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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  November 21, 2012
This issue is sponsored by The Vegetarian Site:

For modern animal agriculture, the less the consumer knows about what’s happening before the meat hits the plate, the better.
     If true, is this an ethical situation? Should we be reluctant to let people know what really goes on, because we’re not really proud of it and concerned that it might turn them to vegetarianism?
—Peter Cheeke, PhD, Oregon St. U. Professor of Animal Agriculture, Contemporary Issues in Animal Agriculture

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Giving Thanks

Every day, we’re thankful to be working with all the amazing, dedicated people who have the vision and determination to strike at the root of animal exploitation.

Every day, because of all of your contributions, the gruesome horrors of modern agribusiness are brought to light for thousands and thousands of new people.

Every day, we are creating a generation for whom making compassionate choices isn’t outside the norm, but common and admired.

Every day, every person we reach takes us closer to our goal: a kinder world for animals.

And if you haven’t yet taken advantage of the Matching Opportunity, please take a minute today and help create a kinder world tomorrow!

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We are deeply thankful to work with you for a better world for all, and will continue to do our best to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Thank you!


  Jon Camp at UH

Report from Jon Camp

After 55 days on the road doing college outreach throughout the South for Vegan Outreach, I’m home. Stats:

  • Schools hit: 45
  • Students leafleted: 60,074
  • Miles driven: 7,977
  • Booklets given out to miles driven ratio: 7.53:1
  • Hours spent listening to Willie Nelson: ~50

Thank you so much to all of you who housed me, leafleted with me, organized a talk for me, and to everyone who financially supports the work of Vegan Outreach; this tour wouldn’t have happened without you. This is a team effort, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to play my humble role over the last 55 days. Thanks again to all of you who see the value in our persistent and targeted outreach and help make these tours possible. This work matters so much, and I appreciate all that you do to bring about a more just and less violent world for animals!

See also this local paper’s story on Jon.


From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs


Notes from Our Members

USD student
A University of South Dakota student stops in her tracks to read Even If You Like Meat.

Black Hills State was my last school in the Dakotas. Favorite quotes:
     “Hell yeah, I hate animal cruelty!” on the first booklet (pretty energetic guy for 7:30 am).
     “Yes, I got one. It’s terrible and sad.”
     “Ooh, piggies!” (admiring the Compassionate Choices cover).
     “This brings back awful memories of an animal cruelty video I saw.”
     “Aww, aren’t they so cute?!” (again, referring to CC).
     “I got one of those and it made me feel sad and depressed,” (from a big, athletic-looking dude... he got Guided).
     A guy and his friend took one and as they were walking away I heard him say, “What? Do you see how they’re treated?!” to his buddy.
     Yesterday, I woke up at 5:30 in Sioux City, Iowa and headed to the University of South Dakota, Vermillion. Had another good conversation with a hog farmer. At the very least I hope this will remain in his head as he makes his rounds in his dad’s factory farm: “If you got on your knees, looked that sow in her eyes, and asked her if she wanted to be there, do you think she’d say ‘Yes’?”
—John Oberg, 9/14/12

Ron, Jessica, and I popped over to Portland State, where I noticed a large group of what appeared to be middle school kids chaperoned by a couple of adults. I decided not to approach them (because of the adults), but when one of them came near me, I automatically gave her a booklet. She accepted it and took it back to the group. Soon several more kids came to me and asked for leaflets to read, and returned again for more to share with their friends. I watched them reading and discussing the leaflets with each other and was reminded of how aware and sensitive kids are to the vegan message. When the adults rounded them up to leave, a couple of them smiled and nodded and one gave me a thumbs up as they walked past. It made me feel good!
—Stephanie Lucas, 9/14/12

Joe Espinosa and new friend at Indy WT  
Hardworking Joe Espinosa gets a free hug while leafleting the Indianapolis Warped Tour stop.  

A week ago, Kate and I took a quick trip to Santa Fe Community College. Kate had a student come up to her while she was leafleting and say: “I got one of these booklets last semester and it just changed my life.”
     Today, we distributed another 325, and got feedback from our previous trip. Several students said they were cutting back, and one said she was now vegan!
—JC Corcoran, 9/18/12

It was awesome to have Joe at Michigan State, where we reached nearly 2,400 students. Joe is truly inspiring, a workhorse. With the drive, this was a 15-hour “day off” from his full-time job. It can never be overstated what a dedicated ally and educator the animals have in Joe.
—Vic Sjodin, 9/18/12

At the University of Maine, an older man (perhaps a staff member?) said he got a booklet from me last year; he called it a “good publication.” He claimed he doesn’t care about animals, because he’s a “hunter and all that,” but didn’t realize how disgusting conditions are on factory farms. He repeated “disgusting” a couple times and said the booklet moved him, and he and his wife have been eating less meat since then. After he started talking to someone else, he came back to me to get a booklet to give to that person. He told me, “He needs to read this,” as he put the booklet in that person’s hand. It’s interesting that even though he said he doesn’t care about animals, he and his wife were moved to change their diet because of the booklet.
—Lana Smithson, 9/13/12

Cal Poly student
Elaine Vigneault sends this pic of a Cal Poly student reading Compassionate Choices.

