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A Meaningful Thanksgiving

Excerpted from Vegan Street’s All-Star Guide to a Meaningful Thanksgiving:

© Tatiana Méndez

One nice thing about living in the Washington, DC region and being surrounded by vegan activists is that my holidays are very vegan. For Thanksgiving, a bunch of us get together and feast, potluck style, on delicious vegan fare.

When I do visit my non-vegan family members, they are at least respectful of my veganism. Most think it is the right thing to do, even though they are not vegan themselves. So they don’t mock me or expect me to eat anything non-vegan.

Being involved in activism for over a decade, I’ve found that it’s helpful for me to put all my emotional activist energy into reaching out to strangers. And then when I get together with friends and family, I don’t spend energy attempting to change them; I just enjoy my moments with my loved ones. My friends and family know where I stand. If they want more information, they’ll ask, and I’ll gladly give. But I figure I’m going to be much more successful just channeling my desire for a vegan world into, say, leafleting a college, where I’m able to reach thousands and thousands of a receptive demographic, than if I were to focus my efforts on friends and family members, who number in the dozens and many of whom grew up not even hearing the word “vegan.” Activism is a numbers game, and I put all my emotional energy into the activism that allows me to reach the largest number of potentially receptive individuals.

Being in situations where others are celebrating with meat can be stressful. I just remember that I’ve done my best at setting an example as a friendly and nonjudgmental vegan and that some things are beyond my control.

  Jon Camp

To anyone stressing over this year’s Thanksgiving, keep in mind that it’ll only be one day. Even though many of your friends and family members aren’t vegan, try not to let that keep you from connecting with them emotionally, as these relationships are so important to us. The more comfortable your friends and family members feel around you, the more likely they will be to inquire about your vegan lifestyle. But even if they don’t, remember that you can impact many more individuals throughout the rest of the year through activities like leafleting. And that’s worth celebrating!

—Jon Camp, Executive Vice President, Vegan Outreach

Read the full article, which includes 5 great all-star Thanksgiving recipes!


  Breege Tomkinson

Welcome, Breege!

As our new Director of Finance, Breege will make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. She’ll pay the bills, balance the checkbook, keep our registrations in dozens of states up to date, and handle a number of human resources functions.

Breege hails from the East Coast, having been born in New Jersey and spending most of her time in Connecticut and Vermont. She moved to California in 1999. Prior to VO, she spent 5 years with Nonprofit Financial Administrators (NPFA) working with animal rights and environmental organizations. Prior to NPFA she spent 6 years at the Animal Protection Institute managing the accounting department. She has a certificate in accounting from UC Davis and is currently working toward her BS in Accounting from Colorado State University. In her free time, Breege can be found eating Ethiopian food, at various coffee shops, at the gym, riding her bike or hanging with her three lazy cats.


Links of the Week

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A Vegan Thanksgiving with Cory Booker
US Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey is now eating vegan! Further proof that the times are changing and choosing vegan is becoming more mainstream.


From the VO Blog and

  Seth Tibbott

Celebrating 20 Years of Tofurky: An Interview with Founder Seth Tibbott
For 20 years, Tofurky has helped vegans and vegetarians feel included during holiday festivities by providing a cruelty-free alternative to the traditional turkey centerpiece. Read our interview with founder, Seth Tibbott, about how it all began.

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Recent Feedback

  Vegetarian at Vanderbilt

The take rate at Vanderbilt University was a bit tough, but Rob Gilbride and I met several students who were interested in making changes, and one [right] who was given a VO leaflet two years ago and went vegetarian! Go, AAC!

We also met someone who happened to be giving a talk on the Blue Zone diet (plant based) and was super excited to see us there. One man said Compassionate Choices was “eye opening,” and many thanked us for doing this work.

—Eleni Vlachos, 10/29/14

Anna Durrett and I reached 1,000 students at Southern Illinois University. Anna got a booklet from us in 2008 when she was a student at Mizzou; she looked at the front and back cover only, and then recycled it. Still, after graduating she went vegan, moved to Carbondale, and took over the vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner at SIUC, now the vegan Thanksgiving dinner. This was my fourth time cooking for this event; I made the garlic mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy yesterday after driving in from Cape Girardeau, MO. After the dinner, Anna decided to leaflet the first two class changes with me today before going to work. She did great, and even managed a bike pass and a skateboard pass! Big thanks to Anna for leafleting before work today in the windy 20°F weather!

—Rick Hershey, 11/21/14

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