Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  MAR. 26, 2014
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Emily at Marshall

Jon Nears Million-Booklet Milestone

Jon Camp is now just 2,178 away from handing out his one-millionth booklet!

Already this semester, Adopt a College activists have leafleted 468 campuses, handing booklets to more than 418,000 students!

Overall, AAC leafleters have now reached a total of 10,900,000+ students at 2,495 schools!

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible!

Below is Jon leafleting Marshall University; Emily (above) got a booklet from him there in fall ’12 and went veg as a result!
Jon Camp at Marshall


Recent Feedback

Very excited that the man who got me leafleting is so close to his goal of a million booklets, astounding.
     Jon Bockman [below, right], Rachel Curit, Steven Litrov, and I employed a new strategy at San Diego State and reached 3,060 students, beating the previous record by over 650 booklets. Saw numerous readers. Highlight of day was meeting Autumn [below, left], who came back later in the day; she was so moved by the lit and wants to go vegan. She had lots of questions and we had a long conversation, wonderful.
—Vic Sjodin, 3/19/14

Autumn at SDSU Jon Bockman at SDSU

Mississippi State was fantastic leafleting. With the steady flow throughout the day, I was able to reach 1,800 students.
     I met Paris Prince, a professor whose style is as cool as his name. He teaches a class on social responsibility, and he discusses food issues in it. He regretted that he wasn’t discussing it today, as he would have liked for me to have talked with his students. Still, he appeared to discuss the issue in class, as a vegan came up to me afterwards, telling me she heard about me from Paris.
     One guy let me know that he went vegan after picking up a booklet many years ago in Seattle. We rock!
—Jon Camp, 3/18/14


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