Ed and Elaine and Johanna joined me at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo – we reached over 1,800 students! We met so many vegetarians and vegans – we must be doing something right!
—Barbara Bear, 9/20/12

Darina and I reached over 2,000 Hawkeyes at the University of Iowa – a great school to leaflet! Met tons of vegetarians, and the campus seems pretty progressive, especially considering that it’s located in Iowa. Had lots of great conversations, and very few negative exchanges. It was a great way to start the semester!
—Jon Bockman, 9/24/12

At the Heart Walk, I met one woman who had gotten a booklet from us at Valencia College last week and is now interested in moving toward vegetarianism. In general, offering “information on vegetarianism” sparked quite a bit of interest; many people turn around to get one when they realized what it was. Another woman commented that she needs to go back to being a vegetarian.
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 9/14/12

The students were very receptive at Valdosta State University! I met two students who had changed their diets since getting a booklet from Lana last semester. Several other people were asking questions about what they could do. They’ll surely be looking more into it. One was interested in donating online too!
     Today, Sally and I reached 2,000 students at Georgia Southern University! The students were extremely receptive, and we had many great conversations. For example, we talked to a former vegetarian who now wants to get back on track. Another person was a part-time vegetarian now interested in going further. A good day!
—Jeff Boghosian, 9/25/12

Kassy and I had a marathon 13-hour day at Santiago Canyon College, Golden West College, and Saddleback College! It was my first time back at Golden West since being arrested there; I was surprised that one of the officers involved recognized me immediately. He excitedly told me that he quit eating meat since arresting me! He was ecstatic to get a Guide and thanked me PROFUSELY for doing outreach! WHAAAA??!?!? We also chatted with NUMEROUS enthusiastic students eager to help!
—Nikki Benoit, 9/19/12

Below: Kassy and Nikki’s marathon day included a lunch break at a strip mall, where they reached 26 more new people!
Readers at Irvine mall

Went back to Malcolm X College exactly two weeks after being taken off campus in the back seat of a police car. Happily, the First Amendment is back in effect now!
     Ran into a librarian I had spoken with last time – he’s now displaying Compassionate Choices in the library, and was planning on attending Chicago VeganMania. Met many other interested folks, including a woman whose friend had gotten a booklet previously – she was very interested in making changes.
—Mikael Nielsen, 9/20/12

Katie Pryor at NCC
Jennifer Greene sends this pic of Katie Pryor leafleting Nassau Community College, where they reached 1,350 students in September!

Beautiful and amazing day – Nathan and I reached 1,300 students at Bronx Community College. Nathan was also able to set up a humane education class!
—Katie Pryor, 9/24/12

Met so many interesting people at Butte College – a very fun day! I spoke with one woman who had slipped from being veg after 5 years because her partner and their family have been giving her a hard time. She is going to bring home the pamphlets and tell them how important it is to her with new resolve. I talked with another student who has been thinking about trying veg but didn’t know where to start. Now she does! Met quite a few veg / vegan people and LOTS of people thanked me for passing out the info and helping to raise awareness about the issue. Very nice to feel appreciated.
—Brian Grupe, 9/27/12

Reached over 2,000 students at East Carolina University. Met many vegetarians and vegans. One student said she went vegetarian after finding a VO booklet on a cafeteria table nearly a year ago: “This is the exact booklet that did it.” She gladly took a Guide. Another student said he was vegetarian and said the Guide was “exactly what [he] needed.” A faculty member said her daughter is trying to be vegetarian and took a Why Vegan? and Guide for her. I talked with one student who was moved by the pictures into wanting to go vegetarian; he got a Guide, and I also told him about the ECU student group SOAR – he’s interested in getting involved.
—Brandon Becker, 9/25/12

I met more vegans than vegetarians at Oregon State today, which is not uncommon for me. Many people responded to my “Help animals” with “Sure!” or “I love animals.” I had supportive comments such as, “Keep fighting the good fight” and “I support you.”
—Nettie Schwager, 9/25/12

Honoze at Boston Vegetarian Food Festival
David Coman-Hidy reports: “Honoze, got a Compassionate Choices from us in downtown Boston a few weeks ago and that’s why he came to the veg fest and is now vegetarian! Booyah!”  

High acceptance rate at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and some enthusiastic responses. Then, at Salisbury University, I had a productive chat with Tim, a Christian. We discussed everything from matters of faith; why I didn’t think it was feasible to have a painless system of raising and killing animals; my belief that animals aren’t our slaves and that while their needs are simpler than ours, they basically desire what we desire – the ability to pursue the things that make them happy and freedom from unnecessary suffering. He seemed to get a lot out of the conversation, and left with a Guide.
     At Morehead State, a number of ag students stopped. One was was interested in a civil and engaging dialogue. We talked for a good 10 minutes. I stressed some key points with him, namely that I know that what we do to farmed animals isn’t done to be cruel (and thus, we don’t show pictures of blatant cruelty, such as an animal getting beaten), but because it is efficient. And the practices, again, done solely for efficiency (and I understand the merits of efficiency), cause animals a lot of suffering. He heard me out, thought I raised some good points, I said the same of him, and we exchanged contact info.
     And as I was really giving my physical and psychological all to today’s leafleting, I was very heartened when a young woman walked by at the end of the day, pointed to the booklet, and said, “This changed my life! I wanna be a vegetarian now.” She got a Guide.
—Jon Camp, 9/26/12

At the College of the Holy Cross, one student looked at the booklet I handed her and shouted, “Oh god…this is ruining my morning!” I replied, “Just try to imagine how eating them ruins their lives!” Amazing conversations with a string of students at Quinsigamond Community College. Jenny, the program assistant in the student center told me that the booklet influenced her to go back to being a vegetarian. A student informed me that everyone was arriving at class with the pamphlets, so they had a whole class discussion about it! Another student stopped to tell me the booklet was the best that he has seen on the subject!
     Ben and I had a huge day at Holyoke Community College and Westfield State. As seems to be happening more and more, I gathered names and emails of students who wanted to start a group. It is great to put people together who might never have met each other. One woman said she received a booklet from me already. When I asked her what she thought, she said it was heartbreaking. She then saw a guy she knew with one in his hand, and she told him sternly, “You better read it, you will never eat chicken and feel the same way again!” He sat down right away and read it!
—Karen James, 9/19/12

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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865

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