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Online Ads Update

While Vegan Outreach continues to put the bulk of our attention on taking the animals’ message directly to new college students in the real world, we’ve also been expanding our outreach efforts into the online world, reaching young folks via Facebook ads – ads that encourage individuals to watch factory farming footage and request a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating to help them take constructive steps to help animals.

Through Facebook ads, we’re able to zero in on the demographic we want to reach. We focus exclusively on high school- and college-aged individuals who like certain vegetarian and vegan celebrities. We’ve been receiving a lot of Guide requests as a result of this – a testament to the fact that people are moved by these ads.

VO is only charged when someone clicks to view the video footage. And we’re at the point where each ad click costs us, on average, less than 20 cents per video view. This shows that, as we have implemented them, online ads have been a very efficient way for us to expand upon our already-prolific outreach efforts aimed at youth.

Thank you to all the donors who make focused, efficient advocacy possible!

—Jon Camp


From Vegan Outreach’s Blog

Smoked Seitan


Recent Feedback

Epic day at Imperial Valley College, which had never been leafleted before. Had a long conversation with four students [below]. They wanted to know what they could do and had great questions.

Students at Imperial

     Saw so many reading, as the majority of booklets went to students sitting outside in between classes or on benches outside the cafeteria. A math professor [below, left] asked for copies for her coworkers. When I told one student the booklet was about helping animals, he replied, “[Bleep] yeah!” Another student thanked me for being there. In the cafeteria, I also made friends who had questions. And as I was leaving, I saw a student and couldn’t resist doing the rarely captured on camera, drive-by leaflet [below, right].
—Vic Sjodin, 10/31/13

Professor at Imperial Vic Sjodin at Imperial

I have to say that I am in love with Mississippi State – reached over 2,100 students for another record day! A number of fun interactions. Heard from a student who went vegetarian after receiving an Even If You Like Meat from me last semester. I also talked to two students who are trying to transition from vegetarian to vegan. One of my best days ever!
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 10/30/13

Reached 1,050 Rockets at the University of Toledo. Heard from a number of vegetarians and vegans, two of whom let me know that the booklet was the reason for them changing their eating behavior. It was 21 years ago yesterday that I stopped eating animals, thanks in large part to Matt Ball.
—Joe Espinosa, 10/31/13

Students at Imperial
Vic Sjodin sends this pic of students reading Even If You Like Meat in the cafeteria at Imperial Valley College.

The Halloween spirit helped take rate for me and Diane at Skyline College – we set a new record! Diane gave a Guide to a student who now wants to go vegan.
—Steve Erlsten, 10/31/13

I loved today at Prince George’s Community College! After leafleting, I spoke to the environmental club. The students were very receptive and had many questions at the end of the presentation! Fern, the organizer of the club, told me that after Jon presented last year, she dropped chicken, cow, and pig! She still consumes fish, but maybe my presentation will inspire her to drop aquatic life as well. She reiterated with the group about how delicious plant-based meat alternatives can be, and how her family even mistakenly calls her out on eating animals because the alternatives taste so delicious! Most of the group expressed how grateful they were for Vegan Outreach’s work (even if they aren’t yet vegetarian), and how they were going to try to eat fewer animals! Everyone took a Guide, and Fern wants me to come back every semester!
—Kassy Ortega, 11/1/13

Ryan at SUNY New Paltz

It was wonderful to leaflet with Shanti at Westchester Community College. We had seven students interested in a group, and many told me they were vegan or vegetarian. A student looked at the booklet and asked me for more, so he could hand them out to his friends and his church! Shanti said that a student took the booklet, read some of it and returned to her, smacking the booklet into his hand saying, “This…This is what I have been thinking about for weeks! I will take this as a sign that it is time for me to make the change to eating vegan!” She helped him by giving him a Guide. Another student said he wanted to go vegan, but his parents will not support it. I gave him a Guide, and suggested they read it together. He was very excited! Johanna said that after receiving a booklet from me last semester, she has reduced her consumption of meat and dairy down to two days, trying for more!

Jayne at SUNY New Paltz
Jeremy at SUNY New Paltz

     Met many vegetarians and vegans at Central Connecticut State, and had productive conversations. Ishmael did a report about factory farming in high school, and learning the truth made him cut back a lot on eating meat. I gave him a Guide. Shane is an aspiring vegetarian. He said that he gets sick and has nightmares when he eats meat. Gave him a Guide. Shane was interested in a group on campus. Joe said he received a booklet last year from me, and he thought the animals were treated horrible. He has changed his food to almost no animal products, and wants to join a club on campus.
     Cold, but a productive, record-setting day at SUNY New Paltz. Met five people interested in the AR group on campus; got their emails and gave them my card. At the end of the day, I met the new president of the club [Jayne, left]! Got her email, too. She asked for extra booklets for their meeting. I talked with her about leafleting the campus, and she said she would like to, and will speak with the group. Jeremy [left] was the first person I met, and he said he was an aspiring vegan! He was so happy that I was there. We talked and I gave him a Guide. He wants to join the group. Ryan [above] said that he is almost vegan, and is happy to see me on campus. He always eats vegan when he cooks, but has some difficulty when he goes out, so then he sometimes eats vegetarian. I gave him some tips about eating out, my card, and a Guide. He was real excited!
     I got to Southern Connecticut State early, walked up and down between student foot traffic, and handed out 520 booklets in the first half hour! I kid you not. Wendy joined me, and we reached a record 2,057 students. Met six students interested in a group, got emails. Amanda wants to leaflet! She turned vegan four years ago when I handed her a booklet. Brooke came back after reading a booklet and said she wants to help animals. We talked about cutting back on animal products, and she said she would do that. Gave her a Guide.
—Karen James, 11/4/13

