Vegan Outreach E-NEWS  •  DEC. 24, 2014
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Help Us Reach Our Goal for Animals

Your donation to Vegan Outreach is more important now than ever. This holiday season, our goal is to raise $155,000 to reduce the greatest amount of animal suffering in the coming year. Every dollar will be matched by a handful of generous donors, DOUBLING the impact we make for the animals who count on us. We need your help to reach this goal – to do all we can – to tell more and more young people about the cruelties of animal farming and give them the information they need to make informed, compassionate choices.

Your gift today will move us even closer to our goal for the season: to raise $155,000, which will be DOUBLED to help farmed animals.

And this will move us closer to our overall goal: to end the suffering and exploitation of farmed animals once and for all!

Donate now to move us closer to our goal!



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Links of the Week

Drones Capture Aerial Footage of Factory Farms
Mark Devries, the director of Speciesism: The Movie, has been secretly using spy drones to investigate and expose the environmental devastation caused by factory farms.

Mayo Wars Update
Unilever has dropped its lawsuit against Hampton Creek after inadvertently providing the vegan mayo company with $21 million worth of free advertising.

New Vegan Cheese Shop
Vromage has just opened in Los Angeles!



From the VO Blog

Pay Per Read Study Results
Our pay per read study on the effects of giving people a small reward to read Your Choice or Even If You Like Meat are in! Read the findings in our post.

Holiday Cookie Event Raises Funds for Vegan Outreach
See how they did it!

Lana Smithson | Chelsea Collins | Eileen Botti
VO personnel share some highlights from this fall’s record-setting Adopt a College semester!

Rick Hershey and Chip Ballew | Dave Mosick | John Jungenberg and Rachel Shippee | Shura Hammond
More highlights from some of this semester’s most prolific AAC leafleters!

John Jungenberg: “Awesome day at the Christkindlmarket! We had 14 great activists who braved the Chicago cold to promote compassion! We all made a great team and reached a ton of people. So many positive comments today, too! Happy holidays, everyone!”
Activists at Christkindlmarket


Upcoming Events

Veggie Grill’s Vegan Outreach Fundraiser | San Jose, CA | January 11

Vegan P:OWER Event | Brooklyn, NY | January 20


Donate now and double your impact

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to expose and end cruelty to animals through the widespread distribution of our booklets promoting plant-based eating and compassion for animals.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

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