Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  JULY 8, 2014
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Warped Tour Outreach in Full Swing!

Activists from Vegan Outreach and the Humane League have been storming across the country on this summer’s Warped Tour. In just a few weeks, the traveling crew – along with dedicated volunteers from all around the country – have reached 122,343 concertgoers at 14 shows. Over 122,000!!

Pomona Warped Tour crew
Above are 12 of the 14 amazing activists who set a new all-time leafleting record at the Pomona stop (from left): Ethan Dussault, Stephanie Frankle, Missy Freeland, Becki Markle, Jonathon Smith, Olivia Price, Sarah Gilland, Vic Sjodin, Sarah Von Alt, Kassy Ortega, Chris Guinn, and Mu Jin Han.
Chelsea Mann at St. Louis stop

On June 20, the all-time single-day leafleting record was broken when a small army of dedicated activists handed out 14,390 booklets at the Pomona, California stop. Epic!! Go, Team!

And Chelsea Mann (left) went vegetarian five years ago after getting a booklet at the St. Louis show!

If you want to be part of the action, there’s still a ton of Warped Tour left in cities all over the country. Please contact to find out how you can join!


Meet VO’s New Director of Development

We’re thrilled to welcome the newest addition to our team, Tracy Jenish. Tracy will serve as Vegan Outreach’s Director of Development.

Tracy Jenish

Tracy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Science from St. Joseph’s University and completed the NYU Nonprofit Leadership Series in 2010. Her passion for working with nonprofits and for animal advocacy led her to VO. She has several years consulting experience in fundraising and communication with several nonprofits.

Tracy grew up outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan and has been an animal advocate since childhood. She became a vegetarian in her teens, a vegan a few years later, and spent several years doing greyhound rescue and advocacy. Tracy was a competitive and distance cyclist for many years but has slowed down to a more recreational level so her children can tag along. She spends her free time shuttling kids to sports and activities; practicing yoga; scouting out farmers’ markets for the best local foods; dragging her family to local live music venues; reading; and hanging with her family, which includes their rescued Catahoula Leopard Dog mix. She currently resides right outside of Philadelphia.

You can click here to check out the rest of the people making things happen at VO.


Join VO at AR2014

Vegan Outreach is excited to be one of this year’s sponsors for the Animal Rights National Conference being held in Los Angeles from July 10 through July 13. With people from all over the world coming together to see speakers from Vegan Outreach and more, surely the progress we make for animals will be sped up as a result. We hope to see you there!

Stephanie Lipari at Wayne State
Vegan Outreach is a Bronze Sponsor of AR2014


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