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Together for 2014!

Thank You!


Thanks so very much to each of the dedicated Vegan Outreach members who took part in our record-setting year-end fundraising campaign! Your generosity was incredible! Several members of the matching pool contributed even more than pledged, doubling even more donations!

Because of you, more people will receive VO booklets in 2014, bringing us closer to the more compassionate world we all desire.

Every booklet printed, every heart opened, every life changed – these are only possible because of your thoughtful generosity!


Keri Shaw at SDSU
Keri Shaw offers Compassionate Choices at SDSU.

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From Vegan Outreach’s Blog

  • “Together, we will make the next 20 years even more amazing!”
    “I don’t know how many of you were vegan in 1993, but let me tell you, 2013 is far, far better than I ever imagined. Seriously – it is simply amazing. All the people who are vegan, the daily news coverage of factory farms, the tsunami of vegetarian restaurants, products, and options – it is just incredible. And of course, the bottom line: the number of animals killed in the US has been declining.”
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  • Meat Industry Can’t Believe Vegan Outreach’s Success, Part 1
    “A million students? In just a couple of months?”
  • Part 2
    “Congratulations to everyone for driving the meat industry’s spokesperson off his nut! I guess if your paycheck depends on people eating more dead animals, the ongoing collapse and vilification of your industry should be quite stressful.”


Recent Feedback

Yvonne LeGrice at LBCC
Eric at LBCC
Lisa at GCC
Melissa at GCC

Another special day with Yvonne. She was amazed at all the readers we saw at Long Beach City College. It was great – so encouraging! “I always see people reading but today was unreal!” she said. Got a good pic of Yvonne [LeGrice, above] leafleting right next to a student engrossed in his booklet. He read it cover-to-cover, then I spoke to him and he got a Guide. We also met Eric [right], who was deeply moved by reading the booklet and had a lot of questions; he was Guided and encouraged. Met and Guided a number of other interested students.
     At Cypress College, a student got a booklet from Yvonne and stopped in his tracks and read for over 10 minutes. Numerous conversations and interactions, really special day, I’m sure many many people changed their eating habits. As usual, heard friends discussing the treatment of animals because of the booklet as they walked.
     Picked up Yvonne super early and got to Glendale Community College for the 7:30 am class change. As always, great results! Watched students reading the booklet cover-to-cover.
     Lisa [right] got a booklet and came back after class – she was really upset, got a Guide and some encouragement. Another student came back to Yvonne with a similar story, had read the booklet in class and got Guided. Met Melissa [below, right], who has been eating veg for a month and was stoked to get a Guide. Lastly met Crystal, who has been contemplating going veg. Reading the booklet today made her commit to not harm animals; she was stoked to meet us and get a Guide.
     So great to leaflet with Yvonne, can’t say it enough, she is a pro and we are a good team together.
—Vic Sjodin, 10/21/13

Had a really good Friday at the University of Idaho, Moscow, where I reached 1,000 students. Met Maggie, a vegan who was happy to meet me and see me out there! Heard from other vegetarians and one guy who was very interested.
     Kevin and I had a great day at Central Washington University! People stopped to show their support and thank us for being out there. Really good take rate and friendly students. Early in the day a student stopped to tell us he went vegetarian from getting a booklet last semester, and he now wants to go vegan!!
—Rachel Shippee, 10/21/13

Five hours leafleting St. Clair College and the University of Windsor, and 8 hours driving – all worth it for the animals! John tells me he had his best conversation so far this semester with a young woman who told him she’d been thinking about ditching meat, and our presence was a sign to make it happen! Another student said, “Thanks, you just helped me with a project for my Society and the Environment class!” We also met students at the University of Windsor who had just recently started a veg club on campus; I guess it was our day for good timing!

Ivana at GCC
At Glendale Community College, Vic Sjodin also met Ivana, who’s been vegan for two years!

     Solid day out here at the University of Ottawa. It started raining as soon as I arrived, but I found a good spot inside the doors at the library and managed to reach 1,011 students in 4 hours. I met a professor here who said he really liked our lit, in particular our Even If You Like Meat headline. He told me he thought it was a refreshing approach. We talked veg eating for a few and I gave him a Guide.
—Chris Guinn, 10/21/13

Ed and I had a great day tabling at the Pet Fest! We gave out 400 Compassionate Choices and 100 Guides!
—Elaine Vigneault, 10/19/13

Mikael, Jessie, Alan, and I had a great day, reaching 500 people at DePaul. I talked to a young man for quite a while about compassionate eating, how we as a society treat our animals, and what he can do to help. While he insisted that he would never be able to give up meat, he did say he was planning on raising his children on a vegetarian diet. I asked him to try just one day a week without meat, if that’s what he feels he can do for now. I gave him a Guide to help. He also wanted to discuss the social pressure of his male, meat-eating friends, and how vegan and vegetarian diets are considered feminine.
—Madeleine Brown, 10/23/13

Students at LBCC
Two of the many students that Yvonne and Vic saw engrossed in reading Compassionate Choices at LBCC.

