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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3)
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reducing the suffering of farmed animals
by promoting informed, ethical eating.

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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  December 19, 2012




The brutality of factory farms and industrial slaughterhouses is far from public view, hidden behind walls both physical and psychological.

The cruelty to chickens, turkeys, and pigs that occurs on factory farms is every bit as horrible as any act of barbarism inflicted on other animals.

Even worse, this brutality is on a scale that vastly exceeds all other acts of cruelty to animals.

Every day, agribusiness is ruthlessly pursuing profit through their factory farms and slaughterhouses.

That is why Vegan Outreach strives to be as relentless for the animals as big ag is ruthless to the animals.

Every single day, we focus single-mindedly on having the greatest impact possible.


Notes from Vegan Outreach

The Numbers Don’t Lie: You Make the Difference!

Ever wonder if your contributions make a difference? They do for Vegan Outreach!

This graph – with the green being donations during the fiscal year, and the blue bars the distribution of booklets for the calendar year – shows that whatever money comes in goes right back out in booklets!

In other words: however much money is contributed determines how many new people learn the truth.

Overall Distro vs. Total Revenue


This is proof positive your contributions make the difference.

Changing Lives
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Changing Lives to see more of
what we’ve accomplished together!
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The graph clearly shows that your donation directly drives focused, efficient advocacy for the animals.

Put another way:

  • You determine how many people learn the hidden truth and stop supporting animal agribusiness.
  • You determine how quickly we move to an informed, compassionate society.

You drive the change!

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Thanks so much to everyone who has given – our work together is changing lives every day!

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How many new people we reach in 2013 really does depend on you!
Every dollar makes a difference.

Please give whatever you can today!


Notes from Our Members

New vegetarians in Times Square
Casey snapped this pic of a couple who wanted to go veg after getting booklets from him in Times Square!

Accompanying a donation to the Matching Opportunity:

You guys do such amazing work. When I’ve given money to [other groups], I’m not sure where it’s going, but with you I know it will be put to good use. Thank you so much!
—RH, 11/26/12

Students at the University of Central Oklahoma were receptive today, coming up to ask about being vegan, eating more vegan fare, etc.
     A group of young women interviewed me for their class project. One of them said, “I can tell that you love your job.” I do. Even though being on the road is no easy thing, and there are some sacrifices made for such, I’ve been so grateful to have been able to do this work for so long. At the end of each day of leafleting, I feel that it really counted, and that the world is a better place because of the leafleting. I hope that all of you who do this outreach feel the same way about your work. As always, thanks to the donors who provide us leafleters the opportunity to do this fun, effective, and fulfilling work!
—Jon Camp, 10/9/12

Big changes at Eastern Connecticut State since I first came here a year ago. Met 8 vegans and 20 vegetarians; 21 students signed up to start a club on campus, 9 of them want to leaflet, and 17 want to get better / veg food into the cafeteria! One student who signed up is the president of the food justice committee on campus, and would like me to come in to speak. Another student said, “You won’t want to hear this, but I found one of the pamphlets you handed out last semester laying on the ground.” I asked what he did with it? He said he read it and turned vegetarian! Serious progress has been made on this campus!
     Was great to have Julia’s help at the University of Connecticut, where we set another record. The very first student I spoke with said she received a Compassionate Choices from me last semester and went vegetarian! Another student said he received a booklet from me in the past and cut out almost all of his consumption of animal products. Another one said he had been vegan, but had difficulty only two days ago, and ate chicken, which he missed eating. We talked, I gave him a Guide, and he said he would try again! Three different students asked me for an interview, and one interviewed Julia.
     After receiving a booklet from Julia, a young man came to me and asked, “What can I do?” I talked with him about his compassion, and asked him to reduce his consumption of animal products to save lives and reduce suffering. He said he would definitely do that. He and 12 other students gave me their email info, and want to join the Veg Huskies group on campus!
—Karen James, 10/9/12

Krista at MiraCosta College  

Previously at Barry University, I would meet 2 or 3 vegetarians, but today: 14! The conversations were also off the charts. Many, many students overjoyed to get the info; high fives, and a bunch even thanking me for being there speaking out for animals. Also great too was a pair of teachers coming back to talk to me…one of them taking booklets to use for his class to focus on for a class discussion! A-mazing! A really incredible and inspiring day of outreach today. Feeling so blessed right now to be a part of this important work!
—Yuri Mitzkewich, 10/16/12

Kassy and I hit pay dirt at MiraCosta College and San Diego Miramar. Amazing interactions! Kassy got a fist bump and thank you from an older woman who needed this push-by-booklet for her veg transition. Got the motivation (and Guide) she needed! Then we met Krista [left], who’d strayed from her former veg life but – because of finding a Compassionate Choices in the library – is back on track!
—Nikki Benoit, 10/15/12

A new record at Coastal Carolina University, and good conversations. One woman really wants to get involved with an animal group after her experience working for the Stouffer’s division of Nestlé in Gaffney, SC. Her job required that she go to the slaughterhouse and although she purposely avoided the killing floor, the horrible smell and knowing what went on there was enough to make her do research on her own and move toward a cruelty-free lifestyle. Met so many other interested people I ran out of Guides.
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 10/11/12

