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Viva! to Protest the Factory Farming of Ducks at Whole Foods Shareholders' Meeting and Regional Offices

On Monday, March 31, Viva! is calling on activists to join them at Whole Foods Shareholders’ meeting in Santa Monica OR participate in outreach events at their regional offices.

Representatives from Viva! and PeTA will be in Santa Monica to once again address Whole Foods’ selling of Grimaud duck meat. If you are a Whole Foods shareholder who can't attend the meeting in Santa Monica, please contact Viva! about donating your proxy so they can speak on your behalf!

For details on the Santa Monica event contact Viva! at or 530/759-8482.

Viva! is joining with other activists to hold leafleting events at Whole Foods’ regional offices on Monday, March 31. Please contact the following groups or people for information:

Plantation, FL: Amanda
Rockville, MD / Washington DC area: Compassion Over Killing, 301/891-2458
Chicago, IL: Viva!Chicago
Emeryville, CA (near Oakland/SF): Freedom for Animals 415/756-4233.
Roswell, GA (near Atlanta): Animal Defense League Atlanta 404/228-2114
Austin, TX: Action for Animals 512/236-9518
Needham, MA: Lu

If you don't live near these locations but would like to leaflet your local Whole Foods on this date, please request leaflets at and indicate the quantity and city.

Be sure to call and fax Whole Foods on Monday, March 31:
Phone: 512/477-4455 - Fax: 512/477-1301

More information on this campaign can be seen at: