Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  SEPT. 24, 2014
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  Rachel Black at Montclair State
Above is Rachel in action at Montclair State, and below are Mara and Rachel after setting a new one-day record for the campus!
Mara Collopy and Rachel Black at Montclair State

Activist Profile: Rachel Black

Continuing our series of activist profiles, we interview VO Outreach Coordinator Rachel Black. Currently touring the Northeast, Rachel has handed out more than 11,000 booklets this year!

Can you tell us about your paintings?

I have painted several series of paintings featuring farm animals. The first was a darker series of large paintings depicting animals inside factory farms, my plea to viewers to see some of the suffering that goes on. The next series that I have built and am still working on is a body of paintings featuring pigs, chickens, and cows in interior settings. The backgrounds are minimalistic, contrasting a more detailed animal. The settings include living rooms, kitchens, and a child’s bedroom. My thoughts behind this series are to close the distance between us humans and farm animals, by placing them in familiar comfortable settings. If you want to see for yourself, my website is here.

What’s been your favorite leafleting experience on your current tour?

My favorite leafleting experience so far has been at Montclair State University. Volunteer Mara Collopy joined me [right], and we fed off of each other’s enthusiasm and positivity all day. We got 4,450 out and stayed there for 7 hours but had a blast the whole time. It was crazy busy, not much downtime, which made it exciting.

Full interview here.


15th Annual World Veg Festival

If you’re attending the World Veg Festival in San Francisco on October 11 & 12, be sure to stop by the Vegan Outreach table and say hello! VO’s Northern California Outreach Coordinator, Steve Erlsten, will be there both days, and VO’s Executive Director, Jack Norris, and Donor Relations Manager, Lisa Rimmert, will be there on Saturday.



Product of the Week

Rachel: “I love the Indian food put out by Jyoti Natural Foods. Their Punjabi Chhole (chickpeas, potatoes, and onions) has been my go-to lately!”

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


  Hen in battery cage
Photo courtesy of COK.

Links of the Week


Recent Feedback

  One Direction fans in Chicago
The last weekend in August, John Jungenberg, Alex Corrigan, Sandi Swiss, and Rachel Shippee reached more than 4,000 One Direction fans in Chicago. John met the three young women above, who let him know they had gotten booklets in the past and greatly reduced their meat consumption!

Another record broken at William Paterson! Mara Collopy and I got to the university at about 7 am to make sure we got parking spots. Caroline Bogart joined us at 12 pm; this was her first time leafleting and she did fantastic – super outgoing, sweet, and smiley. She jumped right in and could have handed out a lot more, but at that point we had already handed out 1,850 booklets and most people said they already got one.
—Rachel Black, 9/18/14

It was Constitution Day at Wright College, with programs including the ACLU talking about free speech. Ironically, a staff person challenged our right to be there but then never returned after saying he was going to security. Guess security told him what day it was!
     Jovan Jimenez and I were able to reach 1,200 students. A teacher took 25 booklets to distribute to his class, and another teacher invited us to come back and table for Earth Day.
     One student told me she got the leaflet last semester and has since stopped eating meat!
—Leslie Patterson, 9/17/14


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