Vegan Outreach SPECIAL ENEWS  •  MAR. 31, 2014
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Congratulations, Jon!

On March 28, 2014 at the University of Georgia, history was made: Jon Camp became the first person to hand out one million booklets on behalf of animals!

Indeed, Jon may hold the record for the most pamphlets handed out by anyone for any reason.

Starting in the fall of 2003, Jon has been to 523 different schools, on 1,795 different outings, handing booklets to 919,036 students. He has also leafleted an additional 176 events, giving booklets to 81,006 people, for a total of over one million!

If you’d like to see a fun graphic showing Jon’s tour from day one, click here (for 50-second version; or here for 2-minute version).

And if you’d like to show your appreciation for Jon’s amazing accomplishment with a special donation to Vegan Outreach, we will make sure he gets the message.

Thank you, Jon, for your unbelievable and unwavering dedication to making this world a better place for animals – you are a daily inspiration for the rest of us!

Click to show your appreciation for Jon’s amazing accomplishment


Note from Jon

Ten years ago, I took the full-time plunge into the work of Vegan Outreach leafleting. I found it – and still find it – to be such a simple and effective way to make real advances for those whose heartbreaking plight is so often overlooked in our society – farmed animals.

Jon and millionth booklet recipient at UGA

     Last Friday at the University of Georgia, I gave out my millionth booklet and a celebratory piece of chocolate cake to the recipient of this booklet [right].
     If you think this is a milestone worth celebrating, know that it’s been a team effort. If you’ve ever welcomed me into your home with a place to stay, leafleted with me, sent an encouraging word my way, or sent your hard-earned dollars to Vegan Outreach, this millionth booklet has come about because of you.
     I’m profoundly honored to play my humble part in this movement alongside all of you – my kind, smart, and selfless friends. We’re on the right side of history, and one day, genuine concern for all sentient individuals, regardless of what species they belong to, will be the norm. Thanks for bringing this about.
     Two million or bust!
—Jon Camp, 3/31/14


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