Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  AUG. 14, 2014
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Striking a Chord in the Hearts of Over 375,000 Concertgoers

  Jaclyn at Cleveland stop
Chris Guinn: “What an awesome time in Cuyahoga Falls (Cleveland)! We reached well over 9,000 attendees! The highlight of my night was talking to Jaclyn [above], who went vegetarian immediately after getting one of our Warped Tour booklets last year!”

So far in 2014, activists across the country and around the world have reached more than 550,000 individuals at concerts, festivals, parades, and other off-campus venues!

At this summer’s Warped Tour shows alone, activists handed Vegan Outreach booklets to a record 377,251 concertgoers!

Well before the tour begins, Vegan Outreach designs and prints a Warped-Tour-specific booklet (PDF available here), using quotations and photos from veg members of the various bands who will be part of that year’s tour. Every summer, Vegan Outreach organizes the schedule, arranges housing, and ships hundreds of thousands of booklets for our crew traveling with the Warped Tour. Over the years, Vegan Outreach has worked with many individual activists as well as other groups – including the Humane League, FARM, Mercy For Animals, peta2, Compassionate Action for Animals, and many others – to make sure we reach as many interested people as possible.

This year a record 198 activists took part in Warped Tour leafleting – with VO’s Chris Guinn distributing a record 51,362 booklets at 36 of the 41 stops leafleted! Thank you so much to all the dedicated activists who relentlessly leafleted in the heat to spread the message of justice.

And a special thank you to all of Vegan Outreach’s dedicated donors. If not for you, these booklets wouldn’t be developed, printed, shipped, and handed to all these individuals. Your support is changing lives every day, and we thank you for making this powerful and necessary work possible.

John Jungenberg: “Met these two awesome Warped Tour attendees [below, left, at the Detroit stop], who now want to go veg after reading the leaflet!” Andrea Gunn: “Ryley [below, right, at the Columbia, MD stop] went vegan after getting a Warped Tour booklet last summer.” Click here to see pics of Chris, John, Andrea, and many of the other amazing activists who worked this summer’s Warped Tour!
Aspiring veggies at Detroit stop   Ryley at Columbia stop



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Recent Feedback

  Thomas at WorldFest
Dave at WorldFest

Wow. Number 1 local volunteer Mu Jin Han suggested leafleting the WorldFest. I was pretty skeptical because at a vegfest, isn’t everyone veg already? Au contraire! Maybe 40 percent veg folk to my best estimation, and lots of semi-veg, veg curious, and progressive folks. It got kind of crazy.
     First Mu spoke to 3 people for over 10 minutes; then he and I spoke to a young Greenpeace volunteer [Thomas, right], who said, “I really need to go vegan” and was into it. Then we spoke to a family [below, left] for over 20 minutes; their daughter was veg and both parents said they too now wanted to go vegan and had great questions about how to substitute certain things and where to get certain items, etc. Later on I spoke to a WorldFest volunteer [Dave, right], who had given up beef but ate more turkey and chicken as a result. We had a very long conversation during the slow trickle, and I believe he is well on his way.
     Several of the people who had gotten Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating booklets while in line came up to us later with questions. Perhaps the best interaction was a Swedish man [Sven, below, right], who spoke to Mu for about 15 minutes; then brought his friend over and they spoke for another half hour solid. Unreal, he said he is on board. Special day.
     We ran into Your Choice cover model Hayley; she was great and also discussed future summer leafleting with several newbies, and interacted with numerous local activists and supporters in 9 hours straight of nonstop schmoozing and talking. I also did some recordings on video for two different projects. Fantastic day that blew me away – I highly recommend leafleting local vegfests and specifically offering Guides to any interested parties as they enter. We leafleted very conservatively today, which was a change but fit the tactical situation.
—Vic Sjodin, 5/18/14

Family at WorldFest   Sven with Mu Jin Han at WorldFest


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