Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  SEPT. 4, 2014
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Fall Semester Leafleting Kicks Off with a Bang!

  Katrina at FCC
Katrina (above) is nearly veg because of a booklet we gave her last year. Steve Erlsten met her at Fresno City College, where he handed out 3,760 booklets in one day – a new record for FCC and a new personal record for Steve! And this was just his first school of the fall; he went on to set 5 new one-day campus records in a row!
Joe at Chaffey College

With colleges opening up across the country, Vegan Outreach’s activists are not wasting a single second in reaching out to students with the animals’ plight!

Steve Erlsten, VO’s Northern California Outreach Coordinator, has already broken the leafleting records of 9 schools this semester, giving out over 20,000 booklets in just the first three weeks of our fall 2014 Adopt a College campaign.

In southern California, Vic Sjodin and volunteers Olivia Wright and Charlie Herbert demolished the single-day leafleting records of Irvine Valley College and Chaffey College.

In the heartland of America, a leafleting record was also surpassed. Rachel Shippee, John Jungenberg, and Alex Corrigan handed out 3,170 booklets in a single day at Northern Illinois University!

In Washington, DC, Kassy Ortega and volunteer Dave Mosick set a new record at George Washington University; and set another record the following day at the Catholic University of America with volunteer Gunita Singh.

As more schools open throughout North America, we look forward to breaking even more leafleting records! If you’d like to join us as we leaflet in your town, please send a note to

At Chaffey College, Joe (above) told Vic Sjodin that he read a booklet in class and now wants to go veg; Joe got answers to his many questions, a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating, and plenty of encouragement! Vic (4th from left, below) also reports: “Met the president of the campus animal club and gave an impromptu talk for 15 minutes with Q&A. Six students wanted to leaflet next semester; many were not veg, but moved to go that way. It was a real high; they seemed moved and thankful, and wanted to help the cause. Extremely uplifting to see.”
Vic Sjodin and students at Chaffey College


Links of the Week


  New from Earth Balance

Products of the Week

If you haven’t yet checked out Earth Balance vegan cheddar flavor squares or vegan cheddar mac & cheese, what have you been waiting for?! They’re delicious and the mac & cheese is a dead ringer for the traditional Kraft macaroni & cheese that’s been the subsistence of many a college student.

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Recent Feedback

  Zoe Rosenberg at Cuesta College

Fall classes started this week at Cuesta College. This was the only opportunity for my 12-year-old daughter to do some college leafleting with me, since her school starts on Monday. Having completed YEA Camp earlier this month, Brooke [Andris, below, right] was ready to do some activism! We brought along her friend Zoe [Rosenberg, right], who had never leafleted before. Both girls did GREAT! Lois [Barber, below, left], who is 84 years old, did amazing as always. Lois always beats my numbers, and this time my numbers were especially low because I spent time parking the car and retrieving our free-speech permit at the student activities office, while the others jumped into action for the class change. My other excuse is that I spent time taking pictures, with the goal of getting some really great photos to use on our local activist group’s Facebook page.
     Speaking of the free-speech permit, for the past three years I have been filling out a permit request form in advance of my leafleting, as required by the school. Today those efforts finally paid off! A student saw the leaflets around campus after we had left and asked the school about our group. She is a vegan and wants to do activism. The school office actually emailed me her information, using the email address I provided on the permit request!
     Another really great thing that happened today is a gentleman handed Lois $20 to donate to our group! Wow! That is a first for us! We will pass that donation along to VO when we order more leaflets.
—Johanna Andris, 8/21/14

Lois Barber at Cuesta College   Brooke Andris at Cuesta College


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