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Students at LBCC

Specialize and Network

Vegan Outreach is dedicated to reducing suffering as much as possible.

To this end, we strive to be as efficient as possible. In the early days, being efficient meant that Matt, Jack, and I hand-collated, stapled, and folded thousands of booklets. Thankfully, our outreach has outgrown our living room! But our emphasis on efficiency continues.

A large part of being efficient is specializing. Vegan Outreach specializes in distributing compelling booklets to young people, for the reasons discussed here.

We coordinate with national and regional groups, as well as with local and student groups, so the maximum number of people can be reached with minimal duplication of effort. Vegan Outreach shares our information via our Adopt a College site, so activists across North America can access it quickly and easily.

Vegan Outreach provides the hub – the outreach material and the data necessary to know who, what, where, when, and how. Our networks of groups, organizations, individuals, hosts, and helpers across the continent are the spokes.

Vegan Outreach specializes and networks so no one has to reinvent the wheel. Rather, we can be the wheel. And we can drive the movement forward efficiently, creating positive progress for the animals.

—Anne Green, Director of Development and Programs | Full article.

Anne Green at UNM


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Life, Love & Hope

Album of the Week

Our friends and longtime members Tom and Kim Scholz are rocking the world with Boston’s new album, Life, Love & Hope. The album is available everywhere, including Amazon.

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Recent Feedback

Amazing interactions at Riverside City College – I spoke with around 20 people! Met Raymond [below, right], who read the booklet and got a bean burrito for lunch, and now wants to be vegan! Was a breakthrough interaction with much gratitude for VO.

Vic and Yasin at RCC Raymond at RCC
Valerie at RCC

     Valerie [right] said she was gonna “have to go back to being vegan” after reading the booklet and got a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating. Her friends supported her and said they would eat vegan meals with her and consider eating fewer animals. They walked off together discussing these issues.
     Yasin [above, left, with Vic Sjodin], a student from Turkey, ran up and gave me a hug and a drink he bought for us, and said he was so happy to see us speaking up for the animals, asked how to get involved, and said that he wanted to donate once he has a job. He was so full of enthusiasm it really got to me. Had a long talk with Juan and Amber [below, left] during a slow period, and both are interested in going veg. Juan had already cut out pork and beef but “loved chickens.” I said with a smile, “If you love them, you don’t harm or eat them.” His face changed when he realized by eating chicken he was consigning far more lives to death and suffering. I applauded his cutting out some animals products, and encouraged him to try other foods. I also told him of my favorite analogs and where to find them – he was very receptive.

Amber and Juan at RCC Luis at RCC

     My absolute favorite interaction of the semester was with Luis [above, right]. He was sitting on a bench when I offered him a booklet, and before you know it we have a 15-minute conversation (while Andy [MacKenzie, below] leafleted the trickle of students). Luis had so many penetrating questions – on animal ethics, treatment, fast food, etc. He was very inquisitive and was super interested in going veg, then he floored me and asked to help leaflet for a 1/2 hour. He also took booklets “to give to the girls in his class.”
—Vic Sjodin, 10/22/13

Andy MacKenzie at RCC
Elsa at RCC
While leafleting Riverside City College, Vic also met Elsa, another student who is considering veganism!

While leafleting at George Brown College today, I chatted with a student who had tried being vegan for a couple of months but found it too difficult. I asked her what was the issue, and she said things like bread ingredients, cake, chocolate. I told her not to stress out too much over very small ingredients such as in bread. She hadn’t thought of dark chocolate! She took a Guide and is going to give it another go!
—Alex Greenwood, 10/24/13

Plant Strong Ramapo represented the veggie movement with a table at Ramapo College’s Food Day celebration! I met a lot of vegans and vegetarians on campus, and others who are veggie-curious! Today, our club started a petition to start a Meatless Monday. After the event, I stopped by to talk to dining services. Turns out, they’ve already been secretly serving Meatless Mondays! They weren’t sure of how the students would react, but now we’re planning to make Mondays a known celebration of compassion here at Ramapo! Win for the farmed animals!
—Heather Darley, 10/24/13

Started out as quite the windy and cold day at Rutgers, but quickly became SUCH a sunny day (in the metaphorical sense). THL volunteers and I reached 2,200 students, and met about a dozen vegetarians and vegans. I got all their emails, and am now sending them emails to get them involved with the veg club on campus. So happy!
—Rachel Atcheson, 10/24/13

Angel Castillo at LSU
Above: Angel Castillo leaflets Louisiana State, where she, Lauren Walker, and Jon Camp reached 3,143 students on 10/23/13. Below: Students are engrossed in one of the 3,100 booklets Lauren and Jon handed out at UL Lafayette on 10/21/13.
Students at UL Lafayette

