Vegan Outreach E-NEWS  •  NOV. 19, 2014
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  Whitney at UWG
After receiving a VO booklet from David Coman-Hidy at the University of West Georgia, Whitney is inspired to go veg!

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Links of the Week

Chris Christie Faces 2016 Test on Pig Crate Ban
Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has until December 1 to sign off on the bill that would ban gestation crates in his state. MSNBC television program All In with Chris Hayes did an excellent segment on it on November 13.

  Just Mayo

Vegan Company Sued for Using the Word “Mayo”
Via Unilever, owner of mayonnaise brands Best Foods and Hellmann’s, has brought an immeasurable amount of positive media publicity to a small vegan startup by suing it. The plaintiff is claiming that Hampton Creek, creator of Just Mayo, has “caused consumer deception and serious, irreparable harm to Unilever” because their product does not contain eggs.

Antibiotics: Agribusinesses’ Pound of Flesh
Dr. Michael Greger talks about the epidemic of antibiotic resistance due to the use of antibiotics in fattening farmed animals.


From the VO Blog

VO Leafleters Having Record Year!
This fall, our leafleters are on pace to have the best semester of college leafleting ever! Through November 10, they have given booklets to 845,401 students at 752 schools, well surpassing the previous record year for the same time period (800,161 booklets at 701 schools in fall of 2013).

  Turkey meme

Cookbook Review: Vegan Casseroles by Julie Hasson
Toni Okamoto: “With winter quickly approaching, I suggest you go out and purchase this book as soon as possible!”

Ultimate Vegan Thanksgiving Menu
Adopting a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to give up the Thanksgiving foods you once loved. Instead, it presents an opportunity to introduce delectable vegan dishes to your friends and family, all while creating your own cruelty-free traditions.


Recent Feedback

  Vegan at Cville veg fest
Kassy Ortega met this woman at the Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival: “Vegan Outreach is the reason I became vegan 10 years ago. After I read a pamphlet, it didn’t happen right away, but if it wasn’t for VO, I wouldn’t be vegan today.”

I had a great day at Highline College. I ran into a girl who has been a vegetarian for more than two years now after receiving a VO leaflet on campus. So great!

I also met a guy who has been a pescatarian for a few months. We talked about the egg industry for a while, and he told me he wants to make a gradual shift toward veganism. I had quite a few other nice interactions. I always get so involved in answering people’s questions and am just so thrilled that they are interested in learning more, that I forget to give them a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating! I did remember with one girl who came up to me after seeing people with leaflets around campus. She said she’s been thinking about going vegan for a while but needed that final push to actually do it. She seemed really excited, and I am hopeful that the leaflets will serve as that last push toward going vegan.

—Shura Hammond, 11/5/14


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