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Melissa MacDonald at CSUDH
Melissa MacDonald handed out more than 2,600 VO booklets working alongside Vic Sjodin last semester!

Spring Into Service!

Thanks to The Pollination Project, you can get the “buzz” from service with Vegan Outreach this spring semester!

Would you like to try your hand at handing out Vegan Outreach booklets with an established Vegan Outreach leafleter? Our great friends at The Pollination Project have set up a new fund to reimburse up to $250 in expenses for individuals who are able to take 2–12 days to leaflet this semester!

Activists of all ages are welcome to apply!

For this pilot program, opportunities are limited to cities/areas where Vegan Outreach will have experienced leafleters. If you are interested and want to check eligibility, please contact info(at)veganoutreach(dot)org with your location and available date(s).


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New book

Product of the Week

Longtime friend Ginny Messina sent us a copy of her great new book, Never Too Late To Go Vegan: The Over-50 Guide to Adopting and Thriving on a Plant-Based Diet. Great information and approach for anyone you know who falls into that demographic.

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Recent Feedback

Biggest day of Vegan Outreach in Mexico history: Alan and I reached 6,800 new hearts and minds at UNAM Mexico City!

Salvador at UNAM Angelica at UNAM Kathy Cruz at UNAM

     Salvador [above, left] read the booklet in class and returned to say he doesn’t think he can ever eat meat again, asking how he could help. I got his contact info and will put him in touch with AnimaNaturalis. Met Kathy [Cruz, above, right], a vegetarian who was beyond stoked we were on campus; wanted to schedule a talk for us, so we put her in touch with Israel. Also met Angelica [above, center], who is vegan and was over the moon happy to see animal activists on campus and wanted to help. I got her info and also put her in touch with AnimaNaturalis.

Student at UNAM Angelica at UNAM Maria at UNAM
Above (from left) is a UNAM student engrossed in reading his ¿Por qué vegetariano? booklet; Angelica, a student who now wants to go veg and took booklets to show friends; and Maria, another UNAM student who now wants to go veg!

     Tomas came back and said he is interested in going veg and had a few questions. Met a woman [Angelica, above, center] who wanted to go veg and came back to ask a few questions and for booklets to show friends. Met another student who said, “I’ve been wanting to go veg” when he got the booklet. Another woman read the booklet cover-to-cover standing next to us. Numerous people came back for booklets, some [below] to show friends, others after seeing friends reading. I always feel very encouraged meeting all the vegans and vegetarians and hearing “ser vegetariano” when people get the booklet.

Man at UNAM Woman at UNAM

     Today at UNAM Oriente went well! Highlight was meeting Daniel [below, right], who came back after reading, had numerous questions and wants to go veg! Big win!
—Vic Sjodin (below, left, leafleting the CCH Oriente campus), 11/20/13

Vic Sjodin at CCH Oriente Daniel at CCH Oriente

Big Friday in Utah! The students at Utah Valley University are extremely receptive! My host Jessica was able to join me for a bit before her class and reached 250 students quickly. Together, we reached 2,000 students and heard from a lot of interested people.
—Rachel Shippee, 11/22/13

I had one of the best leafleting experiences ever at North Carolina Central University. Almost 100% take rate all day. One student came back and said, “I’m going vegan right now”; I gave her a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating for help. Another student said he was interested in going vegetarian; he also got a Guide. I talked with two students who wanted to know what foods I eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I showed them pictures in the booklets and explained what I liked best and where to buy them. Another student asked whether any one individual going vegan made a difference since animals will continue to be killed by the meat industry. I explained how as more people change, fewer animals will be bred and killed and the movement will gain strength to bring the slaughter to an end. He agreed with this reasoning and was happy to receive a Guide.

Students at BUAP
Vic Sjodin snapped these students reading ¿Por qué vegetariano? at Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla.

      One student turned down a booklet at first but then quickly changed his mind when he looked closer and saw that it was about animals. He was horrified by the pictures and wanted to know what to do. I told him not to buy animal products and instead choose plant foods. He apologized for initially turning down the booklet and said it was because he thought I may have been handing out religious pamphlets. He pointed at the booklet and said, “This is the real bible.” He was glad to receive a Guide to help him change his diet. A professor leaving campus called me over as he waited at a red light. He said that he saw the students bring the booklets into his class and was looking to get three to share with others. I gladly obliged and he thanked me for handing them out.
—Brandon Becker, 12/2/13

Great day of outreach at Flagler College – met lots of vegetarians and vegans. Heard that the dining hall is slowly increasing veg options to keep up with the demand. Met a vegan who wants to leaflet with me next time around, and talked to a woman who is determined to give a vegetarian diet a try again.
     Despite the cold, wonderful leafleting with Matt at Georgia Perimeter College, and great interactions. Talked with a middle-school-aged boy who was on campus with what looked to be older siblings. As a result of reading the Compassionate Choices, it sounds like he is going vegetarian.
     Reached 1,600 students at Georgia Southern University, and gave out 19 Guides. Friendly students and lots of veg folks! Many positive interactions, with the highlight being a conversation with a woman who was going to work on going vegan.
     Too many conversations to relay at Coastal Carolina University – my best experience there yet! For example, one student had previously tried to go vegan but failed; I gave her a Guide and discussed the incremental approach of building up vegan days.
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 11/21/13

Mark McClure at TWU
Mark McClure (above) and Irene Zhou (below) provide students with Compassionate Choices at Texas Woman’s University.