Good couple of days in Louisiana, with great feedback; e.g., “Thrilled that you’re here. I’m vegan.” “Oh my God, I wanna be a vegetarian.” “I’m trying to be more of a vegetarian.” A young woman told me that when driving recently, she saw feathers flying up on her dashboard. She then drove by a truck full of chickens, bound for slaughter. She said that it was horrible. She was glad to receive info from us. Another student let us know that they talked about the issue in class, all due to us being there. Pretty much every single day of this tour, I’ve exchanged info with someone who wants to get involved – I have a big backlog of people to contact when I get home.
     Lest I haven’t stressed this enough: A lot of people are reading our booklets, a lot of people are mentioning how moving the booklets are, and our spirits are very high about all of this. Thank you so much to everyone who supports this work!
—Jon Camp (below, leafleting Ole Miss), 10/24/13

Jon Camp at Ole Miss

Reached over 1,000 students at Florida A&M, despite the steady rain. Talked with a number of people and got positive feedback. Also met up with the president of the local student group afterwards and gave her some booklets for a food giveaway the next day.

Student at Ole Miss
While leafleting Ole Miss, Lauren Walker snapped this student riveted to Even If You Like Meat: “I literally watched him read the whole booklet. It was very encouraging.”

     The University of New Orleans has lots of vegans – I gave 46 people a Guide – and is one of my favorites. Also love Southern University at New Orleans – great response! Talked to a student who had been vegan for a bit but felt sluggish and went back to eating meat. Great conversation with her; at the end, she said she probably was not getting enough calories, and will work her way back to veganism incrementally. Then met a sweetheart of a student whose goal is to be a vet, so he was thrilled to read about how he can change his diet because he loves animals. Also met a vegan student who proudly told me that his sister is vegan as well.
     Offered a booklet to a woman, and she told me that I had previously leafleted her daughter, and they talked about the Compassionate Choices in the car. Her daughter said that she is now going vegetarian. Mom is interested as well, so she got another CC and a Guide – she thanked me profusely. It sounds like she will be going on the vegetarian journey with her daughter.
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 10/24/13

At Georgia State, one student told me she had gotten a Compassionate Choices in 2009 and had been vegetarian ever since. Another student was really excited to see me on campus and wants to leaflet with me next time.
—Mukang Pederson, 10/22/13

Was a chilly afternoon here in Chicago, but Team MFA warmed up DePaul University. We handed 900 Compassionate Choices to appreciative students, many of whom expressed a great deal of enthusiasm upon receiving the booklet – lots of high fives and thumbs up. Heard from one gentleman who has been vegetarian since getting one of these booklets three years ago.
—Madeleine, Alan, & Brian, 10/24/13

Gill Gillono, Mark Gillono, C.J., John Jungenberg, Alan McGhee, Tiff Bohn (above, from left), Jamie Jungenberg (below, left), and Mary Jungenberg (below, right) speak out for the animals at the Chicagoween celebration.

Really fun day of outreach at the Chicagoween festival! We all dressed up in costumes which added some extra fun to leafleting! I had a really good conversation with this guy who was horrified to find out what happens to animals in the food industry. I gave him a Guide. Fantastic day!
—John Jungenberg, 10/26/13

Jamie Jungenberg at Chicagoween Mary Jungenberg at Chicagoween

Fresno City College was already busy at 7:30 – I reached 2,100 students before 2:00! I had a great conversation with a bodybuilder who wants to go vegan because he doesn’t want to support animal cruelty. Others were excited to receive Guides and shift toward a vegan diet!
—Steve Erlsten, 10/23/13

Student at Cornish
A student at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle studies a Compassionate Choices from Rachel Shippee.

Great take rate at South Seattle Community College! Talked with several students, and one woman came to get a booklet and seemed very grateful that someone was doing this work. Decent take rate in the afternoon at Seattle Pacific University, too. A good day!
—Rachel Shippee, 10/24/13

What an awesome day of outreach at Carleton University today! Ali Pester and I were able to reach 2,413 students in just 3 hours! Ali met Genevieve, a student who was already vegan but looking to get more engaged in activism! Later, Ali met another student who, along with her boyfriend, is now veg after getting a VO leaflet last semester!
     I had an awesome conversation with Amy. She asked me if it were still possible to find meat that comes from small family farms. I explained that while those farms are still out there, they are few and far between, as factory farms have virtually driven them out of existence. I told her I didn’t think eating meat is justifiable when we can sustain ourselves on a healthy plant-based diet. She didn’t know anything about factory farms and was appalled to learn that there is no legislation in place to regulate the treatment of farmed animals. I explained that this means horrible things for animals on factory farms, and we spoke about things like gestation crates, tail docking, and castration without anesthesia. She told me she was admittedly in the dark about what she could be eating instead of meat, so I gave her a Guide and showed her a few of my favorite veg-friendly meat alternatives to try. I also suggested she ween herself into veg-eating by starting Meatless Mondays or eating veg a couple days a week to get into the swing of things. Definitely the highlight of my day.
     All in all, an awesome day of leafleting. It was nice to get out there and leaflet with Ali once again, she’s one of the most effective and passionate activists I know, and an amazing friend.
—Chris Guinn, 10/22/13


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