Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  APR. 23, 2014
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Meet Josie: VO’s Office Manager

Vegan Outreach has a new office manager, Josie Moody. If you have placed an order for literature in the past couple weeks, you probably have already met Josie over cyberspace.

Josie Moody

Josie has been vegetarian for five years and vegan for three. She is also a roller derby player and is living proof that while vegans are opposed to violence towards non-humans, they don’t always shy away from it for themselves!

Josie plays the position of jammer for the Sacrificers, a member of the Sacred City Derby Girls league in Sacramento. To see a clip of Josie (aka Colt 45) bringing her team from behind to place 7th at the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s Western Regional Tournament, click here (minutes 1:14 to 1:17).

Josie was introduced to veganism by her boyfriend, Mitch, who has been vegan for 19 years. She also has a very cute and spoiled dog named Tiger.


Josie at derby
Josie in action, at the derby and leafleting Sacramento State last month.
Josie at Sac State


Melinda at WVC

Recent Feedback

Today at West Valley College, I talked to one enthusiastic student who is recently vegan and looking forward to using her new Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating to help her parents and siblings go vegan. I also met Lisa, who recently went vegan after meeting our volunteer Belle at a local farmers’ market! The best conversation of the day was with Melinda [right], who thinks it’s cruel to eat animals, and is going to use her Guide to cut out all animal products!
—Steve Erlsten, 2/18/14


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