Previous correspondence between an activist and Chipotle:


Dear Friends:

I like Chipotle very much, but I am shocked to find out that your pinto beans are not vegetarian. The pinto beans at every other burrito place in DC (Wrap Works, Burrito Bros., and so on) are all vegetarian.

This alone would lead me to go to the others. I strongly encourage you to take the bacon out, and make it easier for vegetarians to enoy your great burritos with pinto beans if they so choose.

Thank you.


Them to me:

I am sorry! We have always made our pinto beans with bacon, since this is more of a traditional recipe where we are from originally (Denver). Do you not like black beans? In any case, thanks for the suggestion, and we will consider this for the future.


Joe Stupp, Manager


Me back to them:

Dear Joe,

Thanks for the reply -- I greatly appreciate it. While I do like black beans, I also like pinto and would appreciate a greater variety of items to choose from on the Chipotle menu. Since all of the other burrito places in the D.C. region have all-vegetarian beans, there isn't a strong incentive for me -- or other vegetarians -- to choose Chipotle over Wrap Works, Baja Fresh, California Tortilla, Burrito Brothers, or any of the other competitors in this area.

It would be great to see the bacon taken out of the beans, since I really do like Chipotle.

Thank you