Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  FEB. 12, 2014
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Chelsea Collins

Vegan Outreach Down Under!

In 2014, Vegan Outreach’s powerful work will reach further than ever before!

Vegan Outreach is partnering with a fledgling group of young activists in Australia to do the first ever university tour Down Under. Using Vegan Outreach’s booklets (adapted for the Australian culture), resources, experience, and infrastructure to make this tour efficient and effective, it is sure to be a “G’day” for the animals!

Amazing Australian activist Chelsea Collins (right) is warming up her smile in preparation for the first Vegan Outreach tour of universities in the sunburned country! In March, around one million university students will head back to Australian schools after their summer holidays. Can she reach them all? “I’ll give it a red-hot Aussie go!” she says – whatever that means!

Just like in the United States, in Australia, consumption of animal products is very high, and farm animals suffer horribly in factory farms. Demand for cruelty-free foods in Australia will advance the food technologies that will bring about animal liberation. Like Americans, most Australians are kindhearted, and are shocked when they learn about the legalized cruelty involved in farming animals for food.

Over the past decade, Vegan Outreach’s Adopt a College program has grown rapidly in the United States, and our outreach has spread further to Canada, and even Mexico! The impact of Vegan Outreach’s work changes lives, saves animals, and truly bends the arc of history. Thanks to Vegan Outreach’s incredible, dedicated donors, Chelsea will be able to work with a growing number of Australians excited to get out there on campus and leaflet. It won’t be long before, working together, we really can reach them all – Crikey! (That’s Australian for WOW!)

A new country full of university graduates informed and empowered to create real change for animals – Vegan Outreach will help make it happen! Thanks so much to Chelsea for being a part of Vegan Outreach’s powerful, necessary work!



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Recent Feedback

Alan and I had such amazing interactions at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in Mexico City!

Professor at UNAM Professor at UNAM Professor at UNAM

     The day began with an athlete very interested in a meat-free diet. We talked about recovery, inflammation, protein sources, etc. He patted me on the shoulder, smiled, and thanked me. Then a philosophy professor [above, right] spoke to me for 10 minutes and asked for booklets to show her class. Wants to get involved, got her email. Two other professors [above, left and center] came and asked for booklets for their students.

Vegan at UNAM Jacobo at UNAM

     Met a 7-year vegan [above, left]! He asked for 5 booklets to show friends. And heard around 30 people say they were vegetarian or vegan – more than two years ago. Encouraging!
     I had a very nice talk with Jacobo [above, right], who works at UNAM in some capacity (had an official shirt), and was SO happy to see Vegan Outreach on campus. He told me he has been a vegetarian for 21 years, and he took booklets to show others.

Student at UNAM Anna and Maria at UNAM

     Two very sweet medical students – Anna and Maria [above, right] – came back to talk after class and said they were animal lovers, and never really considered how animals for food are treated. We discussed what to eat and that there is no difference between domestic / farm animals. They now both want to go veg. Another student came back and gave back the booklet saying it was too much to see them suffer, and she thanked us for being out there and is no longer going to eat them. Another woman [above, left] who came back after class said she read the whole thing, it is so terrible; her family cooks meat but she will not buy or make meat anymore herself now, and asked for another booklet to show her friend. About 5 people walked up to me to ask for a booklet, and then walked back.

Students at UNAM Students at UNAM

     I saw many groups of students looking at booklets and talking about these issues [some above]. One young woman was just absolutely statuefied by the booklet – she missed her crossing on the crosswalk that changes only every 2 minutes for the next 4 light changes. So awesome! She just stood there reading as the multitude walked around her. I spoke to her briefly after taking her pic [below, right], and you could tell she was deeply, deeply moved by the booklet. Also spoke to a librarian as I asked him for permiso to leave 25 folletos informativos para ayudar los animals, ambiente y salud. We spoke and shook hands several times and he thanked me for doing this work. As we chatted, 4 students grabbed a booklet leaving the library.

Student at UNAM
A student is transfixed (above) by one of the 3,000 ¿Por qué vegetariano? booklets handed out by Alan Jiminez (below) and Vic Sjodin on the UNAM campus in Mexico City.
Alan Jiminez at UNAM

     You have to see it to believe it. I can’t say it enough, outreach down here is the best I have ever been a part of in my 6+ years and over 500 schools!
—Vic Sjodin, 11/11/13

While leafleting at Florida International U, I stumbled upon students tabling for the Alternative Break program. This year’s “Alternative Break” is a trip to Farm Sanctuary while also trying a vegan diet! They were happy to take some Vegan Outreach booklets for their table.
—Linda Bower, 11/13/13

As an ag school, Oregon State is hard to leaflet, but very worthwhile. Had a cordial conversation with two guys who eat meat that they or their friends hunt. Despite our differences we all agree that the way farmed animals are treated is horrible.
—Nettie Schwager, 11/11/13

Absolutely monster morning of outreach at Montclair State University! Together with all-star activists Jamie and Noel, we reached 2,786 students! Throughout the morning the three of us collectively met over a dozen vegans and vegetarians! I also met students curious about veg eating and gave them each a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating. All in all, a great day here in New Jersey; I know we made a big impact and positive change for animals out here today!
—Chris Guinn, 11/13/13

I had a really good day at Boise State! Reached 1,050 students before it really felt saturated. I had one student stop to thank me for what I was doing, and another who wanted to get involved. Was also great to hit Walla Walla University, as the students were genuinely interested in the information!
—Rachel Shippee, 11/15/13

Many students were very excited to receive a booklet at North Carolina A&T. One student told us she gave up all meat and dairy from receiving a VO booklet last year! Cameron showed up midday to help break the record at this school!
—Andrea Gunn, 11/14/13