Vegan at FCC

Diane and I were able to really saturate Skyline College – set a new record, too. I met three separate students who said they would be changing their diet after reading the booklet. So awesome. Also gave my card to a young lady interested in volunteering, and she has already emailed me!
     So grateful to have Diane, Mike and Jessica with me at De Anza College – we set another new record – over 3,000 students reached! Met tons of compassionate people – so many great stories. When I was taking a quick break to eat a sandwich, a gal stopped dead in her tracks (had just received a booklet from Jessica) and I was watching her thinking, “Go back and talk to her!” and she totally turned around and went and chatted with Jessica! Jessica also reported that a police officer stopped and chatted with her about how horrible animal abuse is.
     Crushed the record at Bakersfield College! Jose from Colombia stopped to help out, and he’ll be getting more booklets to hand out in the future. After reading the booklet, a woman [below] said, “You just changed me” and committed to go veg. Another woman told me her sister had gone veg a year ago after getting a leaflet from me on campus. At least 10 students said they would try and go veg one or two days a week. I met more vegetarians and vegans than I ever have at this school, and overheard many discussions being sparked by the booklets, including a few closet vegetarians coming out to their friends: I’d give some booklets to a group and one would say to the friends, “I’m a vegetarian” and they’d be like, “What?! Really?”

New veggie at Bakersfield College  

     Today, after starting in the dark and getting a nearly 100% take rate at Fresno High, Jon and I absolutely dominated Fresno City College – new record by 300 booklets (reached 2,531 students for the day). I saw sooooo many people reading the booklets and tons of people stopped to talk. We met a woman [above] who had gone vegan from one of our booklets after Jonathan leafleted her in August, awesome! Also got a number of people’s emails who are interested in being a part of Jon’s meetup group.
—Brian Grupe, 10/16/12

Great day at Lehman College – two more volunteers from this adventure and a professor would like me to speak to his philosophy class!
—Katie Pryor, 10/11/12

Great day at SUNY Cortland and Tompkins Cortland Community College. Two women said they were gonna go veg; a guy told me he was gonna go full vegan. Saw one woman reading cover-to-cover with mouth agape; gave her a Guide.
—Vic Sjodin, 10/11/12

I could get away with a later start at work today, so I stopped at Oak Park High School. Can’t wait to do this again soon – it feels so rewarding afterwards!
—Darina Smith, 10/12/12

Tina, Sandi, Tyler, Mary, John, Jamie, and I all had positive interactions at Northern Illinois University, where we reached over 3,000 students! Heard from a lot of vegans, way more than past experiences, which gives me hope that we’re making a difference out here.
—Jon Bockman, 10/10/12

James DeAlto at NCSU   Brandon Becker at NCSU
Above: James DeAlto (left) makes his leafleting debut, working alongside veteran AACer Brandon Becker (right) at NCSU.


North Carolina State was James’ first day of leafleting, and he did great! We reached 2,481 students. One student said she saw the movie Food, Inc. and was looking for “humane” animal products but, after some research, found out that Perdue and other large corporations were tricking people with these labels. She gladly took a Guide. I made sure to get Guides into the hands of nearly everyone who said they were vegetarian or vegan or got a booklet earlier and were affected by what they saw. I heard a student tell her friend, “This [booklet] is what made [another friend] go vegan.” Another student told his friend, “If you look at that, you will not want to eat meat again.”
—Brandon Becker, 10/16/12

Kwantlen student
Kwantlen student
Students are riveted to Even If You Like Meat at Kwantlen (above) and Trinity Western (below).
TWU student

The veg-curious people were out in droves at the SLO farmers’ market! One college student gave me every excuse in the book, ending with, “But I like eating meat!” Much to my surprise, he came back a couple hours later and said, “I’m a changed person!” He went on to tell about how his grandfather forced him and his brother to hunt birds when they were young, and he suddenly remembered how it affected him to pluck the feathers from the warm body of a quail whom his brother had shot. Then he enthusiastically said, “I want to be your apprentice, I want you to teach me how to do this!”
—Barbara Bear, 10/11/12

I was at Whatcom Community College for only 90 minutes, but of the ∼275 people I met, 15–20 were vegetarian / vegan! In fact, these kids were so thirsty for this stuff that I got into conversation after conversation – this led to slightly smaller numbers, but great interactions. Met people who wanted to get involved, students who were happy I was there, and plenty of folks that were all-around supportive.
     Amazing interactions across the border in Canada! Just a few examples from the University of Fraser Valley and Trinity Western University: Met a previous 2-year veggie who gave up because of her nonsupportive mother, but was really excited about getting a Guide. Another said the Even If You Like Meat is pushing her over the edge; she got Guided. Met a former vegan who had gone back because it’s “too hard around here.” He seemed to really want to try again, so I Guided him. Lastly, and highlight of the day, I handed an Even If to a woman [bottom right] who sat down on a park bench near me while I leafleted. Early on, she asked, “This is real?” After about 15 minutes of reading it, she told me, “This is great.” She was very happy to get a Guide.
     Good outreach today at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, University of British Columbia, and Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Although the day started out gloomy, had a big free-speech win, and I reached my 200,000th person with a Vegan Outreach booklet.
     I have to give a sincere thank you to all of the activists that are a continuing inspiration, and to the donors that make this grassroots, straight-to-the-people form of activism possible. It is so rewarding to be able to witness firsthand not just the sadness that runs over people when they read about the treatment of today’s farmed animals, but their consideration that this is cruelty they don’t need to be supporting. Thank you for making this kind of outreach a reality.
—John Oberg, 10/12/12

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Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865

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