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Debbie Berlin, Cristina Myers, and Kassy Ortega at GMU
Debbie Berlin, Cristina Myers, and Kassy Ortega braved the 13°F cold to reach 1,450 students at George Mason University!

Powering Through!

Despite the worst winter weather in recent memory, over 110 leafleters have taken the animals’ plight and the message of compassion to hundreds of schools across the continent!

During only the first two months of 2014, Vegan Outreach has already sent out 605,554 booklets!

Thanks so very much to all the incredibly dedicated activists and extraordinarily thoughtful donors who have made this possible! We truly appreciate your support, and are working every day to make it go as far as possible for the animals!



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Recent Feedback

Made it in to Guadalajara at 3:15 am, and after four hours of sleep, Alan [Jiminez, below, right], Israel, and I hit two campuses of the University of Guadalajara. Talked for a long time with Pablo [below, left], who said he is now going to work toward becoming veg, and took a stack of 50 booklets for classmates. He’s also going to get involved with AnimaNaturalis locally. That is definitely an awesome ancillary benefit to this tour, every day 1–4 people want to get involved, so we are helping birth more activists, which will magnify our impact.

Pablo at UDG Alan Jiminez at UDG

     Met a number of other interested people, answered many questions, saw a lot of people reading! As usual, many people came up to us and asked for lit after seeing others reading or discussing with friends.
     I don’t know how to convey how awesome outreach at the Exact Sciences and Engineering campus was. So many people were totally engaged in reading the booklet or talking with us. For example, Linda [below, with Israel Arriola] now wants to go veg and volunteer with AnimaNaturalis. Luis [below, right] said it’s horrible how these animals are treated, wants to go veg, asked some questions. He was deeply moved and he gave us each a hug as he left.

Israel Arriola with Linda at UDG Luis at UDG

     Reached 5,500 students today with only a handful of rejections. I could have broken my camera taking pictures of everyone reading [some below] – totally engrossed, reading cover-to-cover, discussing it with friends. This was my favorite school so far – the level of interest was unreal. Special day for me and the animals!
—Vic Sjodin, 11/21/13

Students at UDG

Reached 1,000 Boilermakers at Purdue, despite the cold. I heard from a student who let me know that getting the booklet from me back in August is what moved him to stop eating animals. Heard from 12 other vegetarians and 2 vegans during the day. Also encountered an ag professor who scoffed at the concept that modern animal agriculture is violent to animals. I let him know that his position in the industry is probably what made it difficult for him to be honest about the amount of suffering and death that modern farming brings to animals. He then of course had to ask me how I felt about abortion. I let him know that I had never had one and never would. He declared my response “stupid” so I said okay, and went back to leafleting in search of more honest people. On his way back past me an hour later he did stop again and more humbly stated that he did want to look into the issues raised by the booklet. I pointed out the strong citations in giving him one.
—Joe Espinosa, 12/5/13

Students at UDG

Took a couple hours of personal time from work to leaflet Harold Washington College. Super-receptive students as usual despite temps in the teens. One student took the leaflet and said, “Yes.” Then as he was walking away I heard him yell, “Yes!!”
—Leslie Patterson, 12/11/13

I had a truly awesome day at Rowan University – reached over 1,000 students. An absolutely stellar interaction with Tyler: After I gave him a booklet, I continued to leaflet the big crowd, but I could see him reading. Then he came back and said, “What can I do to help?” I proceeded to tell him that he could help by eating fewer animals, or better yet no animals, and gave him a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating. I’m confident that when I return next semester Tyler will be rockin’ it for the animals! Just goes to show you that people are truly compassionate, and sometimes – a lot of times! – it’s something as simple as a VO booklet that can flip that switch that extends that compassion to all.
—Chris Guinn, 12/5/13

Students at UDG
More students engrossed in reading ¿Por qué vegetariano? at the Universidad de Guadalajara.
Students at UDG

Phil and I had an amazing, record day at Georgia Regents University! Could not believe the number of people who excitedly took booklets. For example, one student who refused lit initially and proudly proclaimed his support for cockfighting, came back later and said he was actually against factory farming and wanted to read the booklet. Heard from several people who wanted to make dietary changes, including students, staff, and faculty members. Some even returned when they heard the Guide had recipes.
     Great reception at St. Petersburg College! Met an older student who has a six-year-old who doesn’t like meat; was very grateful for the Guide. Talked with another student who does a lot of tutoring – said I influenced him to change his diet, and he would influence some of his students! Someone from the math department took extra booklets for the office.
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 12/3/13

Met lots of vegetarians and vegans at Eastern Connecticut State University. Mark remembered me and said he stopped eating animals after getting a VO booklet last year!
     Great time at Mercy College’s Health and Wellness Fair! Was able to give out so much lit to incredibly interested people – including 300 Guides! Loads of conversations, including people who wanted to form a group on campus – I’ll put them all in touch.
—Karen James, 12/9/13

At Saint Augustine’s University, a vegetarian was happy to get a Guide. Her friend, upon seeing the Guide, asked if she could get one, too. Then the vegetarian said to her friend, “But you’re not vegetarian!” to which the friend replied, “See, I need this because I may become one!”
—Brandon Becker, 12/5/13

Eunis (my greyhound) and I reached 300 students at USF Tampa in under an hour! One student told me she is in the process of going vegan and is finding it difficult. I gave her my card and also told her about the Guide. She said she’s never met another vegan – glad I ran into her!
—Jodi Chemes, 12/10/13

