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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  September 19, 2012

Notes from Vegan Outreach

  UST students
  A few of the 2,100+ students reached by John Oberg and Fred Tyler at the University of St. Thomas on 9/5/12.

Adopt a College: Reaching Thousands Every Day!

Even before schools on the quarter system have started (including the University of California system), Adopt a College activists are hitting so many schools and reaching so many new people that their reports have overwhelmed our poor data entrists!

But, as of yesterday, activists have handed booklets directly to 265,576 students already this term – more than a quarter million new people have been reached with a powerful and effective Vegan Outreach booklet – even before the first day of fall!

A special congratulations to the Humane League for having handed VO booklets to more than one million people! Jon Camp points out this is equal to what was handed out in the entire first 3.5 years of Adopt a College. Nick, Aaron, Kate, David, Lydia, Nathan, and Kathy have been relentless, as have been Sally, Brian, and VO’s own Vic. Jon notes: “These are folks who truly walk the walk, put the animals first, get out in all weather extremes, travel the country when need be, and do it day after day after day, year after year after year. Millions and millions of animals will have been spared from horrible suffering because of the work of these individuals.”

Thanks so much to all the leafleters and donors who are making this possible! Together, we’re changing thousands and thousands of lives!


Report from Jon: Facebook Ads

Kudos to Jon Camp for the time he’s put into this project. We also greatly appreciate everyone who has helped him out!

Thanks to the generous support of a donor and website assistance from the Humane League, Vegan Outreach has launched our first Facebook online ads campaign! We set up ads featuring prominent animal-friendly musicians and actors who are popular amongst today’s youth; these ads show up on the sidebar of teenage and early-20-somethings’ Facebook pages. The ads encourage individuals to watch this video created by Mercy For Animals, which exposes the wretched conditions that farmed animals endure day in and day out in modern factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Since starting the ads in early July, over 3,000 individuals have clicked to watch the video. And because of the comments section on the video page, everyone who comments automatically sends the video link to their Facebook friends’ news feed, leading to 30% more individuals watching it. This means that roughly 4,000 individuals have already watched this video, thanks to our ads.

By visiting our video page, you’ll see that this method of advocacy generates a lot of positive feedback! By coupling online ads with our proven-effective leafleting efforts, we’ll be winning thousands of hearts and minds this coming fall!


From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs


  “Mexican” Recipe  

Recipe of the Week

OMG, we at the office LOVE this recipe! Mega-yums!

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

  Myriam at UCSD

Numerous enthusiastic recipients at Pasadena Community College – animals are popular! Heard from a record number of vegans on this campus, and they’re only at 1⁄4 capacity during summer session! Chatted with Dallas, a former slaughterhouse worker, who – because of what he learned – has been vegan for two years. Abhors how these animals are treated. Is happily on board with his compassionate alternative lifestyle now. Yay!
     Near the end of my time at Palomar College, a health professor came running out of her classroom to get booklets for her students. This awesome-sauce human is arming her pupils with news they can use!
     At UC San Diego, I reached over 700 students in only 3.5 hours. Numerous head-spinning, 90 mph skateboard handoffs. And met Myriam [above], a veg since November 2011 cuz of a booklet we gave her – BOOYAH!
     One of the summer’s highlights has to be the talk I gave to the workshop for AP Environmental Science teachers, thanks to superstar high school science teacher Stewart! The presentation ROCKED! The fact that compassion can NOT be partitioned to just humans and select animal friends was made loud and clear, and THEY GET IT! These teachers are from all over Cali, and were nodding in agreement, tossing in their own comments of endorsement. They asked for my contact info for fall :) Stewart texted after I left saying they were all buried in the booklets I gave them. YAYAYAYAY!!!
—Nikki Benoit, 7/26/12

Emma, Gabby, and Shelby at the St. Louis Warped Tour stop

Despite a temperature of 104 and no shade, Ben, Jen, David, and I reached over 4,000 people at the St. Louis Warped Tour stop. I also had one of the most meaningful moments of the tour today. A group of three girls [above] were walking by and I overheard [Gabby, center] say, “I got this before and went vegetarian right after!” I stopped them and asked her if she was still vegetarian. She said no, so I asked why, to which she replied that she accidentally ate chicken once and felt like she was no longer a vegetarian. I explained how vegetarianism wasn’t about purity, I’ve accidentally eaten non-vegan in the past and didn't let it stop me from continuing on with my ethical commitment. She instantly said she would go vegetarian from this point on; she concluded by saying, “Thank you for changing my life!”

