t have looked at it otherwise. She didn’t give me a guilt trip and was friendly. I didn’t feel pressured, I just feel I want to try this.

Through a pamphlet passed out around my school, I have been a proud vegetarian for about 6 months now!

At Montgomery College, Kit was a bit nervous to start leafleting, but after she handed out the first booklet, she was enthusiastically handing out one after the other. She emailed me afterwards to say that she is now addicted to leafleting and is looking forward to her next outing.
     One woman was asking me about why I was vegan, my thoughts on hunting, etc. I said that a lot of my thoughts were guided by the basic “Do unto others” tenet and she finished the phrase, saying she totally gets it. It made me realize I want to use that phrase more since it’s one already so ingrained into our way of thinking and one pretty much everyone agrees is worthy of following.
—Jon Camp, 1/23/12


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
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