Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  MAY 28, 2014
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Change Is in the Air for Animals!

The movement to free marine mammals from water parks received a big boost from the popularity of the recent documentary Blackfish. There were numerous demonstrations to free marine mammals on May 24. At SeaWorld San Diego, 500–800 people decided to spend their Saturday speaking out for animals.

Protestors at SeaWorld San Diego
Protestors at SeaWorld San Diego (click here for larger image); photo courtesy of Sarah Jane Hardt.
Mu Jin Han at March Against Monsanto

And Vegan Outreach’s Senior Outreach & Strategy Coordinator, Vic Sjodin, and prolific volunteer Mu Jin Han decided that while the protestors were educating the public, they would educate the protestors!

Seven-year-old Genesis also joined in to help leaflet for a while, proving once again that it’s never too late or too early to start speaking up for animals (see bottom pic).

They handed out 500 Compassionate Choices (CC) and a whopping 225 copies of VO’s Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating to the many people there who care about animals but were not yet vegetarian or vegan.

But Vic and Mu Jin were not finished. In search of more low-hanging fruit, they descended on the March Against Monsanto, where they gave out another 150 CCs and 25 Guides!

Thank you, Vic, Mu Jin, and Genesis, for your hard work persuading more people to go veg!

Mu Jin Han (shown above at the March Against Monsanto) not only hands out thousands of VO booklets, but also shows people how fit a vegan in his mid-50s can be! Below are two of the protestors who want to go veg after receiving booklets from Vic and Mu Jin at the Monsanto (left) and SeaWorld (right) demos!
Aspiring vegetarian at Monsanto demo Aspiring vegetarian at SeaWorld demo


Team Vegan Update

We’ve now raised over $51,000 for Team Vegan. Thank you, everyone, for your support!

Don’t forget that you can have your donation quadrupled for a limited time by donating to Lauren Farnsworth’s page! She’s matching up to $2,000 and still has $890 more to raise.



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Genesis at SeaWorld San Diego

Recent Feedback

How awesome is this!!! [Genesis, right] went vegan at 5 but she is now 7. She had such a great experience leafleting for the first time, and everyone was very receptive to her. She asked if she could do this every day! We now have a stack of leaflets in the car, and she has been passing them out wherever she goes. Thank you so much, Victor Sjodin and Mu Jin Han, for inspiring her and showing her the ropes. She has found her passion and it’s Vegan Outreach!
—Genelle P., 5/26/14

I must relate this one story her mom told me: Genesis came home crying one day, and her mom asked why; the kids were waving hot dogs and ham in her face at lunch. Her mom asks, “Are you crying because they are making fun of you?” “Oh no, I’m upset because they don’t get it, they don’t understand they are hurting animals.” Wow.
—Vic Sjodin, 5/26/14


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