Maria at Kansas City Warped stop  

     Better night at the Detroit stop, where Nathan, Ben, Jennifer, David, Italia, Don, Vic, Matt, Karly, Rachael, Kelly, and I reached over 13,000 rockers! In Chicago, we also reached over 13,000 new people! Amazing crew – Mikael, Riley, Elizabeth, Kevin, Pamela, Jennifer, Nathan, Jennifer, Vic, Kenny, Joe, Leslie, Sacha, and I were joined by Tyler, a security guard!
     Over 10,000 again at Warped Minneapolis – Nathan, Jennifer, Vic, Sen, Dani, Jeff, Jake, Jeni, and I formed a wall at the one exit, so just about everyone was offered a booklet! At Kansas City, Nathan, Jennifer, Vic, Kelsey, Joseph, Sacha, and I had just enough booklets for the crowd – 7,000 more young people reached. Met Maria [left], who had received a leaflet two years ago at Warped Tour and has been vegetarian since. Also talked with Madison [below], proudly wearing a “vegetarian” T-shirt, who went veg a year ago as a result of getting a booklet from us last year. So great to see results coming from our hard work!
—John Oberg, 7/9/12

  Madison at Kansas City Warped stop

I leafleted Oregon State on July 5, and Cobie joined me today. We had good conversations, with people interested in going veg, going back to being veg, taking more booklets for friends, etc. While talking with two middle-aged men, one of the big things I made them realize is that 90% of meat comes from confined operations. They were under the impression that about 70% of the animals are raised free-range and happy.
—Amanda Rhodes, 7/13/12

Leafleting da Vinci Days got better as the weekend went on, with better acceptance and good conversations. A woman who teaches at the University of Oregon mentioned showing her students a documentary about a tribe, with a scene where a pig is killed to be eaten. The students were so upset and thought it was so bad that they killed the pig. It’s really revealing as to the nature of our disconnection. What do they think happens to the animals eaten here? Do they think they die in their sleep?
—Nettie Schwager, 7/21/12

Amanda, Jade, and friends in Times Square  

At Union Square, I met many who were interested and lots of vegans; I swapped info with those who wanted to get involved. Saturday at Times Square was even better, with two helpers! A number of people took a booklet on their second time passing by; others mentioned having seen me and my sign elsewhere and decided to take a booklet now. A group of four young ladies [left] remembered getting a booklet from me at the Gay Pride Parade and are definitely working towards veg. They were very thankful.
—Casey, 7/14/12

After work last week, I took up my favorite location at Chicago and Wabash, where the Chick-fil-A cow was dancing and high-fiving passersby and wearing a pink (breast cancer awareness?) vest that said, “Kool Kidz Eat Chikin.” I squelched the festive mood, and worked the curious crowd, hearing from a number of vegetarians. Today, I was able to reach another 111, along with an interesting conversation about abortion, suffering, and numbers.
—Joe Espinosa, 7/25/12

  Kimito Sakata at Denver Warped stop
  Kimito Sakata reaches out to Warped Tour fans in Denver.

Jovan and I had amazing leafleting at State and Madison – distributed all 300 booklets we had brought in less than an hour! Good conversations, too.
—Leslie Patterson, 7/25/12

Outreach was great on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall, with Kristy, Danny, Kimito, Hulya, Lynn, and I talking with many people. Almost every single person that stopped not only accepted literature, but took multiple copies, asked for recipes, and were genuinely interested in going vegan. It was remarkable.
—Lisa Shapiro, 7/27/12

Liz Tampe at Chicago’s Fullerton Station  

It was a good evening of outreach for Liz [Tampe, left] and me. One girl told us that she was not going to buy the hamburger she had been planning on when she passed us. Another told us that this was “Sick!” and that he had no idea that this was how farmed animals were treated. A lovely lady, who said she didn’t eat pork or much beef, told me that she would work on cutting out chicken after I explained that it takes about 200 chickens to equal the meat gotten from one cow.
—Mikael Nielsen, 7/19/12

Leafleting the Pismo farmers’ market was beautiful, with most people accepting a booklet, and others approaching to ask for copies! My most interesting conversation was with a guy who said he could never be vegan, that he knows about the ag industry and that going vegan is the right thing to do, but he just knows he could never do it. I said I used to think the same thing 20 years ago before I went vegan, but I mostly emphasized that it isn’t all or nothing – even cutting back results in less suffering. He smiled and gave me a high five before he left with a Compassionate Choices in hand. I think he’s going to surprise himself and go vegan.
—Barbara Bear, 7/25/12


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
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