Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  OCT. 22, 2014
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Activist Profile: Dave Mosick

Continuing our series of activist profiles, we interview Dave Mosick, one of this fall’s top Adopt a College volunteers. Not only has Dave already reached more than 13,000 students this semester, but he’s also set up a FirstGiving page to raise funds for printing and distributing Vegan Outreach booklets! And Dave keeps us laughing, such as with this #HydrateDonate video from August.

Dave Mosick

How do you manage to leaflet so much while holding down a steady job?

I’ve had a really easy time integrating leafleting into my daily life. When I work at night, I can leaflet a local college during the day. When my days are busy, I can leaflet local public-transport stations during the evening rush hour. If I’m swamped with work during an entire week, I can hit the local farmers’ market on the weekend.

Do you have any advice for those hesitant about leafleting?

I’m an introverted, highly sensitive person, and I definitely had quite a bit of anxiety about leafleting, so I can relate with someone feeling nervous. The thing is, it’s really low pressure. The first time I leafleted, I was at the local farmers’ market by myself and I only did it for 15 minutes. I just wanted to get a feel for it and not have any pressure. If possible, go out with an experienced leafleter.

You make a living playing guitar. How long have you been playing, and how can we check out your music?

I’ve been playing for 35 years. You can hear my music on SoundCloud and YouTube, and my website is

Full interview here.


Field Roast franks  

Products of the Week

Dave: “When I went vegetarian 20+ years ago, we didn’t have anything like Field Roast frankfurters! They are a dream come true!”

Field Roast also has a new vegan cheese product: Chao slices!

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


  Ducks at Animal Acres
Photo: Animal Acres.

Link of the Week

Supreme Court: California Foie Gras Ban Stands
Via VegNews: The United States Supreme Court rejected an attempt made by supporters of the foie gras industry to overturn the ban against the inhumane practice of force-feeding ducks and geese to fatten their livers. It is now illegal in the state of California to buy or sell foie gras.


Recent Feedback

Record day at the University of Maryland in College Park on Monday! Jessica Silva and I started at 8:30 am, and were later joined around 10 am by Aaron Ross, Kate St. John, and Jaime Hecht! Together we reached 5,600 students. It was insane!!!! Team effort to the extreme.
     Today we set another campus record: Chloe Falkenheim, Dave Mosick, Stewart Jester, and I [below] reached 4,320 students at Virginia Commonwealth University!
     Crazy-tiring day. I picked up Chloe at 6:30 am, we drove to Richmond, banged out over 4,000 booklets with amazing people, and then drove to the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg to speak to their veg club. Exhausting, but oh-so-productive. The club is active and was very receptive, so hopefully I’ll have some help for when I come to this school!
     On a roll with records thanks to everyone who volunteers to come out and leaflet! I love VCU – there are so many students and so many vegetarians. Chloe met so many students who wanted to start a veg club!
—Kassy Ortega, 10/1/14

Below, from left: Stewart Jester, Dave Mosick, Kassy Ortega, and Chloe Falkenheim at VCU.
Stewart Jester, Dave Mosick, Kassy Ortega, and Chloe Falkenheim at VCU

We reached 2,100 students at Florida State University today! Kudos to Jay Quigley from the FSU student organization Ethical Food Association – even though he wasn’t able to be there, he coordinated with volunteers Kyle Sumner, Jenn Egen, and Corey Rowland for the outreach today, and set up lunch and dinner for me to meet EFA folks and other area vegans.

Chris at FSU

     Lots of vegans and vegetarians kept reporting in all day long, including Chris [left], who was one of the last I leafleted for the day. He said that he and his girlfriend were veg and that she wanted to get more active for animals, too. Taking a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating for her, he then told me it was an Even If You Like Meat he’d gotten 6 months back that started the whole thing for them in the first place! No better way could this day have ended for us than with wonderful news like that.
—Yuri Mitzkewich, 10/16/14


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