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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  September 5, 2012

Notes from Vegan Outreach

  Nikki Benoit
  Nikki Benoit works her magic at Santa Monica College.

AAC Activists Storm into New Term!

Last fall, hundreds of activists handed Vegan Outreach booklets directly to 881,191 students – a then all-time record – at a record 918 different schools!

In the spring, activists had an even more amazing term, smashing the record by reaching 899,003 students at 1,017 schools!

Thanks, as always, to everyone who contributed to Vegan Outreach’s 2011 end-of-year fundraiser, which enabled us to print and ship all those booklets. Without your contributions, our incredible leafleters wouldn’t have been able to reach so many new people!

And in the current term – as of only Labor Day! – activists have already reached well over 100,000 students at over 100 different schools.

Over 100,000 by Labor Day!

Nikki, our resident crazy-armed (or is she somehow quadruple-armed?) Southern California coordinator is over 21,000 for the term already (!!!), putting her over 460,000 lifetime!

We say this a lot, but it’s absolutely true: this is only accomplished because of all of our work together. Every leafleter and donor – especially Team Vegan 2012 – has helped the current term get off to such an amazing start!

Every one of us should be absolutely thrilled with these amazing numbers – congrats to all!


From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs

  So Delicious  


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  New sticker

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Notes from Our Members

  Max at San Francisco Warped Tour
  Above: John Oberg met Max at the San Francisco Warped Tour stop – “he was mostly vegan and excited we were out there.” Below are some of the amazing activists who worked the Phoenix stop (left to right): Ben Sylvester, David Coman-Hidy (front), Joseph Junker, Rachael Plotts, John Oberg, Bryce Goodson, Danny Dominguez, and Jen Ammerman.

Holy summer session, Batman! Acceptance rate was great at UC Berkeley; Leslie, Grace, Katie, and I reached over 1,500 students! No booklets ended up on the ground. It was awesome outreach – we were a great team!
     Gunita helped me leaflet the Maine at The Fillmore; she gave a brochure to one of the guys in the band and he took it on the bus with him, sweet! What an ideal audience! I met a mom whose daughter has been veg for a year since getting a Compassionate Choices brochure. Woo! I also met QUITE a few people who had received brochures in the past from either school or concerts. We are gettin’ it done here in the bay, yo.
—Brian Grupe, 6/27/12

Norma and I had such a fun day at the LA Pride Fest! OMG amazing take rate! WOW. Spectators couldn’t get enough! Epic…spectacular…unreal. Win!
     Leafleted during my birthday trip to Catalina Island. Chatted with a jeep tour driver who lives on the island, gave him a booklet to read and to share with his tour guests…his heart’s broken over animal treatment, too. The lady taking tickets at the Botanical Gardens eagerly read the booklet I gave her on my way through, and as I passed by again, she yelled to me, “I love this booklet, thank you!” So I shimmied over and Guided her. Equally ecstatic for that, she was. Yay animal champs!
—Nikki Benoit, 6/14/12

Ben Sylvester, David Coman-Hidy, Joseph Junker, Rachael Plotts, John Oberg, Bryce Goodson, Danny Dominguez, and Jen Ammerman at Phoenix Warped Tour

San Francisco was one of the craziest Warped dates I can remember. Security issues ran amok, as well as confusion about the exits from every security guard we spoke with. When the flood finally came, our amazing crew* dealt with adversity and we were able to knock out a record number of booklets – 12,900!
*Taylor, David, Jeni, Lisa, Beau, Brian, Jack, Diane, Gunita, Brian, Joel, Eve, Sacha, and me.
     It was brutally hot at the Phoenix stop of Warped – 111 degrees! But we* were able to offer virtually every single attendee if they’d like a booklet, and reached about 85% of the crowd!
*Ben, Jennifer, David, Rachael, Joseph, Beau, Zubair, Danny, Bryce, and me.
     Slow but steady day at the Las Cruces Warped stop – we* reached nearly 75% of the kids. We heard from one girl, Emily, who received a leaflet from us last year and has been vegetarian ever since! Her friend’s ears perked up and she promised she would read the booklet, too. Great to hear that our past efforts created some real change!
*Jennifer, Ben, David, Sacha, and me.
—John Oberg, 6/29/12

  Vegan HS teacher

Great time and high reception rate at Oregon State! I sound like a broken record, but every time I leaflet at OSU, I feel the interest, awareness, and sympathy for this issue growing.
—Nettie Schwager, 5/30/12

While leafleting on Thursday, I met a young woman [right] who got a booklet at Brooklyn College about five years ago. She is now vegan and a high school science teacher.
     On Saturday, Ruton from Bangladesh stopped to help, which was great. Three new people said they are going veg now, and at least half a dozen others mentioned planning on cutting back on animal products and wanting to learn more. Met more veg people from all over the world, too – Europe (Spain, Italy, Norway), Brazil, Cali and other parts of the States. I got them a Guide, let them know of the many veg places in the area ( and probably near them.
—Casey, 7/1/12

Man reading booklet on train  
Pulin Modi snapped this pic of a Why Vegan? reader on the metro in Washington, DC.  

Victoria and I leafleted a lot of young people at Chicago’s Millennium Station. One woman told us she has received the leaflet before and is moving towards giving up meat. A man thanked us for the work. A young woman who has been vegetarian for a year stopped to chat and accepted a Guide. She has been working on converting all of her friends. When I went down into the station to catch my train home, I saw people on the train reading the booklet.
—Leslie Patterson, 6/27/12

Liz and I had a good hour of outreach despite the heat. Many people exclaimed they were either vegetarian or vegan. One woman said it was our work that had helped her reduce her meat consumption big time. She said she was going to keep making improvements and that she encouraged her friends to do the same.
—Mikael Nielsen, 7/4/12

The Coldplay concert here in Dallas was really great outreach. Brittany, Mieke, Anou, Allison, and I spoke to many vegetarians and most people were enthusiastic about the leaflets. The crowd was mostly teenagers. A young girl (probably about 7 years old) asked me if she could help me hand out leaflets! It was awesome!
—Kat O’Dea, 6/22/12

  Victor and Bianca at FIU

Only took a short time to reach 200 students at Florida International U. Robert was really happy to get the literature. He took my contact info and we talked about him getting involved. Also spoke to Bianca and Victor [right] and they said that they love animals. They also took my contact because we spoke about the possibility of them starting a club – maybe with Robert!
—Linda Bower, 7/5/12

At the San Luis Obispo farmers’ market, Erika and I had so many great interactions with people who were seriously considering veg*ism that it gave me renewed hope for spreading veganism in this area. After talking to me, one mother said to her kids, “I think we should go vegetarian.” One guy came back to our table and said that he thinks we pushed him over the edge to try being vegan. And a sweet young woman [below] told us she’s been veg for 1 and 1⁄2 years after getting a Compassionate Choices at her high school in Castro Valley, CA.
—Barbara Bear, 6/28/12

  Vegetarian at SLO farmers’ market

It was a perfect day to offer booklets; I ran out of them pretty soon, as everyone was receptive. Had a positive response from all of them except one. This was my first time; next time I will carry with me more. It feels so rewarding to be able to make a difference and be a part of Vegan Outreach’s valuable cause.
—Renuka Lakhani, 7/1/12

From a recent batch of Guide requests:

I was given your Compassionate Choices booklet on my campus at Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis. It broke my heart!

They were handing out booklets at Warped Tour. I read the handout and it made me feel differently about eating meat.

It was my first day at Suffolk Community College, and someone handed it out to me. I read the booklet and it really got to me. I want to try to at least become a vegetarian, maybe vegan.


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
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