Reached 94 students with Compassionate Choices at Waukegan High School in less than 15 minutes. I heard many say “Awww” as they saw the cover, which was good. I didn’t get everyone, so I’ll be back.
—John Jungenberg, 11/1/13

At Whatcom Community College, the students were great and I had really good interactions. One girl said the booklet made her sad, so I gave her a Guide and encouraged her to try Meatless Mondays. Her friend replied, “Yeah! Let’s do that!” Also had a lady who was walking away reading the booklet yell back, “This is great, I will be contacting you!”
     Rachel joined me for a class change at Olympic College. Highlight was running into a girl who said she went vegan from getting a VO booklet previously, and that she knew two other people who also went vegan because of a VO booklet!!
—Rachel Shippee, 11/1/13

James DeAlto at UNC

Take rate greatly improved over the course of the day for me and James [DeAlto, above] at the University of North Carolina. James talked to a student who told him she knew she should be vegan but just hadn’t made the change yet. He told her how he didn’t change overnight either; he thinks she’ll be going vegan soon. A few students turned down the booklet but then looked closer and quickly changed their minds, saying something like, “Oh yeah, I want that!” Also some students who turned down a booklet earlier in the day accepted one later in the day.
—Brandon Becker (below, leafleting UNC), 10/31/13

Brandon Becker at UNC

We had great days at Portland Community College and Western Oregon University, reaching over 2,400 students. Met so many vegans – more vegans than vegetarians, actually, and didn’t have nearly enough AMLs. A guy came over to tell me that he read the booklet over the weekend and was shocked by what he learned. One guy who now wants to go vegan gave Nettie a hug.

Student at UTK
Above is one of the students reached with Even If You Like Meat at the University of Tennessee; more of Lauren Walker’s UT Knoxville photos below.

     Met multiple people who asked for more booklets to share with others. Also met multiple people who still had a booklet they had received previously – one, when getting a Guide, said it was what she’s been looking for. Met a vegan who said, “You converted me last time you were here.” She said that being vegan is going great. A guy came by and said he went to a meeting, an open forum, and that everyone was sitting around reading the booklets. Met other people who had gone vegetarian because of getting a booklet in the past. One of them said she is showing the booklet to other people she knows. Another woman received a booklet from friends and went vegetarian.
     Nettie also had a conversation with a guy who eats Paleo. The booklet prompted him to come over to talk. He started by asking if she was vegan. She answered yes, and he said then she probably couldn’t help him. Nettie said, “Try me.” They had a long conversation that covered many topics – such as labels, eating larger animals vs. smaller animals, Whole Foods 1 to 5 rating system, hidden cruelties, etc. The fact that she didn’t dismiss him, and instead talked about ways to reduce suffering, probably made an impression on him. Also had a long conversation with a guy whose father is a rancher. He said that he thinks it’s wrong to be cruel to animals but it’s okay to eat them because they are here for us to eat. And he said, “You don’t agree with that do you? What do you think?” Nettie told him that she doesn’t believe that. If their purpose was for us to eat / use, why would they have feelings, emotions, want to live like we do? They don’t want to be caged or mutilated or have their babies taken from them, etc. He seemed to like her answer, said that makes sense.
—Nettie Schwager and Cobie deLespinasse, 10/30/13

Lauren and I reached over 2,000 students at Auburn University, in one of my most intense days of leafleting ever. I was approached by a woman sporting a shirt that read, “Crazy Heifer.” We had such an in-depth conversation that she missed her first class. It is important for us to hear from the other side, as it’s easy to just associate ourselves with like-minded individuals. At one point, I did see the crazy heifer side when she asserted that farm animals suffering during any stage of their existence was a rare exception to the norm. As Lauren and I started packing up, we were stopped by a sweet young woman who was interested in veganism; she heard we were giving out information and wanted what we had to offer.

Madeline McKeen at UTK David Shaffer at UTK

     David [Shaffer, above, right], Riki [Higgins, below], Madeline [McKeen, above, left], and several friends joined me and Lauren at the University of Tennessee, where we reached 2,550 students. As it was Halloween, many students were dressed up. My favorite was a guy dressed up as Abe Lincoln. He took the booklet and said, “I agree in freeing all slaves.” It was pretty classic.
—Jon Camp, 10/31/13

Riki Higgins at UTK


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