Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  JUNE 19, 2014
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A Message from Team Vegan’s Top Fundraiser

Where should I donate my precious time and money? It’s a question I’ve asked, and I’m guessing you have as well.

I’d love to share why Vegan Outreach is my choice as both a fundraiser and donor:

Lauren Farnsworth
Lauren Farnsworth is currently Team Vegan’s top fundraiser (not including VO staff), and she’s even matched $2,000 in donations to her Team page!
  • It’s effective. Direct outreach is effective in spreading information. While there are many ways to reduce animal suffering, Vegan Outreach’s focus on reaching new people every day, one booklet at a time, has culminated in distributing nearly 23 million booklets. That makes a difference.
  • It’s simple. When I ask friends for donations, I emphasize that Vegan Outreach provides information – and that is the focus. This approach alleviates fear of judgment. Instead, they can look to Vegan Outreach as a resource for the information needed to make an informed decision about their diet and impact on animals.
  • It’s honest. In a world of options, it can be hard to know who to trust. With Vegan Outreach, I’ve met the people behind the scenes. I know they are dedicated to reducing animal suffering, and their mission is carried out not only with passion, but with a patience and determination that is far more concerned with results than glory.

I trust Vegan Outreach to provide the direct, one-on-one activism that I believe is needed in the animal rights movement. That is why I give them my time and money (and I hope you do, too!).

Lauren Farnsworth

The deadline for Team Vegan matching is less than two weeks away! We’ve already raised nearly $90,000 but still need to double another $85,000 to put the full amount to work for animals. Please click here to have your donation doubled today!


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Time is running out to Double Your Donation!

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