Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  SEPT. 18, 2014
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Unprecedented Numbers for Start of Fall Semester!

  Jose Elias at UW Platteville
Jose Elias hands out Your Choice at the University of Wisconsin Platteville.

What a start to the semester this has been! For fall 2014, Vegan Outreach’s tireless activists have handed out 256,609 booklets at 247 schools through September 16 – over 15,000 more booklets and 49 more schools than during the first weeks of 2013’s record-setting fall semester!

Rachel Black has been traveling throughout the east coast, leafleting virtually every major and mid-sized school in New Jersey, sometimes multiple schools in a single day. Soon to head into Connecticut, she’s already reached 8,000 students in NJ alone!

Jose Elias, also on the road for the entirety of this semester, has been making waves throughout Wisconsin and now heads into Minnesota. Jose reached over 7,000 students in Wisconsin!

Down south is Yuri Mitzkewich. In his first three weeks touring, Yuri has given out over 13,000 booklets in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana!

And up north is Kristin Lamy, Vegan Outreach’s first-ever Canada Outreach Coordinator. She’s been leafleting in uncharted territory, including Manitoba and Saskatchewan – provinces that had never before been leafleted for VO prior to Kristin’s arrival. She has reached over 13,000 students in Canada so far!

Thank you to everyone who donates to Vegan Outreach and makes this work possible!


Link of the Week

Via Paul Shapiro: Going vegan was winning move for South Florida congressman


Recent Feedback

  Emily Kraemer at UW Whitewater
Emily (above) now wants to go vegan, and Shannon (below) now wants to go vegetarian!
Shannon at USM

Great take rate at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. I met Emily Kraemer [right], who has been a vegetarian for seven years and is making the move towards veganism! Upon seeing me leaflet, she instantly asked me how to get involved – looks like an activist in the making if you ask me.
—Jose Elias, 9/5/14

I spent the day at the University of Winnipeg, a small school right in downtown Winnipeg. I got lucky and stumbled upon some start-of-the-year festivities, so there was a lot of foot traffic for the first couple hours of my day. I managed to hand out 750 booklets on my own in the first two hours, and then Nikki Cha joined me for the afternoon and we handed out another 1,000 for a total of 1,750.
     Students were curious and receptive! We met Danae and Alankrita, who actually tracked us down after seeing friends with our leaflets and have decided to cut out nearly all the meat in their diets! We also met Prem, who currently only eats small amounts of meat but wants to eliminate it completely! Finally, at the very end of the day I met Alexa, who had received a VO booklet in the past and is re-inspired to eliminate the cruelty in her food choices.
—Kristin Lamy, 9/3/14

Reached 1,800 students at the University of Southern Mississippi. Awesome college campus this one. Didn’t think it could get any better after yesterday’s reception across the state line in Alabama, but boy was I wrong. Students were in excellent form all day long here, good vibe on campus happening, like a take rate in the 90%+ range. Conversations came out steadily throughout the afternoon, talking everything from vegan relatives, to protein, nutrition and product substitutes, and naturally even to NFL’s David Carter.

Reader at MCCC
A Mercer County Community College student reads an Even If You Like Meat from Rachel.

     Highlight for me though had to be this student named Shannon [above]. She came back after a Your Choice got her interest, wanting to know all about our group and our wonderful mission. Though not a full veg but pescatarian for many years, she got all the goods (a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating, veg shopping guide, etc.) and was so enthused she got an AML too before getting back on her way to class. This one I have no doubt will be following up, hopefully getting the word out further at this awesome school of hers.
—Yuri Mitzkewich, 9/3/14

Today I handed out 1,250 Your Choice booklets at Rowan University. Students were very receptive, and one girl told me she went vegetarian after receiving a leaflet the previous year!
—Rachel Black, 9/2/14


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