Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  SEPT. 10, 2014
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Ryan Henn: A Vegan Success Story!

Vegan Outreach member Ryan Henn went from out of shape to buff, dropping 28 pounds of fat in six months! Here’s an excerpt from the article he graciously wrote for

  Ryan Henn

For most of my life I’ve been fat. Not heavy, not rotund, stout, or any other euphemism you can toss out. No, I was fat. At age 18 I topped out at more than 300 pounds. Now a lot of that was due to chronic health issues, but my love of fatty meats, cheese, and refined food – and lots of it – was the major factor. By incorporating exercise and making small dietary changes, I was able to drop down to the 200–220 range by my early 20s. Even after adopting a plant-based diet in 2004, I struggled with my weight, occasionally dropping down a few pounds only to watch them creep right back on.

In late 2013 I had my body fat measured using a dunk tank, also known as hydrostatic testing. I’d been working out pretty consistently through the years and figured I was in the 16 percent range. Turned out I was pretty far off as I was actually 20.1 percent; far from where I wanted to be. That meant I was carrying around about 40 pounds of fat, enough to fuel my body for more than a month and a half without eating a single bite of food. I knew it was time for a change. I renewed my commitment to getting fit and undertook a fitness challenge, vowing to lose the flab by the start of summer. So beginning in mid-December 2013 at 205 pounds, I began to buckle down with a cleaner diet and hit the weight room regularly. When summer arrived I had my body fat retested. I’d dropped down to 175 pounds and 7.1 percent body fat. That meant in six months time I’d lost more than 28 pounds of fat and also gained about 4 pounds of muscle.

See the full article for Ryan’s before & after pics and the seven steps that transformed his body!


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Recent Feedback

It felt so great to be back on campus with students seeming more receptive than ever to our message. The icing on the cake was that Rosie ([below] whom I met last year and who goes to a high school adjacent to the campus) joined me for her first-time-ever leafleting experience. She loved it and promised to come back for more! She also plans to start an AR group at her high school this year.
     Met a couple of vegans and a bunch of students who want to head in that direction. A teaching assistant asked me for a few extra to hand out to students in her class. One guy came back after checking out the Compassionate Choices and inquired about the free Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating offer at the back of the pamphlet. He said he’s changed his diet a lot since last year and is eating “grass-fed beef,” etc. I told him it was his lucky day because I just happened to have a Guide for him and also gave him a Tribe of Heart Humane Myth pamphlet. He was so grateful; it was really sweet to see.
     Since this is a 2-year college, we hit a lot of new students and only heard from a few that they had gotten the info last year.
     Happy new school year, everyone!
—Barbara Bear, 8/21/14

Below are first-time leafleters Rosie Froelich (reaching a student at Ventura College, left) and Shelley Petlansky Watkins (handing out Compassionate Choices at a Ventura street fair, right).
Rosie Froelich at Ventura College   Shelley Petlansky Watkins at July 4th celebration


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