Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  MAY 7, 2014
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Team Vegan in Full Swing!

Leafleters in the Adopt a College program have now given more than 715,000 booklets to students at over 790 schools this semester!

Below are a couple of the photos we received this week. Stephanie Frankle met Kellan (left) while leafleting the Old Oakland Farmers’ Market – he thanked her for what she was doing and told her that he’s vegan as a result of receiving a Vegan Outreach booklet 10 years ago! And while leafleting a Neutral Milk Hotel concert with Brian Heithaus, Stephanie met Amanda (right), who went vegan after being handed a VO booklet 14 years ago!

Kellan Amanda

These are the sorts of stories that you make happen when you become a Team Vegan member or donor!

Angela and Brandon Becker

Already we have 72 members of Team Vegan – but we also want you in order to match the $175,000 challenge pledged by a number of Vegan Outreach’s dedicated donors!

Anyone who raises $500 gets a free Team Vegan jersey!

And, if you sign up and upload a profile photo by May 20, a generous supporter of Team Vegan will donate $100 to your profile, making you that much closer to getting a jersey!

We’d like to highlight two Team Vegan members this week:

Lauren Farnsworth

Lauren Farnsworth is not only raising funds for Team Vegan, but she’s matching any donation made to her page up to $2,000! That means a donation to Lauren’s page quadruples the amount that can be used to help animals.

Like most people, Joe Espinosa has never leafleted more than 13 hours in a row. But what sets Joe apart from most people is that he regularly puts in 8- to 10-hour days of leafleting. And for his Team Vegan event on June 24, Joe has pledged to leaflet a full 14 hours in a row! Please show Joe some love and donate to his page – we’d be very sad if he didn’t earn a Team Vegan jersey!

Joe Espinosa

You can join our elite team of vegan outreachers by clicking here!

Thank you!


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