I was nervous before tabling at the College of St. Scholastica, but they were happy to have someone from Vegan Outreach! I talked to one young student who said she wanted to go vegetarian but struggles with anemia, so I gave her a Guide and showed her how she could get plant-based iron and increase absorption with food rich in vitamin C. She hadn’t known about this and said she’d give it a try. I also Guided a guy who was interested in going veg but said he likes meat too much and would have a hard time giving it up. I talked about how my diet actually expanded substantially when I went vegan. I also had a challenging discussion with a hunter, but we ended up agreeing about cruelty to animals, and he took an Even If You Like Meat.
—Elaine Wiggins, 12/11/13

Couldn’t have been better leafleting at Fayetteville State! I met Goldie from the VH1 reality show Flavor of Love, who happens to be a student there! She said she wants to be vegan, but loves chicken too much. We talked a lot about how she can still make other compassionate choices and slowly phase out the chicken, and she was thrilled about that idea. Our chat helped her realize that it’s not the chicken itself that she likes, it’s the sauce, breading, spices, etc. She is now excited to try her favorite recipes with faux meats!
—Andrea Gunn, 12/6/13

Carlos at SJCC Rachel at SJCC

Diane, Mike, and I reached 1,350 students at San Jose City College! Rachel [above, right], who is vegetarian, was excited about using her Guide for some holiday cooking! I also met Carlos [above, left], a vegetarian fitness trainer who tries to go vegan every year but seems to start slipping after about a month. He is hoping the information in the Guide will help it stick this time!
     City College of San Francisco was a great school to close out my regular season! I also received a link today to a story in the University of Northern Colorado’s paper about the presentation I gave there this past spring! It was a great presentation and discussion. It amazed me to be so warmly received in Greeley, CO, a town I had only heard of in reference to the slaughter facilities.
—Steve Erlsten, 12/10/13

Almost 100% take rate at Woodside High. I talked to two friends who told me they’ve been thinking about going vegan, so they were happy to get Guides. Also, one girl walked away reading her leaflet and came back a few minutes later to say that there was no way she’s going to eat the Christmas ham this year. She said she’d always thought of it as just food, but now she’d see an innocent pig and it would hurt her too much to eat it. It made me happy to see someone make the connection so quickly!
—Diane Gandee Sorbi, 12/17/13

Thomas Black, Beth Menser, Louis Hill, Mike Bravo, and Kate Richmond at UoN
Above (from left) are Thomas Black, Beth Menser, Louis Hill, Mike Bravo, and Kate Richmond at UoN.

Beth, Kate, Thomas, Mike, and I [above] found many open minds at the University of Newcastle (Australia), distributing every booklet we had! We also met vegetarians and vegans happy to see us spreading compassion!
—Louis Hill, 11/7/13

Got to do birthday leafleting! It was really, really cold out but when I gave two leaflets to a woman and her friend, the woman stopped and told me that she used to be vegetarian but she went back to eating meat. She was asking how I got my nutrients, etc. I explained and I gave them both a Guide. I also explained how it makes a really big difference for the animals if they stop eating meat for even just a day a week. They agreed!
     Today was great leafleting in Chicago’s snowstorm! Met a guy campaigning for LGBTQ rights with The Human Rights Campaign. I talked with him about how animal rights and LGBTQ rights are connected. I told him that “oppression is oppression.” He said that he supported our cause and took a Compassionate Choices booklet. Love planting seeds!
—John Jungenberg, 12/14/13

Tommasina Miller at CSU

Reached 2,500 students at Colorado State – so thankful for Tommasina [Miller, right] and Daniel, who came out to help! We had some nice interactions and heard from a few vegans and vegetarians. The temp dropped severely later in the day, but I got to see Tommasina leaflet while dancing to stay warm. She is great, and so hard core that she stayed with me the whole day.
     Celina made her leafleting debut at Denver’s Metropolitan State. She’s hard core too, because it was below zero! Despite the cold, we reached over 1,100 students and had good conversations. One girl was excited to get a Guide; she thought she had to keep eating meat every few days to stay healthy, but with this new info and resource she seemed confident she could go veg and stay healthy.
—Rachel Shippee, 12/5/13

The very last student at Falmouth High turned back toward me while waving the booklet in the air and exclaimed, “Yay, I LOVE this! Awesome!” As she and her friend walked away, she was enthusiastically showing him the leaflet. That was a wonderful way to finish my semester. Thank you all – for leafleting, donating, being inspirational, and making the world a better place!
—Lana Smithson, 12/20/13

I had a great conversation at the Catholic University of America with a student who was really disturbed by the photos in the booklet and discovering what “meat really is.” She definitely wants to give going vegetarian a shot! Boom – Guided.
—Kassy Ortega, 12/3/13

Monster day with Linda Bower at Miami Dade College! We handed out 1,645 booklets, and our many conversations with eager and curious students added up to a big day for animals!

Jolene at Palomar
After reading an Even If You Like Meat booklet from Vic Sjodin at Palomar College, Jolene now wants to go vegan!

     Great interactions at Broward College! One incredible unexpected talk was with Mohammed, from Bangladesh originally, a father of three and manager at a local BK. He came back telling me he’d read the Even If You Like Meat booklet. We had a long discussion spanning everything from cultural traditions to religious beliefs towards animals. Through this discussion we came to the same conclusion, where being veg is really about the avoidance of participating in violence towards innocent life – with him making the final points! May be the beginning of a whole vegan family witnessed here today, since he said his wife and children are well ahead of him with this already. Another great interaction came with Rose, who took a booklet and virtually exploded with enthusiasm, sharing with me her experiences with and concern for animals. Making the point so much better than even I’d have been capable – she told me: “Every living thing has a heart beating and a life that matters. Just as much as yours and mine.” Boom boom and more boom!
—Yuri Mitzkewich, 12/13/13


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