Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  JUNE 3, 2014
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Goodbyes and Hellos

At the end of this semester, we at Vegan Outreach will see a few of our beloved employees move on:

Lisa Drapkin joined Vegan Outreach as our New York City coordinator in the spring of 2013. To date, Lisa has reached more than 45,000 individuals at 34 schools with VO materials, winning many over with her kind and thoughtful way of being. Lisa will still volunteer for VO, and we’re grateful for all she’s done throughout her time as an employee.

Lisa Drapkin

Rachel Shippee spent the 2013–2014 school year traveling throughout the western half of the United States. She was VO’s most prolific leafleter in the fall and is our second most prolific leafleter this spring. To date, Rachel has reached more than 142,000 students at 157 schools. She’s excited to have some time off the road after logging in so many miles over the last year, though she’ll still continue on with her outreach efforts on a volunteer basis.

Rachel Shippee

Chris Guinn spent the 2013–2014 school year on the eastern half of the US, reaching over 101,000 students at 144 different schools. And in the midst of his grueling tours, Chris often still found time to make it to the gym after leafleting, adding another buff vegan to the world. Chris will still be doing effective advocacy; he’ll be the new Atlanta coordinator for The Humane League.

Chris Guinn

Karen James got involved with VO in 2010, starting off as a volunteer and eventually becoming one of our most dedicated employees. She’s now reached over 127,000 students at 49 schools. Karen will continue her great work on behalf of animals, working for Hampton Creek Foods.

Karen James


Rachel Black
Jose Elias
Becki Markle

We’re thrilled to welcome three new outreach coordinators to our team!

Rachel Black, an artist and recent graduate of Temple University, will be jumping straight into the workforce. Come fall, she’ll be touring the eastern half of the US for VO, leafleting college campuses in the Midwest and the Northeast.

Jose Elias, originally from Michigan, has spent the last year leafleting and doing other animal advocacy work in Boston. Starting in the fall, Jose will tour the western half of the US, leafleting college campuses.

Becki Markle, also originally from Michigan, will be moving to Atlanta to serve as Vegan Outreach’s Southeast Outreach Coordinator. Becki has spent the last year leafleting up a storm in the Chicago region, and she’ll be a great new addition to our team.

Thank you to all who support Vegan Outreach financially. You’ve given these hard-working employees the opportunity to reach so many college students with the animals’ plight!


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