At Valencia College, met a professor who was going to use the Compassionate Choices in an upcoming argument and debate class. Solid leafleting at Kennesaw State, despite cold and rainy weather. Funny conversation with a student who started to tear into me about not focusing on global warming aspects, but after hearing my reasoning left being very supportive and happy about what VO does. Lyn and I also hit Life University, Jack’s alma mater. Solid use of time given that students are there for chiropractic and/or health science education, and many were genuinely interested in the subject matter.
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 11/7/13

Holli Hughes at BMCC
Lisa Drapkin sends this pic of Holli Hughes braving the cold to get Compassionate Choices into the hands of students at the Borough of Manhattan Community College: “It was Holli’s first time leafleting and she was a natural!”
Student at Hunter
Corey at Ohlone

Great day leafleting at Hunter College! Nathan and I met many people who were interested in what we were handing out. A girl [left] who got a VO booklet last year said that since she’s gotten one, she’s eaten considerably less meat! She was very happy to get a Guide. Her friend took a Compassionate Choices, and we all agreed that he is next. A girl who is taking animal studies at Hunter was so happy to see what we were giving out, and is going to join the animal rights club at the school. I gave her a Guide as well, after she told me that being vegetarian is something she has thought about before.
     Jennifer and I were gratified by the insanely high take rate at Nassau Community College. A student recognized the Compassionate Choices and said happily, “Were you here, like a month ago? I got one of these! I got in trouble for reading it in class.” She got a Guide. Also ran into one student who is vegetarian and is trying to go vegan now. I gave her a Guide and also made plans to potentially leaflet together sometime in the near future.
—Lisa Drapkin, 11/14/13

Great day at Ohlone College, where I reached 725 students. I met Corey [left], who had felt good about buying organic chicken until we talked about what those standards really mean. He works out a lot, so we quickly went over protein. He’s excited to look through his Guide and the VO website.
—Steve Erlsten, 11/12/13

Awesome day of outreach at Harper College! A ton of amazing interactions. Mary, Jamie, Alan and I heard from a bunch of people that said they would never eat meat again!
—John Jungenberg, 11/13/13

Krystin and I reached 300 students at San Diego City College. One student I spoke with is a cat rescuer so she was interested to hear about helping suffering animals. We talked for about 20 minutes; she said she is going vegan and will share all she learned with her two adult daughters.
—Berenice Weber, 11/14/13

Students at AACC

At Anne Arundel Community College, a group of really cool guys [above] stopped to chat. Two of them were vegetarian – the other one is moving in that direction. It was kind of cool to see how the non-vegetarian felt like the “odd one out” for not being veg (yet!). But I included him in the conversation and he is definitely moving in that direction. He loves vegan food, and he is going to seek out the support of his veggie-loving friends.

Casey at VCU

     Crazy-awesome day at the University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University with Casey [above] and Laura! At VCU, Christina came back and said, “On my break, I read your booklet and it really made me realize that I really need to go vegetarian.” She had thought about going veg, but never realized the level of cruelty involved with animal agriculture. Then she grabbed a stack of Compassionate Choices and started leafleting with us!
     A professor with a booklet in his hand came back to say he is currently teaching a Spirituality and Ethics course, and asked me if I could come speak to his class about the ethics of eating animals. I am now scheduled to speak in a few weeks – I’m ecstatic!
—Kassy Ortega, 11/14/13

Below (from left) are Kassy, Christina, Casey, and Laura after reaching 2,000 VCU students with Compassionate Choices.
Kassy, Christina, Casey, and Laura at VCU

I’ve always tended to be an introverted leafleter, rationalizing it by saying the people who accept a booklet are more likely to read it. But as Jack always points out, increasing the number of vegetarians and vegans is a numbers game. So today, my ~20th time at the University of Arizona, I worked to go beyond my comfort zones to reach more people for the animals, learning from John and Vic. I reached 600+ students in 1:45. One woman said she doesn’t like dolphins, but likes javelinas. But she agreed to help chickens! And three vegans were really thrilled to see me leafleting, and happy to get a Guide. During the few slow times, I watched people engrossed in reading the booklet. And I love to hear, “Awwww! Chickens!” in reaction to seeing the Compassionate Choices! Hear that all the time – really great!
—Matt Ball, 11/13/13

Student at HFCC Student at HFCC
Phil Letten snapped these two students engrossed in Even If You Like Meat at Henry Ford Community College, where he, Stephanie Bay, and John Oberg reached 1,800+ people last semester.

Despite chilly temps and a nonstop drizzle, today at Michigan State was so freakin’ sweet – Phil and I shattered the one-day record, reaching over 2,500 students. Really made me miss leafleting on a daily basis – a truly wunderbar day!
     One dude declined a booklet, saying he’s gotten one before and it creeps him out. I offered him a Guide instead. He asked when I thought lab-grown meat would be a viable alternative. I told him likely at least several decades but until that glorious day arrives, it’s our choices on a daily basis right now that make a difference to animals. He agreed, then commended us for putting up with the weather.

John Oberg at MSU

     In a bizarre turnaround that gave me a bit of an adrenaline high, one angry ag student was about a half-inch into tearing his Even If You Like Meat in half, but within a minute we ended up shaking hands before he went on his way. I let him know that while we probably have different views, we actually each likely share many of the same values. I added that we’re not out here to demonize farmers, and everything cited within the booklet is from neutral or agricultural sources. It’s important to do our best to avoid leaving a bad taste in the mouths of others, even those that disagree with us.
—John Oberg (above, leafleting MSU), 11/11/13


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