Dozens of conversations kept me busy nonstop at the Tampa Bay Veg Fest. Gave out lots of advice on everything from going vegetarian and transitioning from vegetarianism to veganism to dispelling myths about soy, wheat, and certain processed foods. Met a few potential leafleters and current leafleter, Nick. Met an awesome vegan mom who had raised her three kids as vegans and they are thriving. Two of them entered college before the age of 15! Met other people who told me their lives were changed by being handed a VO booklet, including someone who went vegetarian from a booklet they received at the 2010 Warped Tour in Columbia, MD. Brittany, who leafleted with me at USF, stopped by the table to let me know that she looks forward to leafleting with me again in the future; she pointed to the Why Vegan? and said it’s the leaflet that made her go vegetarian in 2006. Also met someone who was on a double date in Miami on a Saturday night when someone handed her a Compassionate Choices. She went vegan overnight and is forever grateful for the booklet that changed her life. Super day!
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 10/19/13

Megan at IUPUI

We had a great time at Arcadia College! Super receptive and fun! One woman said she really liked us being there and agreed we need to substantially cut back! It was a great conversation.
     Great day at Princeton – many wonderful conversations, and made connections so that I can come back to this school and present about factory farming to Princeton students!
—Rachel Atcheson, 10/23/13

Wendy and I met up with first-time leafleter Leo at IUPUI. These students are so open and receptive to our literature – many thank yous for being there. Leo showed so much enthusiasm, and with his great smile had a high take rate, he wants to do more outreach with us on his days off from work as a full-time pharmacist. The highlight was meeting nursing student Megan [right], a long-time vegetarian who is now transitioning to an all-vegan diet. She was excited to get a Guide and wants to get involved in leafleting with us. Great day in Indy!
—Tonja Robertson, 10/21/13

At Cal State Stanislaus, I had quite a few people excitedly tell me they were vegan or vegetarian, and I saw several people stop in their tracks to read the first couple of pages of the booklets.
     At Merced College, I talked to Kaley, who has been trying to take her husband and children vegan. She was excited to try some of the recipes in the Guide, was also excited to get to talk to a vegan! Then at UC Merced, I hit a perfect storm of school tour groups, luck, and the lunch rush to crush the old record (675) by reaching 1,500 students!
—Steve Erlsten, 10/22/13

I leafleted Foothill College in Los Altos, and reached 400+ students. I met a woman who recently went vegetarian with her boyfriend, and they’re hoping to go vegan next. I enjoyed answering her questions about making the transition.
—Diane Gandee Sorbi, 10/15/13

Finrymple Bunch at OU
Lauren Walker sends this pic of the Finrymple Bunch (Deke, Anna, Alissa, Fin, and Sen) at the University of Oklahoma in Norman; along with Jon Camp, they handed out 3,000 booklets and set a new one-day record for the campus!

Another great day at the College of Lake County! The take rate was amazing as usual, and I also got into some great conversations with people. One woman said she had been vegan and was thinking about getting back into it. She asked for some tips and more info about veganism (got a Guide). I gave extra booklets to two people who said that they were going to give them to their friends. I also met some other people who read the booklet and were interested in helping animals! Awesome day!!!
—John Jungenberg, 10/24/13

Student at Toronto
A woman studies Compassionate Choices – one of 2,600+ booklets that Alex Greenwood, Chris Guinn, and John Sakars handed out together at the University of Toronto.

Cleveland Community College in Shelby, NC had never been leafleted before – what a friendly campus! Reached 500 students, only 8 people refused booklets and I didn’t see a single throw down. Four professors thanked me for being there, and three students and one professor said they were going vegetarian after reading the booklet! Really incredible for a school in a tiny rural town!
—Andrea Gunn, 10/22/13

Alex and I reached 900 students today at Ryerson University. A student told me she found a booklet on a table in the library, and she decided to go meat-free for 30 days. Another student told me he thinks people need to eat meat to be healthy, and so I flipped through the leaflet and pointed at the picture of Robert Cheeke. I said, “Look at that guy. I know him. He’s vegan.” The student said, “He’s jacked, too.” Kudos to Robert for being jacked to help the animals! And kudos to everyone else who is working hard to help make the world a vegan paradise!
—John Sakars, 10/22/13

At Delaware State, I overheard a student invite another student to Buffalo Wild Wings, and one of the students replied: “That would be cool, but she’s vegetarian.” I gave everyone a Compassionate Choices, and the vegetarian a Guide. I also let her know that Buffalo Wild Wings has a black bean burger, so she can join her friends in ordering food.
—Kassy Ortega, 10/22/13

Lisa Drapkin at SBU

It was a good day at St. Francis College. Got comments like, “I support what you’re doing!” “Thank you very much for doing this!” “I’m really glad you’re here today” I met a woman from France who wished me luck in taking on this extremely important cause. Two girls walked past without taking a booklet and then walked right back when they realized what it was. I met a guy who was very interested in reducing his meat consumption but had always thought it was hard to do, so I gave him a Guide. I also met a girl that had been vegan for 10 years, a guy who was vegan for 20 years, and a girl who was vegetarian for 5 years.
     Today at Brooklyn College, I met 2 vegans and 2 vegetarians, including one who screamed, “Yea!” as she saw what I was handing out. I talked to a religious Jewish student, telling him that I, too, was raised Kosher, and now realize that if we are supposed to treat animals with compassion, not eating them is the only way to do it. Also met a girl who had been vegetarian for a while but reverted back to eating meat. She said that she wants to try being veg again and was happy to get a booklet.
—Lisa Drapkin (above, leafleting at Stony Brook University), 10/23/13


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