Irene, Mark, and I reached 1,550 students at Texas Woman’s University on Monday, and 1,500 at Texas Christian University today. It is cold and windy, but the numbers are still solid. Must be the students’ insatiable thirst for justice.
—Ethan Dussault, 11/20/13

Irene Zhou at TWU

Reached nearly 1,200 students at Western Illinois University. Very high reception and a variety of conversations, including ag kids. Met a number of vegetarians and vegans at this most rural of all the schools in my territory.
—Joe Espinosa, 12/3/13

Diane, Sherrie, and I reached over 2,000 students at De Anza College, and met a number of students who wanted more information (they all got Guides). Had a great conversation with one student who seemed very resistant at first, but was very interested in industry practices. He was especially surprised about the cruelty in the egg and dairy industries.
     Diane, Jessica, and Belle joined me at Canada College. Jessica met April who said after reading Compassionate Choices, she wants to go veg! After leafleting, Belle stopped by the art gallery, and the receptionist said she went vegetarian after getting a VO booklet a couple years ago!
—Steve Erlsten, 11/26/13

Sherrie Tullsen-Chin (below) also joined Steve Erlsten at Evergreen Valley College, where they reached another 1,250 people!
Sherrie Tullsen-Chin at EVC

Was a rough morning at Loyola University’s Lake Shore Campus, but after I moved my car I found a better spot and reached many receptive students. One student said she did not want the booklet since the last time she got one it made her go vegetarian for three weeks. I told her that was good, and suggested that she should read it again! Many of the students were already vegetarian.
—Leslie Patterson, 12/4/13

Big day out here at Middlesex County College! Reached over 800 students, my take rate was exceptional. Almost every student I offered our booklet to was interested and happy to take one. One student ran up to me and ask for a booklet; he seemed really intrigued so I gave him a Guide as well. I had a girl ask for a second for her boyfriend. One of the highlights was after I gave a student a booklet and watched him flip through it as he walked away. He was maybe 100 yards away when he shouted back a big “Thank you!”

Nyeisha at UCC

     Another great day – reached over 860 students at Union County College and Seton Hall University. Watched so many people reading! A number of students asked for extra booklets for friends; one wants to get active for the animals. Nyeisha [left] was appalled by what she saw in our Even If You Like Meat booklet. We talked about what I ate, and that anything she could name has a veg alternative. She was clearly very compassionate and motivated to make changes; she left with a Guide!
     Great day at Princeton and Rider University. Even the Pepsi delivery guy came over to ask for a booklet! Jonathan told me that he already eschews pork and beef. We conversed a little bit about why I decided to ditch animal products. He walked maybe 50 feet away with his head buried in the booklet, and then turned around and shouted, “I think I’m going to go full vegetarian now.” I jogged over to him and gave him a Guide, told him that he was making an awesome choice, and wished him good luck! It was so inspiring to see that instantaneous reaction to the booklet: that is the power of leafleting!
—Chris Guinn, 12/3/13

Ken and I had a great day at Nova Southeastern University – met more vegetarians there than every before. Good conversations, too. One student is now interested in starting a group on campus. Another said she has been veg ever since getting a VO booklet last semester. More solid work by Vegan Outreach!
—Yuri Mitzkewich, 12/4/13

Great day at UNC Wilmington! While the take rate for students was decent, the take rate for professors/staff was 100%! I met at least a dozen veg students, including 3 from the student animal rights club who said they’d leaflet with me next semester. Two additional students separately asked me if I was part of a club, so I was happy to be able to put them in touch with the campus group!
—Andrea Gunn, 12/4/13

Vegetarians at Ventura College
Todd Lee sends this pic of two new vegetarians at Ventura College!

Great outreach on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade and at LA’s Art Walk. Had one conversation with Nick, a seventy-year-old man from Greece, there with his wife, both of them genuine, kindly people. I gently encouraged him to move further along the compassion continuum; they really seemed to comprehend this. I also witnessed a group of teenage boys aghast at what they saw, shocked and truly responsive, and I knew the seed had been planted. Then there was the guy in his forties, Jason, who said he “used to be vegetarian.” He didn’t really explain, because while looking through the booklet, he started commenting on how horrible it was. Both he and his wife were so receptive to what I had to say! He grasped my hand and with a warm smile thanked me. Meeting these people gives me hope and keeps me going!
—Robb Curtis, 11/23/13

Insane night of outreach at the Paramore show! Sandi and I handed out all 600 leaflets in 20 minutes! Many people said that they got them at Warped and that it was sad. Many seeds planted, my friends.
     Reached 86 students at Libertyville High School in only 15 minutes! The students here are really receptive, and many students came up to me asking for a leaflet after they saw me handing them out to their classmates.
—John Jungenberg, 12/2/13


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