Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  NOV. 5, 2014
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Activist Profile: Josie Moody

Continuing our series of activist profiles, we interview Josie Moody, VO’s hard-working and beloved office manager. Josie’s outstanding work helps ensure that Vegan Outreach is a well-oiled machine and that VO activists have all the literature they need. And she even finds time to leaflet!

Josie Moody

While you’re the office manager, you’ve still leafleted a number of times. Do you have any suggestions for those hesitant about leafleting?

If someone told me this before I had ever leafleted, I’d have thought that they were crazy. But leafleting is fun! It doesn’t take a lot of effort and it’s arguably THE most effective form of activism. Every once in a while someone says something rude or insensitive, but most times people will either take it, thank you, or politely say no. On the occasions that people are rude, I just remember why I am there and the greater purpose. It’s been said that for every two leaflets handed out, one animal has been saved, and I think about that a LOT while I’m leafleting.

Also, it’s really fun to people watch. I am constantly observing people’s interactions, the role technology (smartphones) plays in how people act. I love looking at what people are wearing and getting ideas for my own wardrobe. I also really like when people ask me questions, because it helps me take the temperature of what the average person’s thoughts or preconceived notions of veganism / factory farming are. Because I’m surrounded by vegans at work and in my own home, some of the questions people ask have never even occurred to me.

Finally, what’s great about leafleting too is that you don’t have to make a huge commitment to do it. If you only have 15 minutes, you can do it in 15 minutes. If you have four hours, you can do it for four hours. All you need is a location and leaflets, and you’re set!

Full interview here.


  Daniella at Georgetown
At Georgetown University on 10/17/14, Reem Lajin, Alexandria Kaye, Michael Reeves, and Kassy Ortega reached 1,600 students, including Daniella (above), who now wants to go vegetarian!

Adopt a College Update

Our fall 2014 Adopt a College program is not letting up! We’ve now reached 802,347 students at 714 schools. At this time last year, we had reached 754,508 students at 649 schools. And fall 2013 was our best semester to date!

We’ve been helped out by our friends at The Humane League. We’re very grateful to Rachel Atcheson, Stephanie Crumley, Heather Bolint, Kate St. John, Aaron Ross, Elyssa Diehl, Andrea Gunn, Stephanie Frankle, Ethan Dussault, Chris Guinn, and Maggie Agardi for their great leafleting efforts.

It’s not too late to get involved in our fall semester leafleting! If you’d like to team up with one of our experienced regional coordinators, please email



Links of the Week

  • Target Now Offering Vegan Meats
    Via Target is participating in the effort to make veganism easily accessible! Check out a store near you and try one of their four, brand-new Simply Balanced meatless options: mushroom miso turkey, Korean barbecue chicken, smoky chipotle chicken, and teriyaki chicken.



Product of the Week

Josie: “I choose LUSH Cosmetics. I love all of their products, and I love that they are bringing awareness of animal rights issues to the mainstream.”

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Recent Feedback

  New vegan at MAC

I tabled and leafleted indoors at Mineral Area College today. I had conversations with around 60 students; two of them decided to go vegan after visiting at my table. A photo of one of the new vegans is [at right]. One professor came by to let me know I had him convinced that being vegetarian was more ethical. One student came by my table and after visiting decided to reduce her consumption of animal products to one day per week; she was extremely grateful for me being there raising consciousness. She approached me a second time in the parking lot when I was leaving to again thank me for being there spreading the word.
—Rick Hershey, 10/29/14

I went on a road trip to San Francisco State University; fun as always, with the Don. We handed out 1,800 Your Choice booklets and had several nice conversations. One of note: a woman took a leaflet, came back later and thanked me for being there. She said it was a leaflet similar to that one that made her go vegan 7 years ago.
     And to everyone who self-identified as a vegan, I said VO is always looking for leafleters!
—Tammy Lee, 10/28/14


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