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Activist Profile: Casey

Casey Constable

As we did in 2005, Vegan Outreach is profiling some of the top leafleters from our Adopt a College campaign. Here is Casey’s profile:

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I’m from the Albany, NY area, and recently moved to Houston, TX for career, weather (I like motorcycles) and activism opportunities.

What do you do for relaxation / entertainment?

Lifting weights, naps, rock concerts (metal & punk, to classic ’80s), aviation / airport management, flying airplanes (private pilot) and scuba diving.

How long have you been involved in animal rights and how did you get interested?

I’ve been Veg*n for 6 years. About 2 1/2 years ago, I found out about how to effectively release frustrations by effectively advocating for animals through grassroots and local activism.

What made you decide to start leafleting? If you were nervous the first time, how did you get over it?

The easy and effective results – as well as the feedback from those who received a booklet from me – made me want to do more leafleting and less protesting. The fact that, through leafleting, I can help create dozens of new vegetarians, who then prevent thousands of animals from life and death in horrible factory farms is part of a long-term solution for the animals and environment.

At first, my own security, property issues and finding good opportunities were the hurdles. The AAC list is a great source of support, and provided me with help getting over the hurdles.

What was your most positive leafleting experience this year and why?

The most positive experience for me was leafleting the University of Austin, with over 30,000 students. I handed out several thousand booklets in just one day, and likely influenced dozens to go vegetarian. I even helped the vegetarian restaurant across the street.

Also, leafleting rock concerts at local venues and the Warped Tour allowed me to give thousands of booklets to curious and caring youths. These were overall fun and positive experiences.

What would you say to individuals hesitant about leafleting?

Join the Adopt a College Yahoo email group to read about and learn from others. You can ask questions of experienced activists. I guarantee you’ll be motivated to become a more effective and efficient activist.

Just leaflet some colleges in your area, which is typically the easiest. Then expand and look up city events and concerts on local venue websites. You can find interesting audiences at events such as AIDS walks, MLK parades, dog park, art and culture festivals. You’ll have fun seeing the world and meeting interesting compassionate people.